SweetWater Painting (barrel of fun)

Went on up last evening to SweetWater Brewery in Atlanta. I just drove on up there and took a look around. I painted a barrel for a rainwater conservation promotion party. They had live music and fresh made beer and a bunch of people walking around. I just sort of zoned out and painted. That is when I felt pretty good.  One fella thought the snake I painted was a goose— so I painted dog ears on the goose snake. Thanks Zak.

Rain comes down washes away the pain. Rivers fill up and take it all away.

painting-at-sweetwater-brewery-blackcattips-kyle-brooks-4-street-folk-rain-barrel painting-at-sweetwater-brewery-blackcattips-kyle-brooks-3 painting-at-sweetwater-brewery (painting by diggs at sweetwater brewery)


kyle-and-the-beers sweetwater blue IPA


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MODA Atlanta (design for healthy living)

MODA Atlanta healthy living panel - design collective atl

1.Last night I was invited to talk at the Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA) to discuss public art and how to relates to Design for Healthy Living.

2. I was pretty worked up before hand.

3. Wore my new hat from Black Sheep Hat Works. Calmed me down.

4. Told the jokes that I didn’t plan to say.

5. Met some good new people.

6. Drank 2 bottles of water.

7. Did not apologize.

8. Had a few friends show up.

9. Did not wear black.

10. Had a good time.

 Thanks MODA!

MODA Atlanta healthy living panel  kyle brooks blackcattips steston hat MODA Atlanta healthy living mike lowery caleb morris katrin blackcattips brooks MODA Atlanta healthy living museum of design atlanta -kyle


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Visiting With Dima (wandering through Queens)

visit with dima drjuchin 3 artist brooklyn

I had the honor of getting to meet Dima Drjuchin this week. We had spoken for sometime as cyber pen pals. I was in New York area for a show and wanted to get to see him. My wife and I finally made it happen. Wandering through Queens to Brooklyn we rode all sources of transportation other than mule cart. I would have liked it if we could have arrived on mule cart. If I though I got some looks in the city, that would have topped it all off in style.

We had a great talk and I am glad we made the effort to get there. As I walked in I looked around at all of his art— great colors and imagination gone wild. One painting caught my eye. It was the art for the Father John Misty album Fear Fun. Dima called it his Mona Lisa. I would have to agree.

He had a fluffy white dog and a nice wife lady. They gave us some fancy lemon water. We looked at his painted guitars. He had a table covered in papier-mâché creatures. I told him I will be back one day and visit again. Their dog Glitter licked my hand in agreement. Maybe Dima and I can paint a talking hot dog together. Maybe we can craft his dog a magical foil hat. We all need hopes and dreams.

Thanks Dima!

visit with dima drjuchin 3 artist brooklyn painted guitar father john misty album artwork visit with dima drjuchin 2 art visit with dima drjuchin 14 blackcattips kyle brooks- kyle

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Outtakes (Big project spits out colored dust)

Working through projects. Maybe they aren’t going like you hoped. Somethings take so long. I don’t know all the answers. An online diary of my thoughts and confessions? — perhaps.

So the big machine is roaring and sputtering and smoke shooting out the pipes— an old tractor with pulleys and gears visible and Bo Bob Billy in his straw hat shifting gears in the hot spring sun. Just like a saw makes sawdust, big painting projects make art dust. These little bits sometimes hold more truth and love and passion that the BIG project you were dedicated to struggling through.

Colored dust is the concentrated color inside all of us.

elephant-boy-art-blackcattips-painting-greeting-card cat-painting-folk-blackcattips

- kyle

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FUN (spring weeds in the cuffs)


Ride down the road. FUN in the trunk. Stop the car and look at the blooming weeds.

Aint she a sight?!

Your mother rolls up in her van. Your dog barks.

You get the FUN out and put it up for all to see. Share your FUN— stand in the sun.

Shake out your pant legs and have a good day.

- kyle

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He Held One Brush (I held another)


I have gotten to know Sam Parker over the last couple years. I admire his crazy mind and I think he might do the same to me. Over last few months we have painted and drawn together on occasion. A couple painting sessions led to this. We listened to Leonard Cohen songs the first painting session. It was a cold night— Dark early and the black dog laid still on the sofa. Maybe those songs and the dark night led to this painting.

So now it is hot out. The days growing longer and the sun rising high. Sam is moving out West to the high plains on the edge of the Rockies— Moving to the blue sky and the thin air. I hope to see Sam Parker again. I wish him and Becky the best of luck. They are both very great artists and have inspired me. Keep your good eye open, sir friend.


This painting will be on display in a shop in the Cabbagetown neigborhood of Atlanta.

- kyle

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Hand Made Birdhouse (for a happy bird family)

hand made painted birdhouse -blackcattips 3

Hello. Spring is the time for bird babies. If you have bird babies you put them in a nest. You have the option to build your nest in an enclosed box-like space like this. I built this little birdhouse and painted it. It has a flip-up top so you can clean it out at the end of the bird nest season. (but dont clean it out to soon— they might have other plans- you know!)

I built this birdhoue for the show this Friday at Paper Ghost Studio 7-10pm. ( 1393 McLendon Ave, Atlanta, GA 30307  )

Last weekend I watched a couple of House Finches feeding their babies in a nest built inside a glass globe of a front porch light. They must be fancy birds with a glass house. Monday I saw a nest of Cardinals in a bush by a street. They must be regular folks.

I hope the birds like my offering.

happy hand made painted birdhouse -blackcattips 8 weve seen you long time painted birdhouse -blackcattips 5 bear head painted birdhouse -blackcattips 9 birds painted birdhouse -blackcattips 4 hand painted birdhouse - folk art blackcattips 10- kyle


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FLEAS SALE (pecan tree up above)

Yesterday we were out in the country and we went to a FLEAS SALE.
They had pretty good deals, although I have been itching all night long.

fleas-sale-sign-street-folk-art-georgia-blackcattips fleas-sale-sign-street-folk-art


- kyle

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A Freddie Mash-Up (fried chimp platter)

Hi. Hello. How are you?

I have been lucky enough to work with MailChimp recently. One of the little projects was an illustration used here on this sticker.


It is a little mash-up mix-up meltdown of Freddie from MailChimp and The BEAR character I like to paint. He is wearing his little MailChimp crown and dreaming of eating a tasty apple pie from the Varsity. (like in the old days on Saturday afternoons with car rides down Ponce de Leon with my family and I look to the right and see the Yaarab Shriner’s Temple.)

Nothing is better than a melt-down turn-a-round grilled cheese slap-down slice-in-half inside-out twist-a-bout version of your main man best friend.  Thank you MailChimp and Jtrav. :)

It is good to dream backwards and forwards.

*** If I could make music play while you read I would make you listen to Feeling Yourself Disintegrate… by The Flaming Lips.

- kyle

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Visions of a Whale Volcano (mural in an old library)

I met Kris a couple months ago when she visited my studio to look at the Methodist Jesus Renewal Project painting. She asked me if I would be interesting in painting in her home (which oddly enough was an old elementary school library.) I said,”Yes.” and immediately had a vision of a whale coming out of a volcano— not a life changing lighting strike vision but more of an image that appeared in my mind and stuck.

I feel very thankful to have met another kind soul that fully supports my artistic vision without trying to edit it. She only told me she loved the color yellow and later told me she really liked the “Jubilant Skeleton” aka Bone Man.

As a final note, I was accompanied all week by two brown dogs. I do declare that these finely bred German Short-haired Pointers make mighty fine painting mates. One even stared at the wall while I painted.

I entitled this mural Visions of a Whale Volcano.


whale volcano mural - blackcattips-24 -brooks -

cat cloud and jubilant bone man - whale volcano mural - blackcattips-46

cat cloud and jubilant skeleton bone man - whale volcano mural - blackcattips-36 fish flock - whale volcano mural - blackcattips-42 frog dog beast chained - whale volcano mural - blackcattips-16 frog dog beast over the town - whale volcano mural - blackcattips-34

whale volcano mural - blackcattips-10 _whale-volcano-mural---blackcattips-240-in-progress--brooks--- visions-of-a-whale-volcano-mural---blackcattips---brooks--- visions-of-a-whale-volcano-mural---blackcattips---brooks---242-in-progress visions-of-a-whale-volcano-mural---blackcattips---brooks---248-in-progress

green pea people - whale volcano mural - blackcattips-38 jubilant bone man and two headed king snake - whale volcano mural - blackcattips-48 red shoes house belly - whale volcano mural - blackcattips-54 smiles down below - whale volcano mural - blackcattips-32 the national anthem - whale volcano mural - blackcattips-14 twins - whale volcano mural - blackcattips-52 whale volcano mural - blackcattips-12 willy mcgee the ferry ride - whale volcano mural - blackcattips-30



- kyle

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