Atlanta Braves Poster (one two three strikes your out)

June 8, 2019

I was asked to create a poster for the Atlanta Braves Art In The Park poster series. My poster was for the Atlanta vs Washington series in late May.

We got free tickets to the game so we went real early. I wanted to get there when they had batting practice. My parents came over to watch our baby boy while we went to see the game and the poster I made. We got there real early.

It was so early that they had not opened the gates. Luckily Insung Kim, the Braves creative director found us and took us to see the printed posters in the Braves MLB store. We took some photos and shook hands and looked at few other posters they had introduced already. Then we went to our seats. We were still very early.

We were so early in fact that one of the ushers approached after Insung dropped us off and told us we would have to leave. I did a little stalling and things worked out. We listened to atomic bomb loud organ music. We laughed at a parade of little kids and watched some more children from Ellijay, Georgia sing the National Anthem. One boy singing had curly bright pink hair. I dropped my sunglasses and the lens popped out. Maria bought some smashed flat cotton candy and a funky slice of pizza. I started coughing after eating some dry peanuts.

Since we got to SunTrust Park so early it was only right we would leave early too. I think maybe we were the first to leave because a guard asked us in a slightly odd way if we were looking for the way out.

Thanks again to Insung Kim and the Atlanta Braves for asking me to make a poster for your baseball game. I enjoyed seeing the ballpark and working with you. Play Ball!

See more about the poster series here and here.

see you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks