A Big Bright BEAR (pumpkin stunt double)

I wrote a bunch of things and then I erased the things and then I started typing again. The main thing to say is I made a big BlackCatTips BEAR for a fella named JP.

Next time I will tell you a story.

blackcattips-bear-and-kyle brooks streetfolk artist

blackcattips-bear-and-truck blackcattips-bear-orange-pumpkin folk painting blackcattips-bear-textures-teeth blackcattips-textures installing-blackcattips-bear up-close-and-the-brushstroke


- kyle

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BirthDay Cake (a short film)

I was recently asked by a group of filmmakers to be part of their production. They wanted to use some of my art in their film. At first I hesitated as I had been burned before in the process. I quickly found out this time was different. I met Brantly Jackson Watts.

This short film, Birthday Cake, is her project. Brantly wrote it and told me she had loosely based one of the characters on myself. This got my attention. I made a bunch of art for the filming and they shot a couple days of footage last weekend.

Birthday Cake is supposed to debut in January 2016. I will be looking forward to see the guy that “is kinda like me.” Mark Ashworth is my new twin and from all reports I am sure he did a fine job.

Stay tuned for more news on Birthday Cake.


- kyle

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Bears Go Down To Machu Pichu

Got on a plane and went so high.
Over the tropical seas and down to the equator lands.
Hold hands and start walking.
Up and up and forty miles.
Take along your Blue Bear child.



ecuador-andes-blackcattips-bear machu-pichu-blackcattips-bear ecuador-amazon-blackcattips-bear andes-mountains-snow-blackcattips-bear-around-the-world

Thanks to Stephanie Z for taking this BlackCatTips BEAR on such an adventure. She did Bears Around the World right! — Machu Pichu and the Andes and the Amazon and a monkey too.


- kyle

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Do You Know What A Risograph Is? (I didn’t)

Hello again. I made some paintings on paper that Mike Lowery and I turned into prints using a Risograph. Do you know what a risograph is? I did not but now I do. Think of a so old school its cool copy machine that uses big color cartridges. The cartridges looks like a giant version of the ones in the tube from the drive-through bank teller that I always wanted to send a chipmunk into the bank with. Anyway, we made some prints.

Then I took them home and hand painted them — added and took away and colored some more. The four hand-painted ones I made will be available for sale this Saturday night  at the Paper Ghost Studio show about Atlanta.

Today was a 85% good day.

blackcattips atlanta risograph prints art - 6 blackcattips atlanta prints paper ghost studio- 7

 - kyle

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Signs On The Country Roads (constantly moving)

1. I found out some friends are moving to Amsterdam.

2. I was told a friend of the family has lived his last day.

3. I see a photo of children I know that now look like adults.

4. I feel the air off autumn creeping in. (Excitement and dread)

5. I realize time keeps moving.

6. I am on a ride called LIFE.

7. I think the hummingbirds have vacated their summer home.

8. I want to draw the same thing over and over and be amazed how it changes.

9. You would think after this long I would have figured it out.

10. It is best to have someone to laugh at it all with.

(Below are streetfolk signs I made recently in North Georgia.)







- kyle

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Painting Barrels (how do you spell barrel?)

I painted two rain collection barrels for Sweetwater Brewing yesterday. It was part of the Beltline lantern parade festivities. I am feeling pretty sleepy now so let me just show you some photos. Thanks to those who came and spoke with me, my kind wife lady who brought me treats and to Zak for asking me to paint. Zzzzzzzzzzzz.

sweetwater barrel lantern parade - 36 sweetwater barrel lantern parade - 37

sweetwater barrel lantern parade - 2


sweetwater barrel lantern parade - 4sweetwater barrel lantern parade - 30 sweetwater barrel lantern parade - 26 sweetwater barrel lantern parade - 20 sweetwater barrel lantern parade - 16 sweetwater barrel lantern parade - 14 sweetwater barrel lantern parade - 11 sweetwater barrel lantern parade - 8 sweetwater barrel lantern parade - 7 sweetwater barrel lantern parade - 6

sweetwater barrel lantern parade - 33

- kyle

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Painting On The Sidewalk (shear love)

shear love painting 4 blackcattips bears streetfolk art shear love painting 3blackcattips bears streetfolk art shear love painting 2blackcattips bears streetfolk art shear love painting 1blackcattips bears streetfolk art


Smiles on a sidewalk. Laughs in the gutter.

I don’t have too much to say these days.

The weather was really nice today.

The air is similar to a liquid we breathe.

I thought I saw a friend’s car but in fact he had sold it.

We must attempt to push on.

Stand tall and breathe deep. (At least that is what I was trying to tell myself.)

- kyle

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Wings + Legs (A one armed cajun man)


The well spring has run dry. There is no more water a flowin’. Time has run out and run down. The clock just ticked the last click.  They looked down in the dark well and saw a skeleton.

(I have a list of things I want to do)

The mayor and all his children and their dog too. All bones. All dry. All in the bottom of the once sweet fresh water well.

(I have a list of things I never get done)

We all have our days. Then the sun sets. Good Nite Sleep Tite.


- kyle

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Magnet Friends (hand painted fun)

I ordered a large roll of magnetic sheet material only to find out that magnets do not stick to stainless steel. Seems like they would stick but trust me they do not. No stick. Not even close.

So, I decided to make some magnet friends. They can ride on your car or truck or refridgerator or even on a robot’s shiny back.

I imagine they wont last long. If you are intersted in any, contact me at BlackCatTips.com.

blackcattips-painted-magnet-friends---15 blackcattips bear - painted-magnet-friends---6 blackcattips-painted-magnet-friends---2 art fun faces - blackcattips-hand-painted-magnet-friends---6 streetfolk art blackcattips-hand-painted-magnet-friends---4


- kyle

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Man Enough (to be a girl scout)

Thanks to the Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta for asking me to be part of their Man Enough campaign. They gave me some of their girl scout cookies but they seem to have disappeared. We had fun trying to have fun while they took the photos. Thanks to Alicia for making this happen.

Girl Scouts man enough Kyle Brooks 2015 BlackCatTips- kyle

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