Art on the Atlanta BeltLine 2011 – update

Last night I went to the meeting about Art on the Atlanta BeltLine 2011. I met with other artists who will be creating artwork for this project. It will be the largest public art event in Atlanta history. I am very honored to have been selected to contribute to this endeavour.

I will be painting my mural between July and August. I will find out the site location soon. I might have to battle the kudzu monster before I start creating the mural. I was thinking of documenting the entire painting project with time-lapse video. I am going to have to round up a few friends / assistants to help me get this done in time.

I also am submitting a proposal to be in a FLUX projects art event in September. This will take place in the Castleberry Hill art district. I came up with an idea for a collection of bear totem poles. I hope they like my offering.

Today I finished painting a set of 3 okra pals for the East Atlanta Village farmers market sign.


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