Stable|Kernel Art (many pieces connected together)

I was asked to create artwork for the offices of Stable|Kernel. They are a fast growing company in Atlanta and will need more space in the near future. This made us think twice about a permanent wall painting in their lobby. So, I came up with an idea to paint something on multiple pieces that could be relocated if they need to find a new work space.

I like the idea of painting and then dissecting, rearranging and connecting together again. I like the way it makes my mind work and I find new patterns, connections, faces and ideas to let my creative process feed from. (munch munch munch)

I discussed with Jason and Jami from Stable|Kernel my idea and we began to cook up a plan. I appreciate their willingness to let me create as I was led through the process. I hope the folks in the office enjoy and are inspired by my work. I also hope they see new things as they walk by the new art.

blackcattips painting - stable|kernel mushroom leg

installing blackcattips art for stable|kernel 2 blackcattips art installation for stable|kernel kyle brooks stable|kernel painting art for stable|kernel by blackcattips kyle brooks kyle brooks- blackcattips art for stable|kernelsee you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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Two Mouths (more options)

This blue green fella has two mouths. One is wide and the other is long. One can eat pie while the other one eats cake. One can speak to you while the other speaks to them. One tells mostly all truths and the other speaks many tall tales. One can whistle like a bird. The other barks like a dog. One can talk to squirrels and the other  whistles for hogs.

Now, if I had two mouths I would tell you what I would do. I would chew gum with one and eat crackers with stew. I talk and holler and sing and shout. I would speak real quiet and then tell you what its about. I would hold my breathe with one and blow bubbles all at once. I could call up my friends and enemies on the phone at the same time. I could eat soup and a salad and drink some wine. I could eat with two forks cause I have two hands. I could learn Spanish and French and speak to a woman and a man.

But you see, I’d say two wrong things and get in trouble twice as much. I’d probably swear a lot and spit and even cuss. I would run off all my friends lickety-split. Ruining my reputation would be just the start of it.  I would make YOU more angry than I already do.  Then I would have no one to talk to with mouth #1 or mouth #2.

So, after thinking it over, I better just stick with my regular ol’ plain mouth that I have right now. I’ll just talk out of it, that’s the way I know how.


see you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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Blue Laced Eternity (old blue vans)

(Life is full of changes and sometimes you have to move the old shoes out the door. So, I wrote this as a “fare thee well”)

Old blue shoes
You were good to me
You were good to my shins
You were good to my feet

Old blue Vans
We sure painted a lot
We painted some stripes
We painted all them dots

Old Blue Shoes
You gonna be missed
I’ll miss your smiley eyes
You were at the top of the list

A good old sole
That’s what you were to me
Happy feet, happy mind
Blue laced eternity

blackcattips blue vans

see you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks



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BlackCatTips BEARS (a seed in hapeville)

You find a seed along a path. Pick it up and look at it. Turn it around in your hand.

Take the seed with you and think on it a while. Then one day when it seems about right you can plant it. Stick it down in the warm soil with your fingers. If you are lucky it will grow — a portion is hard work and part is left to chance.

The sun shines down and rain falls and if the moon is just right in the night sky, you have a new plant that can bless you with its fruits and shade.

That is sort of how I see my existence these days. Im trying to plant and grow that seed I found. I found it along my path. Sometimes you stand back and look at the young tree you are growing on your plot of land (called your life) and you see a juicy fruit growing on a green fresh limb.

That is how these pictures hit me the other day. I did nothing, but all the sudden I was given this fruit. It makes me really happy to see. All of these young lives and all of these fun colors and silly faces. I don’t know how to explain it any better than that— but it means a lot to me and my old soul.

Thank you Ms. Rizzo and Hapeville Elementary. It is wonderful.

hapeville-elementary-bears-blackcattips-kyle-brooks-art-1 hapeville-elementary-bears-blackcattips-kyle-brooks-art-2

Photos courtesy of Ms Rizzo Class :)

See you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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StreetPoem Update (my tooth hurts)

My tooth hurts. The tooth that is long and pointy and looks like a dog tooth. Maybe on some people it looks like a rat tooth or a wolf tooth but mine is like a small dog tooth.

So, the other day I drove a long way to see a man with a X-Ray machine. He took a bunch of x-rays of me. He put me in a scanner. He tied me down and poked and prodded. He asked me questions. He got out a microscope. He said my teeth looked just fine.

I asked if I was having  a heart attack. I asked if I had the cancer. He said, ” NO.”

I told him,”thank you.” Next I said,”thank you” to the lady at the front desk. Then I walked on out and drove away. I saw lots of cars and driving was slow so I made up a little song to called Piney Grove Road. Then I put up some signs to break up the ride.

I put up these street poems  and about 2 or 3 hours later I finally got home.

But where is home any ol’ way? I don’t really know but hopefully she is there.

p.s. My ol’ pointy dog tooth still hurts a bit.

heart-teers-street-poem ive-tried-4a-long-time-blackcattips-streetfolk-art baby-boy-fall-down-street-poem-blackcattips bouncy-people-road-street-poem streetfolk-art-atlanta-blackcattips

See you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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The Weather Channel and BlackCatTips (meet Samsung)

blackcattips weather channel samsung kyle brooks street folk art

photo by Bryan Schroeder

Just wanted to share some news. I have teamed up with The Weather Channel and Samsung to help develop a new weather app available for Samsung’s new smart phones.

They wanted to show some BlackCatTips street folk art in a new and fun way. So we rode around and took a bunch of pictures of weather and art in interesting ways — to show the feel of weather and to hopefully make you smile.

See more here or go to

The sun sets every day, but it still is amazing. And when you drive around the bend and see the man in the moon… well sometimes he can just blow you away. – me :)

weather channel pics


See you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks



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SweetWater 420 Fest Poster (floppin’ fish)

I made the SweetWater 420 Fest 2016 poster. Grand Palace in Nashville printed it. Looks really great up-close. I was proud to see the final product. Big thanks to SweetWater for trusting me with your brand. Floppin’ fish are fun.

sweetwater-420-fest-2016-poster-kyle-brooks-blackcattips brooks-blackcattips-signing-420-fest-posters sweetwater 420 fest poster 2016 blackcattips kyle brooks 3 sweetwater 420 fest poster 2016 blackcattips kyle brooks 2 sweetwater 420 fest poster 2016 blackcattips kyle brooks 1



I was going to write a story today but I didn’t have it in me. The Spirit was elsewhere.

— kyle

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The Sun Is Shiny (a solo show)

Hi. My name is Kyle Brooks. You might know me as BlackCatTips. I just had my opening for my solo show I named The Sun Is Shiny. What a show it was! So many happy people showed up in the evening sun and looked at all the art I have made in the last few months. We had a great April evening.

The Sun Is Shiny was made possible by the kind friends who run Paper Ghost Studio in Candler Park, Atlanta. Thank you to Bryan of Forager Co. for  helping me look extra fancy. Thanks to the Paper Ghost gang for all your support. Thanks to WhiteCatTips for all of your endless help and advice. And… a big thanks to all those who attended. Thanks for saying “Hi” to me and making me laugh. It means a lot to hear your stories.

We had a good night and I hope to do this again sometime soon.

Paper Ghost Studio will be open over the next week so you can stop by and see the art collection before the art goes to its new homes. Stay tuned through the BlackCatTips social media channels for open hours. (twitter / instagram / facebook)

And yes, my mom and I  both wore vests and didn’t even plan it. :)

and if you would like to take a cyber stroll through the show click here.

my-mom-and-our-vests the-sun-is-shiny-blackcattips-art-show-2a-kyle-brooks the-sun-is-shiny-blackcattips-art-show-paper-ghost-4-kyle-brooks-atlanta the-sun-is-shiny-blackcattips-art-show-paper-ghost-3-kyle-brooks-atlanta the-sun-is-shiny-blackcattips-art-show-paper-ghost-2-kyle-brooks-atlanta blackcattips-talking-tea-lights blackcattips-lapel-pin-7 the-sun-is-shiny-blackcattips-art-show-3-kyle-brooks the-sun-is-shiny---blackcattips-art-show-1-paper-ghost
Video and 3 Studio photos by Paper Ghost Studio.

— kyle

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BlackCatTips Art Workshop (makin’ bears)

While up in Clayton Georgia I did a couple all age art workshops. I taught them about street folk art and showed them how we could make a BlackCatTips Bear with a silkscreen. I talked to folks in their 70’s and kids less than 7.

I met a guy in the workshop that I was in high school art class with. I talked to a little kid about a real bear that stole their pizza box. I talked to another little girl about her brown bald eagle puppet. She even made eagle noises.

The silkscreen bears had no eyes so I made them an Eye Chart to pick eyes from — in case they needed ideas. One person in the class said they would like to order “E.”

We had a good time and I am thankful all the folks showed up. Painting can be fun and simple. Colors most always make you feel glad inside. I am thankful for laughs.

blackcattips-and-the-brown-bald-eagle-rabun-county-library blackcattips-bear-tote-bags eye-chart---blackcattips silkscreen-lessons-with-kyle-brooks-blackcattips blackcattips-streetfolk-art-clayton-georgia
talking-about-things-to-people making-blackcattips-bears



— kyle

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Mini-Mural In Clayton Georgia (rabun county good times)

I painted a little mural in Rabun County Georgia on the library in the town of Clayton— a mini-mural you might say. I also did a couple art workshops and gave a talk about my street folk art. I enjoyed my stay there very much. We stayed at the Beechwood Inn, a very nice old home turned into a cozy inn. I met quite a few interesting characters during my stay. Thanks to Stephanie for making all of this happen. I would visit again anytime.

The mural is based on old stories of the Book Mobile and how it used to drive around the mountain roads and deliver books to the mountain folks.

rabun-county-library-mini-mural-blackcattips-kyle-brooks-artclayton-georgia rabun-county-library-mini-mural-blackcattips-1000

blackcattips-mural-in-clayton-georgia-5-kyle-brooks-art blackcattips-painting-mini-mural-in-clayton-georgia-4-kyle-brooks-art blackcattips-painting-mini-mural-in-clayton-georgia-3-kyle-brooks blackcattips-painting-mini-mural-in-clayton-georgia-2 whitecattips-assisting blackcattips-painting-mini-mural-in-clayton-georgia-1blackcattips-mural-supplies— kyle

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