Return To Sapelo (winter beach inspiration)

I traveled to Sapelo Island again with The Georgia Conservancy. We camped on Cabretta Island. It was my first time there— my first time visiting the central and north ends of the island. It was an inspiring time for me.

While Maria and I wandered through the dunes on an uninhabited beach, we happened upon this shelter built from beach scraps, driftwood and old boards that had washed into the shore.  I’m thankful to those who built it. It was decorated with old horseshoe crabs and bleached bones— an old sea artifact here and there. I have been thinking constantly about painting it. I can see it in my mind.

The shapes and patterns of nature make me feel good. They make me think of things I could make and create. They refresh my mind. My stress goes away with the salty tide.  I want to get lost again in the woods and dunes.

Thanks to the Georgia Conservancy for helping protect these natural wonders and introducing me to the beauty in our home state. Thanks to Bryan Schroeder for taking me along and cooking me good dinners. Tasty dinners in a secluded grove of live oaks make you glad.sapelo island - cabretta beach - 2016 - 130

sapelo island - cabretta beach - 2016 - 120 sapelo island - cabretta beach - 2016 - 124 sapelo island - cabretta beach - 2016 - 126 sapelo island - cabretta beach - 2016 - 136




sapelo island - cabretta beach - 2016 - 50sapelo island - cabretta beach - 2016 - 56sapelo island - cabretta beach - 2016 - 116

sapelo island - cabretta beach - 2016 - 26 — kyle

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Heaven On Here (heaven all around)

heaven-on-here-blackcattips-whale-art illustration


It is not in a line it is not up or down it is all around.

(I‘ve been drawing a few whales recently and then I read about all of these whale beaching themselves and then I thought about heaven and spirits and after-life and how some folks have no problem being really bad and doing bad things and wondered what happens to them. I also felt sad for giant whales laying dead and strange on the land.)

I think we should live off the land and look at the green grass and be nice to others. I think life would be better with fresh air and nice views and people loving people and being nice. We should watch the birds being birds and look at the beauty and strange complexity of nature.

I like colors and sunsets and seeing a happy dog in a sweater and I love the sunshine and a warm mug full of drink. Kids grow up fast and people you know die away and I don’t know what to think of all of that anymore.

My nephews helped me paint this background a while back. No whales were involved but we had a good time anyway.

— kyle

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Lost In A Whale (lemon fresh cake)


Saturday we ate pizza standing up or sitting on a tiny thin stool and it was good but we brought 3 slices home because how much pizza can you eat? and then we ate it later and turned the oven on 400 but I kept the box and tonight I cut the box up with my tiny yellow knife and drew on the top of the cardboard box with my sharpie black pen. the boy and the girl and the small child fell down through the thick grass and became lost down down inside the whale. But the whale was happy to have them around and he took them on trips and showed them the warm water seas and they were all so happy too and then they ate a lemon cake.

— kyle

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Digitas Mural Party

I visited Digitas again the other day. We had a little mural party in their offices.

I told the Digitas folks about myself and what I do. I read them my new poem and I told them my thoughts on the Spirit of Inspiration.

They asked me questions and I had a good time. I enjoy telling folks about my thoughts on art and spirits and stories I have pondered.

The mural was still on the wall and Bobby Hot was still sitting there smiling at the Unicorn and the office people.

Time is too fast. Life is short. It is a mystery. It is to be expected.

Then I went to some friends and ate a custom BlackCatTips fake meat pot pie. Thanks Fran!

blackcattips-drink-cart-digitas digitas-atlanta-blackcattips-mural



— kyle

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Getting Started (finger paintin’)

I started a new project today. This one will benefit my dog Pup. I love painting in the nice light of mid-day. I wish it would stay that way all day long. I gave my brushes a rest and decided to use my fingers to move the paint around. It was a cold day in Atlanta but the sky was blue and the light was so clear.

blackcattips-painting-in-studio-3 blackcattips-painting-abstract blackcattips-painting-in-studio-2-with-dog blackcattips-painting-in-studio-1

— kyle

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Will Draw For Shoes (fresh souls)

Saturday I drew on shoes for the people— Lines of people with shoes that were new (except one white pair.) They waited and waited and I drew and drew. I worked along side Olive 47 and Catlanta. I drew on many shoes.

We were drawing as part of a Converse event for DSW.

Some friends showed up in line and I met many new folks too. I finished the afternoon by drawing shoes for the singer lady Kelsea Ballerini. She was the entertainment for the promotion. I wore my new suit and pink socks.

Thanks to DSW for making it all happen.

Sometimes the truth is the weirdest story you could ever make up.

pink-socks-blackcattips-converse-dsw blackcattips-kyle-brooks-converse-art-blackcattips-atlanta-dsw blackcattips-drawing-on-converse-dsw-shoes blackcattips-supplies converse-art-blackcattips-atlanta-dsw-ballerini converse-art-blackcattips-atlanta-dsw-1





— kyle

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Street Poems and a New Year

I have been out on the roads talkin‘ again. Are you listening?

blackcattips street poems - streetfolk art - signs - big brethe blackcattips street poems - streetfolk art - signs - there dog blackcattips street poems - streetfolk art - signs - spirit inside blackcattips street poems - streetfolk art - signs - felt down blackcattips street poems - streetfolk art - signs - dope rootjuice blackcattips street poems - streetfolk art - signs - cake waste blackcattips street poems - streetfolk art - signs - hot taterbot blackcattips street poems - streetfolk art - signs - holy toad blackcattips street poems - streetfolk art - signs - heaven mom


— kyle

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Unicorn Parade (DigitasLBi mural)

I recently painted a mural for DigitasLBi. They wanted a unicorn in their lobby. I gave them a happy Unicorn Parade. I made them a Bobby-Hot, a fried egg platter, a flying salt angel, dreams of confetti cannons and a southwestern desert holiday. (or) A scrambled egg dream full of fun and smiles and easy living.

I had a great time painting in your office. Thanks so much.

Now everyone… Get Ready and let’s go “Follow That Horn!

digitas-unicorn-parade-mural-blackcattips---102 digitas-unicorn-parade-mural-blackcattips---122 digitas-unicorn-parade-mural-blackcattips---12 digitas-unicorn-parade-mural-blackcattips---136 digitas-unicorn-parade-mural-blackcattips---14 digitas-unicorn-parade-mural-blackcattips---140 digitas-unicorn-parade-mural-blackcattips---142 digitas-unicorn-parade-mural-blackcattips---160 digitas-unicorn-parade-mural-blackcattips---134 digitas-unicorn-parade-mural-blackcattips---24 digitas-unicorn-parade-mural-blackcattips---20 digitas-unicorn-parade-mural-blackcattips---54 digitas-unicorn-parade-mural-blackcattips---36 digitas-unicorn-parade-mural-blackcattips---34 digitas-unicorn-parade-mural-blackcattips---26 digitas-unicorn-parade-mural-blackcattips---90



– kyle

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I’m Not Ready (I am ready)

I wrote this in a few minutes as I first listened to the new song Exit 353 by Damien Jurado.



i’m not ready for what you want of me.
i’m not ready.
i haven’t packed my stuff.
i haven’t buckled my straps and belts.
i’m not ready.

i haven’t a voice to speak.
i haven’t breathe in my lungs — shot full of holes.
wind blows through my dry dust bones like a western plain.

they brought me a birthday cake.
it was pink and blue and frosted white.
i lay in my bed and looked at it through glassy eyes.
the sunlight shown behind their heads and created yellow sun fringes.
i reached for the fork and spoon— the white paper napkin with the frilly lace edge.

he stood in the corner. the liar and the cheat.
the copycat dressed in fancy jacket and glasses.
he looked at me and smiled. i looked at him.
you must watch out.

inside the cake was an angel made of salt and light
and inside of the angel was a small wolf with fire in his eyes.
and he spoke the truth.
and he led the way.
and i hoped i was beginning to understand.
and when i closed my eyes i felt no pain.

the rocket engines rumbled into existence.
the heat made me feel like i was ok.
i was shaking and the vibrations soothed my aching bones—
deep into my core and i closed my eyes once more.
im ok, right? im ok, right?
deep breathes and soon we were home.
i am ready. I am ready.

– kyle

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Happy Art Makes More Happy (listen to donna)

Donna Rosser approached me a year or two ago for an interview. She had seen some of my art along the highways and in the woods in Fayette County. She is a photographer and writer for several publications. I met her and some of her friends in the area. They have supported what I do— my streetfolk art installations and mural work.

Donna lives in Fayette County as do my parents. She wrote a blog post in hopes of getting the message across that art is good and can be happy and bright and it makes impressions with children and adults alike. We shouldn’t be scared of bright colors and non-serious art. I appreciate what she has to say.  Art can be just simple and fun— easy on the mind. It is ok to just smile.

Every time I paint a public mural I have people stop and talk to me and ask questions. They bring their children and we talk about art and what it means to them. It is very meaningful. The other day I was painting a outdoor mural in EastLake neighborhood of Atlanta. A mother brought her small child to see me paint. The little girl had drawn me a picture and wanted to tell me about it. She also brought me a board to paint on. Pay is nice but it doesn’t leave a warm impression on your heart like a kids’ funny happy stories.

If you live in Fayette county or want to support public art in general, please read the link below. Please dont be scared of the colors and ideas outside of  your comfort zone. Art connects people and makes kids smile (and adults too) I have many stories to back up these claims. :)

Check out Donna Rosser’s blog post here.

Hense mural blackcattips

Photos by Donna Rosser

– kyle

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