Lookin’ For Lost Keys (swamp swap shop)

Recently, I was lucky enough to meet a couple fellas down in the swamps of the Doll’s Head Trail. I was just down there looking across the water for birds and turtles. These guys in black outfits walked up and told me their names were Zach and Matt. They said they ran a little store called Williams Street Swap Shop. They even said they didn’t believe in money. Now who says a thing like that?!

Zach and Matt asked for my help in finding their lost keys. I didn’t have much better to do at the time, so I walked along with them and told them a few stories. We spoke about grandpas and geese and bears. We talked about a lady in an elevator. Something about those guys was a little off, but I decided to help them out anyway. By the time we were finished looking, they gifted me a saw — The finest saw I ever seen!

I am glad I met Zach and Matt of the Williams Street Swap Shop.

You have 11 minutes don’t ya? Then sit back and watch our little adventure here.

see you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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