The Man With The Red Red Beard (shadow and light)


Photo by Curtis Compton

This week has been one of the strangest, oddest and saddest weeks of my life. This week I turned 43 and this week my wife and I have dealt with some very sad news. We are still dealing with it all and wondering how to move forward. In the middle of it all I was lucky enough to be featured today on the cover of the Sunday edition of the AJC (Atlanta Journal Constitution)

I have long thought about how the darkest shadow is always closest to the brightest spot in the sun. Sometimes the best of days are smack-up against the darkest saddest ones. We are blessed with sunshine a day after a winter storm. Come to think of it, last week on this day it was 15 degrees and now I can go outside in my t-shirt.

I don’t understand life, I am just rolling with it and trying to make notes to learn by. I want to treat those around me better and be nice to my wife and family. I want to be better to my ancient little dog named Pup. It is all a process. I am trying. In the middle of it all I make colorful art that makes me feel better. I trying to get a better grip on peace and love and how it resides inside of my old soul.

I am very thankful to good ol’ Adam Kincaid who wrote the article about me and my journey. Thank you to Suzanne Van Atten who is the editor of the Personal Journeys AJC series. Thanks so much to my new friend Curtis Compton who shot the photos and video. I appreciate the opportunity to have worked with y’all.

Read the article in its interactive form here.

see you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks


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