Sam Sloth (my grandpa had one too)

A long time ago, my grandpa had a coconut like this in his basement on the wall and it had string in the mouth and you could pull the string and snip it off when you needed a little. His coconut sloth man did not have googly eyes or little nibblet teeth. But mine does. He also had a small statue of the race horse Secretariat who won the Triple Crown in 1973 and a Staghorn fern which he would hang outside in the summer. I also remember a lot of saws and tools and a train track and a calendar of a tropical lady with car parts advertised and a place for my grandma to shellac her decoupage wedding gifts. Each Saturday my grandma would shave my grandpa’s bald head near the coconut sloth string man.

see you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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