Red & Blue & Blake (a mural for matchstic)

This week I painted a mural for my friend Blake and his company. The business and the office and the people inside are all called Matchstic and they are a brand identity house. Matchstic is located across from Historic Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta. It is also next to a fancy coffee shop and a bakery so I told Blake I would take him up on his offer and paint for them. I like to paint and listen to music and I like to drink coffee and make friends and talk to fun people and so it seemed like a good happy fit.

I painted for a few days and the last evening Matchstic hosted an open house with food and drinks and a jazzy trio playing in the corner. It was a nice week painting in Atlanta.

Thanks to Blake and Craig for the opportunity. Thanks to Maria and Pup for helping me paint.

see you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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