Drawing By The Road (Goody)

Do you have your big black Sharpie marker ready?

You sure should because after you go to the grocery or stop at the drug store you might see a sign that needs some additions. We were on the way to look at a house that a friend thought about moving into (they didn’t). Too bad that once decent little neighborhoods have to get sketchy and scare people when there are still nice houses in them. The dirt is nice and the trees are nice.  We saw two big asian boys playing in a tiny swimming pool next to a driveway. We turned the corner in the double hot late July heat (I didn’t use my blinker).

This green sign was a few houses down in some vines on a telephone pole. I stopped to draw on it. I pulled the truck over. My new wife stayed in the car. She snapped a few pictures on her phone and then went back to her social media feed. I shook my marker a bunch and drew a man saying “Goody.” Watch out for poison ivy. We all have our obsessions but we still can love each other.

I call this a Sunday afternoon drive with a side of streetfolk art.

- kyle




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Drive Down Past The Airport (look to the right)

Yesterday I drove to my parent’s house to do handy-son work. I saw two black vultures eating a sad dead armadillo. I repaired a door for my folks and cut down a half rotten tree. I smashed by finger with a hammer. I met with Donna who recently wrote an article on my streetfolk art. After the official work I painted in the street and on the mailbox. I like to try to paint everyday.

On the way back to Atlanta I drove into a big thunderstorm. It’s structure was very impressive. The power that one summer storm produces is beyond my comprehension. A giant mountain of clouds that forms in minutes. It pulls down the icy air and wind from the upper atmoshphere– cooling the hot and humid surface. We do live inside of an amazing world.

P.S. – Come out to Stone Soup Kitchen in Atlanta tonight for my art get together talk-a-lot social hour. Check out the details here.

- kyle



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First 40 Get A BlackCatTips Vinyl Decal

This Friday, July 25th come by Stone Soup Kitchen in Atlanta between 7-9pm to hangout, talk and look at some new paintings I made … The Stone Soup Ten.
*** The first 40 people to see me get a new 4″ vinyl decal of a BlackCatTips Bear. ***

Thanks to Neighborhood Vinyl for helping me get these made so quickly. They look really fresh. See you soon.
P.S. I will have a select number of bear heads for sale. $40. Ready to hang. See me on the sly for those.

- kyle



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(1) Bunch of Hope

Sometimes you feel down or fall down. Sometimes everything is pretty darn fine. I usually move quickly between the two spectrums. (see-saw see-saw squeek squeek)

It rained a lot this weekend and I bet you five dollars that a lot of mushrooms will pop up soon. You see they have been waiting. They have been waiting under the earth for the right amount of moisture and humidity. They were waiting until things felt just right and they had been fed and then they will burst forth from the dark rich soil and make the most of their day.

That is how I want to be. I want to strike hard while I have youth left and energy and half a head of hair. I want to make the most of it all. I want to leave my mark on this little speck of Earth I call home. (speck of land floating around the sun in the middle of nothing!)

I had a little boy ask me last week ask my why I dont have a television set. I told him that I wanted to spend what time I have trying to make what I was supposed to make. I could be wrong, but I believe I was given a voice and a message and I want to speak with it (art visions) while I still have breath. Maybe one day he will understand my ramblings.

What if I only have two years? — or even if i live to 98. I want to make and offer and create as much as I can. I dont really know why i think like this but it seems so important. Life and beauty are fleeting things– gone with the wind they do say. Planes fall from the sky unexpectedly. A sudden war wipes out a town. The Earth opens up and swallows us whole. I want to enjoy this world and the ones I love in it before the sun sets. I only ask that you allow me this. Even if you don’t grant me your blessing I will make this my goal – to make and share and try my best to be full of love. It is a difficult thing to accomplish and I feel I am terribly overwhelemed but as Mr. Harrison once said, ” Here comes the sun, it’s all right.”



- kyle



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Lifestyles Magazine (blackcattips in the news)

Just wanted to share that I got a little mention in Lifestyles Magazine for Coweta and Fayette counties (south metro Atlanta.) You can check out the photos and article here.
My article is on page 40.

Thanks to Donna for putting this together.

- kyle



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Stone Soup Ten (10 paintings from a summer mind)

Stone Soup Ten is the name I have given my new set of 10 paintings which will be displayed until early fall at Stone Soup Kitchen in Atlanta. We are planning on having an event Friday July 25th from 7-9pm for you to come and see the new works. There will be a cash bar, some snacks and you can ask me strange questions. Sound like fun?

The new paintings can be seen at Blackcattips.com. If you are interested in any of them or have questions please contact me.

Stone Soup Kitchen is located at 584 Woodward Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30312

Stay tuned for more info.

- kyle



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Summer Art (kids and ink and a bass)

We went and spent some time with family in North Georgia. I tried to pry the nephews  away from the iPads and zombie games long enough to make some art. We painted on big rolls of paper. We painted dogs in cars and gas stations that sold dog bones and chips for free. Let’s get out some dangerous inks and solvents and get them all over our hands! Let’s make something! Yes!

I hand cut a silkscreen and we went through the t-shirt making process. I was not as entertaining as Legos or Angry Birds but I enjoyed watching the magic happen with squeegie and ink. I enjoyed seeing the kids watch something form out of nothing. I enjoyed seeing them forget they were bored and try to write questionable words with brushes and house paint. We silkscreened a stack of shirts and tote-bags and even a baby onesie. I bet the kids will remember their crazy “Unckie Kyle” showing them a thing or two. I heard one of them telling their friend, “Unckie Kyle is an artist.” That made me glad.

The rest of the time I painted on things I found in the yard and in the woods. I hope they don’t get too ticked when they find the painted items I left for them to find. I painted on their stack of firewood and an old wooden plank I came across. I made them some signs for their driveway. I really don’t know when to quit.

It has been as hot and humid as it gets in North Georgia. It will make a normal person loose their mind. It certainly pushes me to my limits. My dog doesn’t seem to care.

Maria and I sat on the steps in the late evening. We watched Cicada Killer wasps buzzing to and fro. We watched the wind blow in ahead of a Friday evening storm- bolts of white lightning. I enjoy the storms. They make me happy.

I had a good time on my little break from the regular ol’ routine.  I went fihsing a couple times after dinner. The sun had set but it was still light– peaceful time. I had not fished in a long time. I caught two bass.  I looked into their glass marble eyes and tossed them back into the blue deep water. Don’t hate me bass man. Don’t hate me bass lady.

- kyle





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Super Confidence (or coincidence)

The limo.  Black metal and black windows. A man in a black hat. The super confidence or coincidence. It is very hot upstairs.  I don’t want to use your electricity too much. Water is free. Water is from The Lord of the sky.

Saturday I painted a big bad wolf with huff puff pig breath. The house is full of money. Dollar bills.

Two people came over to buy artwork. Two people in one day and a man another day. One of the people the first day was a red-haired lady. I don’t do well with communications over the phone or computer. Weird silences. Weird words. I’m recording the squirrels while we drink coffee. Mine is black and hers is less black.

Today I met with some people traveling from England to Tennessee. Walked by the confederate dead. General Gordon is in the ground Bobby Jones and his golf balls. Spent tees sat up just so–a few have fallen over. Useless. The visitors headed north.

A storm moved in and a gray bowed wall-cloud split the sky around a sheet metal lightning bolt.  I bought my dog some food in a crinkly white bag.

No confidence.

The suit people mailed me a contract. Gulp gulp. I’ve been very combustible. I slammed my hand into the door. Coffee or jasmine tea or red wine?

Progress is movement is progress.

Plants can help. Chemicals can kill.

I surely love thunderstorms.

- kyle



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A Business Needs A Sign (or two)

There is a little food hut down the hill. Sometimes it is open. Sometimes it is not. These times vary greatly. It has had a blank sign in front of the small establishment for several years. The sign was red. Then one day it was half green. It has most always been blank. A blank sign won’t turn any heads.

I always thought I would like to paint it for them. The other day I left them a note. The next day I got a call. A man named Tracy was on the line and he said to come down the street and talk to him right now. He had an interesting way of saying words. I went to meet him.

I sat in the blazing hot sun and painted. I felt happy. Maria drove by and said I should paint the back of the sign too. Sounded good to me. (She also asked me later what a “tender” was.)Now they have a fresh sign that will make people smile. They called me “Cat Man” and I think that is just fine.


- kyle



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Stripes (The Unexpected)

I painted with some children. I had an idea of what I wanted to do. Some of them worked with me. Some just worked. A few walked away. The colors weren’t as I wanted. The plan wasn’t going as I had hoped. Things turned out great– that’s right, great!

I was inspired by the way accidental colors merged and blended. I liked some of the shapes that were born. I painted over and around their work. We created a folk fence together. It gave me some fresh ideas about creating backgrounds and color creation. I had an unexpected storm of insipration.

Thanks kids! for making me see a new way.


- kyle



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