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Father Father (and an old red barn)

This weekend I painted these words “Father Father Holy Father” and then I put them on the barn. Today I wrote a poem to go along side them— To go between the screws holding it to the barn— To go between … Continue reading

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FireIight 2015 (bears around ga)

As yall know I have been working with The Georgia Conservancy over the last year. In 2105 we started a joint project called Bears Around Georgia (#bearsaroundga). As the year draws to a close the Georgia Conservancy is having a … Continue reading

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Magnet Friends (hand painted fun)

I ordered a large roll of magnetic sheet material only to find out that magnets do not stick to stainless steel. Seems like they would stick but trust me they do not. No stick. Not even close. So, I decided to make … Continue reading

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Folk Truck (alligator extra yellow)

This is the brand new 1984 Chevy S10 pickup Folk Art Edition (FAE) equiped with an extra yellow alligator and a crazy dood in the back. Great for picking up a load watermelons or hauling a mess of sticks. You might … Continue reading

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