Dogs Are Always Naked Van (Mom why are those people waving?)

dogs-are-always-naked-van-blackcattips street art atlanta painted car

I painted a van. I mean to say I painted on a van— an automobile-tattoo job you might say. Some nice folks asked me if I would paint their 2004 Honda Odyssey. I spent five days in Cabbagetown, Atlanta painting and eating peanuts in a gravel driveway. In my time there I was serenaded by cello, drawn pictures, sang songs, brought coffee and recited lines in English accents by two little girls. I had a happy tail-flappin’ dog keep me company too. Thanks to John & Paige for giving me this opportunity.

“Peanuts in the morning, peanuts at lunch, peanuts in your mouth go crunch, crunch, crunch!

Maybe you will see this unique van around Atlanta. If you do, you can wave or scream they won’t mind. I promise.

dogs are always naked van - blackcattips - smiley painted van atlanta brooks dogs are always naked van - blackcattips - painted van atlanta dogs are always naked van - blackcattips - man chick painted van dogs are always naked van - blackcattips - cloud car and fleas van dogs are always naked van - blackcattips - mushroom painted van atlanta dogs are always naked van - blackcattips - mermaid lady and fish friends paintingdogs are always naked van - blackcattips - painted car street artdogs are always naked van - blackcattips - - painted car street art magical mushroomsdogs are always naked van - blackcattips - happy dogs painted on a van atlantadogs are always naked van - blackcattips - lets go home painted car dogs are always naked van - blackcattips - up to the moon art dogs are always naked van - blackcattips - four chicks

have the good times - sam sausage says shaazam van dogs are always naked van - blackcattips - painted van - atlanta bat masterson

- kyle

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Sapelo Santa (Ho, Ho, Ho, Sapelo)

sapelo santa - sapelo island - georgia conservancy - blackcattips painting art

While on Sapelo Island, Bryan from the Georgia Conservancy gave me a couple pieces of tin. He had found them in a field on the north part of the island. I started painting on one of them while I was there. I painted on the old tin near the beach, in front of the Reynolds Mansion and along side a salt marsh. For some reason, when I looked at the rusty metal I saw a gnome-styled Santa—  so Sapelo Santa was born. I am donating him back to the Georgia Conservancy. He will have a good new life. “Ho, Ho, Ho, Sapelo!”

sapelo santa - sapelo island - blackcattips painting art brooks

sapelo island trip - santa and lighthouse- kyle

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Sapelo Island Bus (the wheels go round)

sapelo painted bus - blackcattips - 195

Last weekend we traveled again with the Georgia Conservancy. This time we rode the ferry to Sapelo Island, Georgia. As part of our service project we painted an old bus that is used on the island to move people and luggage. Over the years folks had written on it and treated it kind of like a bathroom wall. We freshened it up a bit and gave it some new clothes. Now when people see it waiting when they exit the ferry they can smile. If you ever visit Sapelo and go to Hog Hammock or the Reynolds Plantation you might just see it. Thanks to Bryan and the Georgia Conservancy for making this happen. It was a lot of fun painting somewhere you had to take a boat to get to.

sapelo island painted bus - blackcattips - 40 sapelo painted bears bus - blackcattips - 45 sapelo painted bus - blackcattips - 50 sapelo painted bus - blackcattips - 60 sapelo painted bus - blackcattips - 75 bumper boys - sapelo painted bus - blackcattips - 85 sapelo painted bus - blackcattips - 90 sapelo painted bus - blackcattips - 180 sapelo painted bus - blackcattips - 190


sapelo painted bus - blackcattips - 100

- kyle

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Sunday Drive

Sunday drives go down the road. One must always drive down. Unless of course you were headed up. Then that is different story. Away we go!

Yesterday we drove to visit my sister and my nieces and nephew. It was a really nice sunny afternoon. Along the way I kept stopping in the grass along the road and aside fields. Maria was feeling a bit woooozy with all of my stopping and starting. I put up a number of street folk or country art pieces — messages to you as you travel life’s highway. I am thanksful for nice days. I was also thankful for the little stormy morning we had last week too. I like change. Life makes sure you get a good dose of it.

If you travel along the same roads we did, you should look at the art on poles and tell a friend. I am sure it will be a good conversation starter.

P.S. When I was high on the pole I saw the neatest airplanes you ever did see.
photo by maria bozo-blackcattips-bear-street-folk-art miss-you-street-folk-art-blackcattips bear-on-a-dresser-blackcattips- kyle

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Up In The Stars (Moon Man watches)

The other day we had our heads up in the stars. We climbed a ladder in the city and took a look around. The Moon Man was out and keeping watch. I hope you see the what is above the clouds from time to time. Sometime the night is nice.

After we climbed back down we walked on the Atlanta BeltLine and saw some of the new art on the EastSide Trail. Picured below is a sculpture from my friend Charlie Brouwer.

maria and kyle pasting stars - 55maria and kyle pasting stars - 10charlie brouwer beltline sculpture atlanta

maria and kyle pasting stars - 85
- kyle

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East Atlanta Strut (4th time around)

The East Atlanta Strut was last weekend. This was my 4th time around with this event. Actually 4 years ago it was my very first festival show. Ain’t that something?

These type of shows are a lot of labor but it is always great to talk to people and have a little street party all day long. Parties are good. The parade was really long and loud. I saw no clowns but I heard a few tubas. Boy they “sho can play those drums.” Maria brought me a veggie corndog. The sun came out. I paint bears.

Thanks to all those who came by and took some art home with them. It makes me glad you understand. I hope it makes you happy. Friends are good.

east-atlanta-strut-friends-blackcattips-3 - laura cook photo credit

east-atlanta-strut-friends-blackcattips-4  - carmen ames  photo crediteast-atlanta-street-art-blackcattips-bug















- kyle



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Things I Have Done (since Monday)

  1. Had weird dreams and woke up stressed.
  2. Worried about things. For example: Willl the belts inside the washing machine snap during the spin cycle.
  3. Drove to Snellville, GA.
  4. Got really excited when a new glue mixture worked out.
  5. Washed most everything I owned to get rid of mystery bugs that came back from Ossabaw Island with me.
  6. Was gifted a walking stick.
  7. Climbed up a telephone pole.
  8. Worried about a homeless man who seemed to have some OCD issues. He lives at a closed gas station where I put some art up. He seems to havea lot of papers to organize.
  9. Looked for really big airplanes to fly overhead. Instead I saw a weird airplane shadow projected on the clouds.
  10. I am painting a Kitchen-Aid mixer.
  11. Preparing for the East Atlanta Strut.
  12. Drew a blue bear in a parking lot and bought a burrito from some really strange people.
  13. Got jealous and cussed.
  14. Itched my legs and arms and cussed.
  15. Drew a cool card for Maria.
  16. Cussed.
  17. Realized I can’t see very well at night.
  18. Bought a new grow light for my orchids.
  19. I was gifted a cool hand made knife from a guy in St. Paul named Workerman.
  20. Realized it is cool to paint blue and pink over black.
  21. Listened to Tripper by FruitBats, Lost In The Dream by The War on Drugs, and some old Nirvana and Pearl Jam.
  22. Started painting a large canvas with a lot of neon paint. (you will never catch me until I die/ and then it won’t matter anymore)
  23. Ate a bowl of vegetarian sancocho cooked with love by Yvonne.
  24. Wondered if you and I will be alright in the end. Dear GOD up in the sky will we?

snake-arm-of-truth-blackcattips-street-art drive-thru-bear-blackcattips-2 donkey-food-street-poem-a-blackcattips smile-a-while-friends-blackcattips

- kyle

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Awesome Ossabaw (a Georgia Conservancy Adventure)

ossabaw island trip - 45 - the georgia conservancy - sea gulls

Ossabaw Island—what a unique place in a modern world. I was asked to go last minute by Bryan at The Georgia Conservancy. We had spoken before about me attending one of their trips to beautiful locations around the state. This time everything aligned and we went to join them.

It had been a long time since I slept in a grassy field and woke up looking at the sky. Maria and I set up our tent in a pasture where a plantation used to sit. Wild donkeys walked by. Wood storks and Pileated woodpeckers flew overhead. The place is very ancient and beautiful and has a long and rich history. Modern man has been on the island since early 1700′s at least. Natives lived here for 4,000 years before. Now I walked on for a weekend.

The trip began with a ferry ride across the oyster marshes and tarpon feeding grounds. Twenty or so minutes later we were pulling up to this mystery island. Hello Ossabaw.

The Georgia Conservancy took care of us—fine eating and great conversation with a interesting mix of people. Two days and we were friends with campfires and low country boil to share. The team spent half a day of work in between adventures. We assisted the Ossabaw Island Foundation doing some cleaning and chores around the few buildings on the island. The work was light and fun with happy people. A storm spun off the coast and gave us wind and entertaining sky. The first night the wind blew and we watched as strange balls of glowing lightning in the distance flashed.

We took a trip to the beach. As the gull flies, it was only a couple miles away, but it took us about an hour or bumpity-bump on the back of a pick-up truck through the craziest forests I have ever seen. The trail we followed has stone mile markers which have been in place since the early 1700s. We rode over swamp and glade, through old forested dunes and towering live oaks draped with gray Spanish moss. The beach was totally uninhabited and there was a lot to see and search around for. Over the weekend we saw many birds including an American Avocet and White Iibis.  We also spotted armadillos, alligator, crabs, cicadas, deer, wild hogs, feral donkeys, and dolphins feeding in a unique formation called strand feeding.

I could go on but I will just say that you should check out all The Georgia Conservancy does for the natural areas of Georgia. I highly suggest you take advantage of their stewardship trips.  They make it easy to interact with all the wild beauty around us. They can show you places you might never venture. All of our needs were metfood, shelter, and friendship. It sure was a wonderful time.

Thanks to Bryan Schroeder for making this happenBen and Foster too. You got me to step away from my painting for a few days and be refreshed by the wild. I thank you for that as well as your generous spirit. Also thanks to our hosts Elizabeth and Mark who help keep the island maintained. You should read more about the history of the island and the 101 year old lady who still lives there after many many years. Her tale is an interesting one.

It was quite a weekend and I am glad I went. As one of the group said before we left, “You gotta go home so you can come back.See you next time Ossabaw.

ossabaw island trip - 170 the georgia conservancy lucky sand dollar beachossabaw island trip - 105 live oak forest the georgia conservancy ossabaw island trip - 380 - golden isles - the georgia conservancy ossabaw island trip - 605 the georgia conservancy - good morning donkey ossabaw island trip - 550 the georgia conservancy fresh cicadaossabaw island trip - 40 ferry ride ossabaw island trip - 490 the georgia conservancy feral ossabaw donkey

ossabaw island trip - 565 the gerorgia conservancy stewardship trip welcome committee

ossabaw island trip - 200 the georgia conservancy boneyard beach ossabaw island trip - 365 the georgia conservancy ossabaw island trip - 265 the georgia conservancy resurrection fern ossabaw island trip - 250 resurrection spanish moss palms oak ossabaw island trip - 240 marshes the georgia conservancy ossabaw island trip - 225 the georgia conservancy ossabaw island trip - 65 blackcattips painted bucket - the georgia conservancy ossabaw island trip - 30 the georgia conservancy coastal salt marsh- kyle

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Strongest Man Winner


We were on the way back. Hot outside and humid. Inside pretty hot too. Always humid. I was in a bad mood. Sweating and cussing. The pavement was hot. Cracked and dirty. We waved at them from the 285 bridge. 17 sports cars in a row, mainly red, all sleek. She made it to the center of the bridge and I was too slow. Hot and sluggish. They laughed and waved.

On the way back north I said I would make a sign. Pull off the road. Plans on hold. Painting on the ground. Painting on the dirt. Up up up the ladder. Make a sign. Talk to the people. Strange communications. Laugh a lot. People come back. U-turn and flip around. She knew them and now me too. Talk about cats. Talk about the sun. Talk about their street. Then we go after I won the STRONGEST MAN contest. Fun can happen but especially if it does. Those are the best times.



- kyle

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A Cow and A Pig (Fox Bros Mural)


(A) I painted a little mural at Fox Bros Bar-B-Q. I started early in the morning. I painted without coffee or my music. Maria helped me the first two sessions. I ate no BBQ. I ate no sauce. I had no fries. I had no Texas Toast. I just painted. I painted the pig and I painted the cow. They made me smile. Thanks Justin for asking me. “You a good ol boy.”

(B) I can get up early or I can sleep till noon. I can paint for a day non-stop. I could get up and walk straight to Richmond, Virginia. I could ride a canoe 50 miles at midnight. I could jump in the ocean and I could hide in a hole. But, I can’t control my mind. It wanders and drifts and sometimes angers me to no end. I like the pink sunset.

(I won’t let you leave my love behind)  – H. Nilsson

fox-brothers-mural-yellow-mushrooms-blackcattips-bbq in-progress-mural

fox-brothers-mural-blackcattips-cow fox-brothers-mural-yellow-mushrooms-blackcattips fox-brothers-mural-sad-cloud-man-atlanta-pig-blackcattips fox-brothers-mural-2-atlanta-pig-blackcattips

- kyle

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