Being Thankful (a mind and heart-lightner)

Saying “Thank You” can do a lot for a person. Being thankful is a good way to help get your brain back on track. Sometimes when I feel down and out I think about what I am thankful for and the good things in my life and I feel better.

This year Manny Arora and Sara Becker of Arora & LaScala helped me. I was having a discussion with the county I live in over ART I had installed in my front yard. I said it was one thing and some other folks said it was another thing.

Well… the important thing is that it is all behind us now—and that Manny and Sara really helped us out.

The other good thing is through it all, it became very evident about all of the good folks out there who support what I do. People from all over contacted me to let me know they were on my side and they were in support of happiness and art. I was thankful. I still am.

I created a new painting for the offices of Arora & LaScala. Maria and I delivered it yesterday and it was nice to see them again. I told Manny and Michael (Lascala) if they ever got tired of the art to let me know, because this one made feel extra good. I told them to please don’t throw it in the dumpster :)

I figured some folks go into a law office with serious matters and a lot on their minds —folks weighed down with troubles they are trying to figure out. I hoped this painting might take away a little of the bad — I hoped it might take away some of the weight. Maybe we could call this painting  a mind and heart-lightner.

Thanks again y’all…. 
manny aroma - kyle BlackCatTips brooks

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see you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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