Kiss the Past Hello (MashupCoke)

I am happy to announce that a poster I painted will be featured in the Kiss the Past Hello book celebrating 100 years of the Coca-Cola Contour bottle. The book will be released through Assouline pretty soon. I am real glad Coke invited me to be a part of their anniversary. I created three posters for them. Some or all will be featured in the soon-to-be released book. Mighty Nice!

See more of the posters from the book on Instagram and Pintrest.

Here is an article about how the collection of new Coke art was developed for the anniversary.


coke-100for100-blackcattips-poster----smile-a-while1 coke-100for100-blackcattips-poster---mighty-nice1


- kyle

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Wood From Ossabaw (Black Stretch Cat)

I went last fall to Ossabaw Island with the Georgia Conservancy. A big sheet of old weathered plywood was found on the island and made its way to me. I painted a sign on it for the Conservancy to hang in their Trips Program office.

I ended up painting both sides of it. One side has a long black cat with a magic tail full of apple pie. The other has a backpacker man and a rhyme about Georgia.

Today we delivered the painting and all of its salty splinters to the Georgia Conservancy’s office. In turn we got a giant box of tortilla chips and a half gallon of salsa and guacamole. At least you can’t say I am a starving artist. Crunch crunch crunch.


stretch-black-cat working-for-chips


- kyle

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A Shoe In (DSW spring campaign)

Somehow I found my way into a DSW spring shoe campaign. Jason Travis and Ol’ Troy stopped by for a visit and snapped a few pics. We had a very unserious time. The snow day sign in the background and a roomful of inappropriate banter.  If the shoe fits or I lost my sole?

Check out the launch here.

photo by jason travis

Photo by Jason Travis.

- kyle

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A Case of Unsurity (ice storm)

I spent some time helping watch my nephews in North Georgia. Maria had one eye on them and I another. An ice storm had knocked out power for a few days. I spent my time drawing, being a judge, keeping a fireplace full of fire, keeping the pipes from freezing, hoping for a little more ice or snow (since we had some already), cooking boy dinners, washing plates, sipping a little Ron del Barrilito Puerto Rican rum, thinking about my life over the past year, trying to do sketches for a children’s book, drinking large amounts of hot tea and coffee and dealing with a giant case of mental “unsurity.”

Now I am back in Atlanta and there is no ice or nephews but I still have “unsurity” and I could dig up some Barrilitos if need be. I have a few big projects coming up.

We should always travel and see new places. We should always venture out and get our hands dirty. Concentrate on the positive. That is what we keep saying aorund here. More hot tea please!

very-black-balloon-blackcattips-900 thank-you-pants-blackcattips-folk-art-2 thank-you-pants-at-zoo-900

- kyle

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Bears Around Georgia (#bearsaroundga)

I’d like to announce a little partnership with the Georgia Conservancy and BlackCatTips. In 2015, Bears Around Georgia hopes to bring a little more attention to hidden natural gems around our great state— from the mountains to the winding rivers to the golden isles.  The Georgia Conservancy stewardship trips deliver far flung parts of Georgia to you and these bears help make it a little more fun. The BlackCatTips bears are going along for the ride and keeping you company out in the wild. As the year and the trips progress, we will add more of your travelin’ bear photos.

Check out more here and over the next months for more photos with the Georgia Conservancy and Bears Around Georgia! Sign you and your family up for a trip and we hope to see you soon.


photo by bryan schroeder


- kyle

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Hangin’ Om (Deep Breathes)

Things have been pretty intense for me lately. It might not look like it but there are lots of things bouncing around inside of my brain. A few work their way out via my beard. I am lucky enough to have several big deals in the works. “Hold on. Take a deep meditative breathe Mr. Brooks.” I tell myself.  Ride on top of this swell in the river. A deep river— mouth gaping wide—rising and rolling as it dumps mystically into the ocean. Hold on tight and keep your senses about you. I will do the best I can and you can run a full report on my progress when I make it out into the black sea. (Sharks in the water, a dead whale, a school of fish swirling as one, someone’s sun faded lost shoe.)

I don’t want to announce things until they are real. I learned my lesson a while back by telling people I was going to be involved in X or Y and then it all caved in on itself. Chickens and eggs and who will hatch?! Over the next few weeks I will tell you about some of these new and exciting happenings.

I sketch most every day but had not concentrated on it in a while. I always have a number of sketch pads laying around with little things scribbled on them. Over the last weeks I have found a positive energy in sketching. It really is different than a painting and somehow opens your brain to new artistic ideas. Here are a couple I finished this last week.

hoagie-nose-death-brooks-blackcattips-art-wolf-traintracks casserolle-blackcattips-snake-illustration-art

- kyle

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Sunny Day Art Visits

Yesterday was a nice day outside. It was nice inside too. I decided to celebrate with some climbing of roadside power poles. In the process I saw some friends all doing their expressive artistic things.

First I stopped by as Joel Doll Head (Slaton) was putting out his mini-library. It was really full of nice books. He has a mind for piecing together non-related objects into little folky treasures. What a gift Joel is to our community with his thoughful make-shift contributions. I am glad he befriended me.


Next I stopped by Paper Ghost gallery again to drop off more art for Friday’s Valentine show. I got to meet Barry Lee and Mike Lowery. Both are really great illustrators here in Atlanta.


After that, I went by and saw Sam Parker working on a mural in the lobby of a new apartment building on Memorial Drive. We had some good laughs when we thought about crazy visual paintings in the lobby of a brand new apartment building. Sam impresses me so much.


After that stop, I put out some streetfolk art. I climbed my ladder by the road and enjoyed the afternoon. While I was putting up one installaton on a pole, I realized their was a situation below me. A stalled van needed help. I and three other men pushed the van down the road and into a gas station parking lot. The woman driving the van didn’t speak but the three guys and I had a couple laughs while pushing and sucking in fumes. Glad all the passing cars let us cross the intersection.

can-you-fogive-me-blackcattipsstreet-art-atlanta ewe-be-long-blackcattips-streetfolk inky-mixtape-painting


- kyle

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Paper Ghost Art Show (I have love for you)


Love isn’t something that always happens naturally. It can take some work. For instance, sometimes at nine in the morning a neighbor decides to take out aggresion by banging on your ceiling. Monsters on a pogo stick? Love your neighbor? Oh boy.

Sometimes love is easy. Sometimes it is all pink and bubbly and full of fun and life. To celebrate such times, Paper Ghost Studios is having an art show this Friday. I will have a painting or two in the show. You should come out. You would LOVE it.

Feb. 13, 7-9 pm.  —  1393 Mclendon Ave. NE  —

flyer_likeyou_show paper ghost

- kyle

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Biggest Bears (you ever did see)

Recently I finished a set of three bears—very large bears they were indeed. I don’t have too much else to say at the minute. Ok see you later.

buzz-bear-blackcattips-rat-terrier blackcattips-bear-painting-process-5 bear-painting-process-4 bear-painting-process-3 bear-painting-process-2 bear-painting-process-1

- kyle

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I Woke Up Very Mad (Cat delivery to an office)

blackcattips i woke up very mad

In the endless rain and fog and misty mist we drove this fancy cat to an office with blank creme walls. Now they have colors and smiles and something bright. The tall guy that peered into the blank office now has something to peer at— Sheetrock dust drifts down like snow on the brown carpet.

My brake light is out. I have new windshield wipers. I need a fix. Thank you. I laughed a couple times. Some place the sun is shining so bright and hot you would die for the cool sandy shade. You want to lay under the rock ledge and close your eyes. You think of everyone you ever met and all the people you now know. They are all staring down at their hands palms-up on their thighs. They are eating lunch and thinking about you. A few of them cuss.

I have never been to L.A.

- kyle

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