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kyle brooks art atlanta

Here is a little film about me and my street folk art. Thanks to Nathan Bolster and Ampers&nd for putting this all together.

We had a good time riding around putting up bears and folk crosses. He drank Red Bull and carried his gear. I wore a hat and toted my ladder. It was fun.

See the film below or here.

- kyle


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Clothes & Shoes (paper cut up art)

atlanta street art

Intro: (I made the green tea for her and then I drank the rest. Then I made the coffee because that sounded good too. The morning is rainy and cold. The leaves mostly brown now and half on the ground. I remember that in Atlanta they are usually gone by December 5-7. After that it is a clean type of cold. But for now it is rainy with cold on the way. I need to get over to my painting room. The room that will keep me going until hopefully we can move soon. I need to go away and start over in my mind. I want to start over, over, over, over …..echo.)

Sam and I have been working together on some art ideas. The other day I told him to work on one piece of paper and I would work on the other. It was actually 4 pieces that I had glued and cut into 2. Then I cut the corners and tips off. I rounded out the edges and points. I drove the paper faces to the corner donation box and I donated them to you.

- kyle

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Summer Has Left The Building (stage right)

I know now that Summer has left the building. Winter is about to turn onto our street, park in front of our house and knock on our door with long curled icy fingers. I am never ready for these changes. I relish in what I have gotten use to. Then when I have finally adapted, the change takes place.

When I paint a mural I get used to the location and schedule. I get used to the wall surface and the plants and bugs. I get used to bringing supplies and the route most easiest to take there and home. I take notes. I meet the locals. Then it is over. Time to go home, reorganize and move on to the next project. Adapt.

I painted these flowers yesterday as ‘One last salute to summer.’ May you forever bloom in our minds and may we all live healthy lives until next sunny growing season. The ripe fruit sweetens past the point of no return and the seeds fall into the cold earth.

(Have you ever listened to how great the guitar solo by Don Felder is at the end of  I Can’t Tell You Why?

painted-street-folk-lamp-flowers smile-blackcattips-summer street art atlanta painted flowers street-folk-lamp-post-blackcattips-street art atlanta

- kyle

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Signs Of The Times (polka-dot purse)

I have a friend who was taking apart an old farm house’s front porch. He put a new floor down and gave me scraps of the old. I took the pieces home and painted words across the slats. Now they are waiting on you to ponder upon or laugh at on your next drive. You can cuss at them if you wish but I am not going to worry about that.
All this happened today because I had to deliver a forgotten polka-dotted purse. Funny how things happen. I am glad I had a reason to be out on this sparkling blue sky day.

up-in-the-sky---streetfolk-sign---blackcatips touch-me---streetfolk-sign---blackcatips so-loanly---streetfolk-sign---blackcatips sexuel-bomber---streetfolk-sign---blackcatips sawsage-motor---streetfolk-sign---blackcatips offshoot---streetfolk-sign---blackcatips let-go-harder---streetfolk-sign---blackcatips green-girly-figure--streetfolk-sign---blackcatips call---streetfolk-sign---blackcatips

- kyle

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The Red Building (Thomasville Cemetery signs)

thomasville cemetery - mural - blackcattips 2002

I painted some folky hand-lettered signs this week for the Thomasville Cemetery Restoration Project. It has been ignored and disrespected for a long time until a couple clean-ups in recent years. The graves date back to around the Civil War. There are very few grave stones to be found, yet at least 235 people were buried there.

There is a meet-n-greet this weekend, Saturday November 8 at noon. Check out their facebook page for more info.

The Thomasville Cemetery is about a block off Moreland Avenue, a mile north of I-285.

Here are a few more photos.

thomasville cemetery - mural - blackcattips make it better art painting

thomasville cemetery - mural - blackcattips 2060 restorationland

thomasville cemetery - mural - blackcattips  restorationland art thomasville cemetery - mural - blackcattips 2062 thomasville cemetery - mural - blackcattips 2092 pup thomasville cemetery - mural - blackcattips 2048 restorationland atlanta thomasville cemetery - mural - blackcattips leroy gardner thank you folk portrait thomasville cemetery - mural - blackcattips hello call me folk fish phone


- kyle


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The Coathangers Album Cover (snake with ears)

This summer I painted the art for The Coathangers new single. I had to sit on it for a few months but now the news is on the street.

Here I am this week with the original painting. Thanks to Suicide Squeeze Records and The Coathanger ladies for asking me. I really like to paint snakes with hats and ears!  They make you feel glad inside.

the coathangers - sexbeat - suicide squeexe records - blackcattips cover art- kyle

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The Sproutmen Mural (urban sprouts farm)


I finished my painting this week down at Urban Sprouts Farm.  I painted the main mural I call The Sproutmen. I also painted inside an old broken up motel room and a LONG hotdog with a top hat on another building.

Thanks again to Davy Minor of Deer Bear Wolf for getting me involved in this fun project. Thanks to Nuri for having a farm and being real cool. Phoenix Fest is November 15th at the farm—music, art, cool kids and the like.

I wish I had Urban Sprouts mural to paint every week. It would make a good life.

sproutmen mural in progress- blackcattips kyle brooks painting - photo by mariaurban sprouts - sproutmen mural - blackcattips -  art atlanta street folk

urban sprouts - sproutmen mural - blackcattips - painting on brick urban sprouts - sproutmen mural - blackcattips - crescent moon atlanta urban sprouts - long dog - blackcattips - hot dog art atlanta top hat grass hopah mural - blackcattips - graffiti king bird atlanta street art urban sprouts - sproutmen mural - blackcattips - street art phoenix fest urban sprouts - sproutmen mural - blackcattips - painted house orange

See some others photos here.

- kyle



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Painted Stumps (WOOD you?)

On my way home from a afternoon of mural work I went by a couple stumps that needed attention. I had them in mind since seeing them on our drive last Sunday afternoon. You must make note of things like this!

After a short visit, they now have eyes and a mouth and they can speak again. Now they will make people laugh. WOOD you like to smile?

p.s. (keep paint in your truck)

grant-park-stumpmen-streetfolk art blackcattips painted tree grant-park-stumpmen-streetfolk art blackcattips painted tree stumps- kyle

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Yellow Moon (like a thin banana)

photo by maria v

I wanted to make the moon.
Yellow and shaped like a thin banana.
Hanging from a thin wire painted black against the sky.

Over the ridge and down into the canyon.
That’s where I wanted to escape.
I took my rifle with me.
Occasionally I would look back over my shoulder and fire off a couple rounds just to hear the echo and let them know I as still angry.

I sold my home and moved away.
I left those bastards behind.
They had caused me trouble long enough—lies and backstabbing. Crimes and muck.
I had a few good neighbors that always were there but the bad ones wore me thin.
My soul worn ragged like a split tire halfway from Oklahoma to Salinas.
Tomorrow is always a new day.
Tomorrow is always over the knife ridge.
Tomorrow is the colors I paint and the happy faces I see in the distance.
Happiness is feeling tired from an honest days work while looking at the pink velvet sunset.

Happiness is something I share with you.

- kyle

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Atlanta Intown Paper 20th Anniversary (talking birthday cake)


Way back in the sunny days of summer I got a call from Collin at Atlanta Intown Paper. They wanted me to create a cover for their 20th Anniversary issue. I said, “Sure” and several months later I woke to find out it was out on the street. There were a few more twists to the story but basically that is what happened. I am really thrilled they asked me and used my art throughout the special issue. Now I think I will buy a fancy hat.

You can read a digital version of the paper here.

- kyle

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