Brown Mushroom Men (dekalb county VFW)

Usually I write about my own murals. I show photos of the art I have painted. But I wanted to share this mural I see along the road. When I can’t take the interstate and traffic is bad, I sometimes take the little highway. The little highway is a place I grew up. It has changed so much — and not in a good way. Shops left and others showed up but they were all of a lower caliber. It is depressing at times but when I pass the VFW I always smile a little. I find it very funny and unique.

I am an airplane enthusiast and I marvel at this flying silver craft. What is it? I have no idea but it looks pretty amazing.

We stopped last week and I took a few photos. When you walk up close, it looks almost like it was painted with a mop. The artist used a metallic silver paint for parts of it — almost blinding brought in the sun. I love folky homemade art and signage. It is pure and strange and full of a life.

If you ever pass the intersection of Covington Highway and South Hairston Road in Dekalb County, Georgia keep your eye open for the brown mushroom men and the flying silver spaceship. It will make you smile.

see you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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