Antennas To The Sky (painted poles)

I am building something. I am painting stripes. I decided to take a step forward before I was ready. I hope the antenna will bring me down signals that are right. I hope it will bring me the message. I am waiting on help from above. Bring down the message. Bring down the love.

I will wait while I work. I will think while I dream. I will make more antennas — more painted poles on the scene.

Perhaps they are a place where a bird can land. Perhaps a place for a crow to sang. Perhaps they will host a whirlwind windmill. I hope they will be a place for a shiny ball to hang.

Grow like the summer weeds. Grow high and with much thoughtful speed. Grow to the sun. Grow just for fun. Make me believe in YOU. I think I will work until my dreams come true.

see you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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