Heaven On Here (heaven all around)

heaven-on-here-blackcattips-whale-art illustration


It is not in a line it is not up or down it is all around.

(I‘ve been drawing a few whales recently and then I read about all of these whale beaching themselves and then I thought about heaven and spirits and after-life and how some folks have no problem being really bad and doing bad things and wondered what happens to them. I also felt sad for giant whales laying dead and strange on the land.)

I think we should live off the land and look at the green grass and be nice to others. I think life would be better with fresh air and nice views and people loving people and being nice. We should watch the birds being birds and look at the beauty and strange complexity of nature.

I like colors and sunsets and seeing a happy dog in a sweater and I love the sunshine and a warm mug full of drink. Kids grow up fast and people you know die away and I don’t know what to think of all of that anymore.

My nephews helped me paint this background a while back. No whales were involved but we had a good time anyway.

— kyle

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