Strongest Man Winner


We were on the way back. Hot outside and humid. Inside pretty hot too. Always humid. I was in a bad mood. Sweating and cussing. The pavement was hot. Cracked and dirty. We waved at them from the 285 bridge. 17 sports cars in a row, mainly red, all sleek. She made it to the center of the bridge and I was too slow. Hot and sluggish. They laughed and waved.

On the way back north I said I would make a sign. Pull off the road. Plans on hold. Painting on the ground. Painting on the dirt. Up up up the ladder. Make a sign. Talk to the people. Strange communications. Laugh a lot. People come back. U-turn and flip around. She knew them and now me too. Talk about cats. Talk about the sun. Talk about their street. Then we go after I won the STRONGEST MAN contest. Fun can happen but especially if it does. Those are the best times.



- kyle

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A Cow and A Pig (Fox Bros Mural)


(A) I painted a little mural at Fox Bros Bar-B-Q. I started early in the morning. I painted without coffee or my music. Maria helped me the first two sessions. I ate no BBQ. I ate no sauce. I had no fries. I had no Texas Toast. I just painted. I painted the pig and I painted the cow. They made me smile. Thanks Justin for asking me. “You a good ol boy.”

(B) I can get up early or I can sleep till noon. I can paint for a day non-stop. I could get up and walk straight to Richmond, Virginia. I could ride a canoe 50 miles at midnight. I could jump in the ocean and I could hide in a hole. But, I can’t control my mind. It wanders and drifts and sometimes angers me to no end. I like the pink sunset.

(I won’t let you leave my love behind)  – H. Nilsson

fox-brothers-mural-yellow-mushrooms-blackcattips-bbq in-progress-mural

fox-brothers-mural-blackcattips-cow fox-brothers-mural-yellow-mushrooms-blackcattips fox-brothers-mural-sad-cloud-man-atlanta-pig-blackcattips fox-brothers-mural-2-atlanta-pig-blackcattips

- kyle

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Biker Guy (and friends)

I drew Biker Guy monday. My new friend Harrison told me he was buying a bicycle yesterday so I sent him my new drawing. He then posed for this version with his new shiny ride. It makes me real happy.

Just remember… Biker Guy Likes to Bike.

biker-guy-and-friends-harrison-rogers-blackcattips-bicycle drawing

- kyle

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Wandering Home (the book is out)


I am happy to announce that the book project I have been working on this year is now published. The book is Wandering Home, by Tom Roddy.

I painted the exterior and interior art and Maria designed the book from scratch. She helped me all along the way and for that I am thankful. It is good to have someone advise you in the right direction — snip snip trim trim. Do this! Don’t do that! Thanks to my friend Allen Bell for asking me to be part of this project and to Dick Parker of Looking Glass Books.

You can see more about Tom Roddy and his book here. Wandering Home is a collection of 30 years of his writings edited into the four seasons of the year. I hope I did his decades of work justice.

Check it out thru Acapella Books or listen to the iTunes audiobook version (warmly read by actor Tom Key.)

wandering-home-hardback--tom-roddy-interior-credits wandering-home-hardback-tom-roddy

(left to right) Sound Engineer, Allen Bell, Author - Tom Roddy,  Tom Key, Kyle Brooks, Maria

(left to right) Vincent Caputa – sound engineer, Allen Bell, Tom Roddy – author, Tom Key, Kyle Brooks & Maria




- kyle

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A Trip To Summerville (in the summer)

Yesterday we drove up to Summerville, Georgia to look at the crazily obsessive art in a yard of a man named Finster. I had never been to Paradise Gardens. It reminded me a lot of my grandpa. The little notes here and there—the look of things. Finster was an artist and my grandpa was not but there were some interesting strings connecting them.

Peter and Alicia told me I should visit. I am glad they spurred us to get on up the road and take it all in. It was a nice drive. I saw many spots along the country highway I would like to live and set up shop. I see myself working in a little cinder block building by the road. I saw barns to paint and signs to repair. I didn’t bring any paint and I regretted it. I saw a perfect spot. We also saw a lot of towering and impressive clouds. We ate some snacks. It was a good afternoon.

Along the way I left some bears—here and theres.

blackcattips-bear-folk-stickers-georgia blackcattips-bear-hi-street-folk-georgia-folk georgia-map sweet-potato-santa-finster howard-finster-paradise-gardens-wood-cut-out howard-finster-paradise-gardens-cadillac

- kyle

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Go Out – Do Stuff

It was hot outside but I wasn’t feeling so hot today. I don’t feel so well now. But I had a little unexpected art adventure that made me forget about my silly sufferings.

Jonathan Mushroom was stopping by to pick up a painting. He had some free time and I got a call from the BeltLine asking if I could cover up some tags on my old mural. Jonathan and I delieverd some of his produce and took the paint. Next thing I knew I was painting mustard yellow, talking to folks on bikes and looking at fancy bike seats for babies. Angel stopped by—so did Patti and her friend. On the way back home we installed some street folk.

My mushroom growing friend is gone on his way now but it made me feel better to get out (doors) and get up (ladders.) Thanks to happy neighbors and friends.


old-soul--street-art-blackcattips the-can-man-blackcattips


- kyle



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BlackCatTips (A New Film)

Earlier this year I spent a couple days with Ben Rollins and a class from the Portfolio Center in Atlanta. They filmed me talking and painting and climbing ladders. We had a good time.

After a few months the little film is ready. They really did a nice job and I feel pretty dang excited about it. In addition to Ben and Co. I want to thank to John Song for his editing and music. I am really excited about showing it to you. Here you go!

- kyle

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Spray Paint Lessons (ignore the teacher and just paint)

I was not planning on giving an impromptu spray paint lesson (ISPL) but things happen. Things always happen. A long driveway and 93 degrees in the full sun was where it all went down. The two nephew boys we were watching for the day showed up in the driveway in full pajamas. They had escaped from the nice cool house.

Next thing we were diggin’ some old boards out of the woods and learning some basics. Shake the can—hold it this way—don’t spray your Dad’s driveway. I was impressed with them.

When we left today I took the large painting. It had a sign I had painted on the back. The sign read “Bear Family ReOnion> this way. I was working on it Saturday before they came out of the house looking for Unkie Kyle. Now both of our art is tacked to a pole along the highway in north Georgia—Street Folk Artists in the making and they don’t even know it. Now if they would just eat what I cooked for them.

- kyle




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Monday Morning (a studio view)

This Monday morning had a nice cool breeze. A little break from the late August heat and humdity. As I write this, the heat is back but the breeze is still present. Here is a view of where I have been painting for the last few months– the soft indirect light and slight haze good for a Monday. It is a good spot for now. It is a good place to create. It will be a good week.





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Atlanta BeltLine Mural (2014 – year of the sea beast)

photo by maria v

I finished up the mural yesterday — the metal building in the August heat mural about an undersea world with crabs, fish, mermaids, sea beasts and bear sea anemones. I wanted you to know where the BeltLine Bears came from — their deep water origins.

Thanks to those who helped me and came by to lend support or ask questions. Thanks to those who braved the heat with me. Thanks to Jim, the building owner and Park Tavern for their hospitality. Thanks to Lowes and Davon for my discounted supplies. Thanks to the Atlanta BeltLine for making this happen.

On another note, the wasps who nest I removed to clean and paint the wall hung out with me everyday. They have started a new nest and seem to be well. They would stare at me and shake their thin legs but in the end we all remained friends. Nature continues its never ending march.

I love to paint.

Update: Check out this nice wide shot photo here     (Photo by Rob D.)

photo by maria v


- kyle



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