A Non-Chair (a folky sculpture)

They gave me a chair. I said, “Could I take it apart?

I don’t have to tell you all the details, right from the start.

So I took out my tools and started all a drilling.

I plugged in my saw and started undoing.

I reattached this and shaved off some of that.

It was mighty hot and sweaty so I wore my old straw hat.

I painted the wood white and I caulked and I glued.

Then I got out my paints and produced some pinks and greens and almost a blue.

I put it all back together. I gave it a new life.

But I just can’t sit on it, no matter how hard I try.




chair-sculpture-side-details-BlackCatTips chair-sculpture-rear-details-BlackCatTips non-chair-sculpture-BlackCatTips-west-elm-serenbe chair-sculpture-details-BlackCatTips pink-smiley-BlackCatTips chair-sunny-smile-BlackCatTips

see you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks


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