The BeltLine Bears: Day 18

August 16, 2011

I finished the wall. The BeltLine Bears is signed and complete. I painted the whole thing. 237 feet. It took me 18 days of painting; about 3 weeks with breaks. I have really enjoyed the whole process; even the sweat. I met a lot of folks and became more familiar with another part of Atlanta.

I never thought I would have the time or supplies to paint the entire wall but I did. It all worked out. I kept working and the paint did not run dry. Through the process I have thought of some new ideas for wall paintings. Snakes. Clouds. Pipes. Large odd faces. I want to paint more and soon. Very soon.

Since I began painting the weeds and grass have already grown back. A few little foot trails have showed up from all of my pacing with paint brush in hand. Mice have walked by in the night. They look for crumbs of bread I surely have left while I was taking a break. They nibble on a discarded peach pit. The Mockingbird  will continue to sit on the rail above the wall. She would always let me know if my work was up to par. I wonder how the mural will fare in the future. It might be tagged or painted over but portions will remain. Only time will tell.

I feel sort of sad the whole thing is complete. But, I ask myself, “What is a beginning without an end?” What is a sunrise with no sunset? The crescendo of a song only stands out if it is book-ended by quieter more subtle notes.  I should be completely pleased and happy. I will be.

I will go back soon to do some more photographing of the wall. I am sure I will meet with some folks and show some others my work. I will go back and have my photo made for some publicity materials. Soon many folks will get to walk along the mural and take it all in.

As I take more photos I will post them here.

Check out the panorama view.

I would like to thank a few folks: Angel P., Heath Hamrick, Elag Kram, Carmack, Son of Simmons, Scott Brannon and Co., Padre Grande and Jackson Monroe, John the Walker Man, Elan Buchen, Aaron, Noel, Jim from Lowes, Carmen and the Wild Boys, Sweet Novia and last but not least Pup (for watching my back and keeping me company everyday I painted).

I hope you will get a chance to enjoy Art on the Atlanta BeltLine 2011. They have a lot of events planned in September and October.  You can see a Google map to locate the BeltLine Bears mural here.

– kyle