Xfinity Rooftop and BlackCatTips (floppy ears and a red snout)

I had a big day yesterday at SunTrust Park as the Atlanta Braves defeated the Arizona Diamondbacks. I signed autographs in the Xfinity Rooftop lounge for all the folks who waited patiently for the new BlackCatTips // Atlanta Braves T-Shirt. This event was part of the new Xfinity Atlanta Artists Series.

I have been working several months on the artwork and it was great to see it all come together. Big thanks to Walker Anderson for making this all happen. Thanks also to those who made the event run so smoothly — all 500 shirts were handed out and lots of BlackCatTips baseball cards. Yesterday was my first visit to the new stadium. It was all so fresh and new. I was even interviewed up on the giant 120′ wide jumbotron screen over outfield. Now that was a pretty crazy thing to see!

Now… if I could have only shown them my long slow wind up and my killer fastball.

BlackCatTips-Atlanta-Braves-Xfinity-Rooftop-tshirt-day-9 BlackCatTips-Atlanta-Braves-Xfinity-Rooftop-baseball-card BlackCatTips-jumbotron-Atlanta-Braves-Xfinity-Rooftop-tshirt-day-4a BlackCatTips-Atlanta-Braves-Xfinity-Rooftop-tshirt-day-7 BlackCatTips-Atlanta-Braves-Xfinity-Rooftop-tshirt-day-5 BlackCatTips-jumbotron--Atlanta-Braves-Xfinity-Rooftop-tshirt-day-4 suntrust-field-atlanta-braves BlackCatTips-WhiteCatTips-at-Atlanta-Braves-Xfinity-Rooftop-tshirt-day-3 BlackCatTips-Atlanta-Braves-Xfinity-Rooftop-tshirt-day-2BlackCatTips-Atlanta-Braves-Xfinity-Rooftop-tshirt-day-19 BlackCatTips-Atlanta-Braves-Xfinity-Rooftop-tshirt-day-1

see you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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Interview With 11Alive WXIA ( talking picture taking)

11Alive News came out the other day. I put on my big hat and waited on them. Jennifer Leslie was real nice. She asked me questions and I told her some stories.

We spoke about my relationship with MoxieUSA and the mural project we did for Delta Airlines Big Thank You event.

Thanks to everyone involved for making this happen. It was a fitting end for the Big Thank You project.

see you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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Talkin’ Totem Poles (forward warrior 2017)

I painted for Forward Warrior 2017, an annual street art event in Atlanta’s Cabbagetown neighborhood. Instead of painting a brand new mural, I decided it might be fun to decorate 2 existing ones. I added my talkin’ totem poles to murals by Ally White and Sanithna. I cleaned up some places and made some fun faces.

I showed up the first day to paint but my brain wasn’t in the right place. I came back a few days later and tried to find my groove. I am pretty sure I found it. The bugs and the mud and hot times tried to take it away but I showed them :) Put good music in my ears and some paint on my brush and I can paint for days. Thanks Forward Warrior.

Forward-warrior-2017-BlackCatTips-mural--04 Forward-warrior-2017-BlackCatTips-mural--10 Forward-warrior-2017-BlackCatTips-mural--11 Forward-warrior-2017-BlackCatTips-mural--14 Forward-warrior-2017-BlackCatTips-mural--07 Forward-warrior-2017-BlackCatTips-mural--09

see you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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An Examination Of Time (things I did)

Here are some photos from the last couple days. You can see some of the art I have made and delivered. I drove around. I painted outside at home. I have been shifting gears. I liked the dry days more than the rainy ones. I enjoyed working in the sun.

Thanks to those who support what I do. It means the world to me.

I also had some flowing thoughts about our place in time —or eternity, if you will.

They were only with us for a little while. You see, they were here for a season to place a feeling in your mind— an emotion in our soul. They were here as mind farmers. Mental seed planters. Now they are but ghosts — spirits from our past.

Time has ticked on. Time has rolled on to the next segment. You are still an important part of time but your role is now new and different. The years move on. Will you embrace this new season?

I’m struggling with the new age. In my mind I am still reaching back to the old — what is now somewhat archaic and covered in a yellow crackly tinge. I’m still reaching back to what was— but isn’t anymore.  Do you see? Do you hear what I am telling you?

I realized a little while ago that time has these seasons or segments. Time as a whole seems cyclical and patterns emerge. But your life continues to evolve into new eras. Our lives are all interconnected yet looping away and then back towards one another. A large turning net of energy and memories that sometimes overlaps. Sparks fly. Energy shifts. These are benchmarks of your life. Remember when….?

My life today is very different than my life a year ago or four years ago.

I think it is the same, but it is not. I want the past to stay present but that can not be. I should tuck those thoughts and memories away and use them to grow into this next phase. Fertilize the tree of your life.

Time moves on down the line.

It is a new season.

What will I become in this new segment of infinity?

riding-down-the-road-kyle-BlackCatTips-brooks AJC-art-review-kyle-BlackCatTips-brooks transporting-a-bear painted-BlackCatTips-trees detail-of-BlackCatTips-painting-on-woodyou-know-better-street-poem-1000 watercolor-by-kyle-BlackCatTips-brooks faded-hunk

see you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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Bowl Full Of Happiness (show opening)

My new show, A Bowl Full of Happiness, had an opening reception Saturday June 24th. I have been working on a new collection, of paintings on canvas, since February of this year. This is the first time I have worked with Spalding Nix Fine Art  located in Buckhead neighborhood of  Atlanta, Georgia.

I took the canvases with me to Hambidge Center for my art residency in early March. The cold blue winter days were still hanging on in the north Georgia mountains. The paintings began to take shape there. I was cold and making a lot of hot soup. I was walking everyday alone in the mountains. I was studying the trees and rocks — watching the water flow and looking at the green moss. I finished the paintings back at my new studio in Arabia Mountain U.S.A. by the time summer was moving in.

Saturday evening was the big opening event and I was excited to debut this new collection of 17 paintings. You can see them all here.

The show will be on display until September 1st of this year. Please feel free to contact Spalding Nix Fine Art for hours and stop by soon to experience the new art.

Read what the AJC (Atlanta Journal – Constitution) had to say about my show here.


Here are a bunch of photos from the opening. All photos by Amanda Greene .

looking-at-fun-colors-BlackCatTips-art-show-spalding-nix BlackCatTips-and-sally-king-benedict-at-spalding-nix kyle-brooks-sandi-brooks looking-at-BlackCatTips-art-at-spalding-nix-june-24-2017BlackCatTips-art-show-williams-street-swap-shopkyle-BlackCatTips-brooks-art-show-opening-making-friendskyle-BlackCatTips-brooks-art-show-opening-14 art-makes-you-smile-kyle-BlackCatTips-brooks-atlanta viewing-art-spalding-nix-art-3 viewing-BlackCatTips-art-opening-spalding-nix-art-3 happy-friends-at-BlackCatTips-art-opening-spalding-nix-art-2 happy-friends-at-BlackCatTips-art-opening-spalding-nix-art-1 happy-friends-at-BlackCatTips-art-opening-spalding-nix

see you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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Painted Paper Letters (i used to love you)

The pink petals unfold and there are hand painted paper letters inside. I unfolded them and I lined them up on the ground. They read…. I USED TO LOVE YOU. The brown man in the turban was chewing gum.  My dog started to dig a hole. The wind blew lightly from the east.


see you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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The Puzzling Pointy People (1000 pieces for charity)

puzzling pointy people kyle BlackCatTips brooks 25th century games


I painted the Puzzling Pointy People recently for this project with 25th Century Games. They have taken my painting and converted it into a 1000 piece puzzle as part of their new project to benefit 4 Atlanta non-profit organziations. I am glad I just was in charge of the paint because that is a lot of pieces to cut out. Whew!

We are happy to announce that the Community Piece Project is now live! Learn more about these Puzzling Pointy People and how you can help support these local Atlanta organizations: Atlanta Community Food Bank, 48in48, Lifeline Animal Project, and the Historic Oakland Cemetery.

Visit Community Piece Project for all the info on how you can get a BlackCatTips puzzle and signed framable giclee prints.

Note: Puzzle, prints and the original painting are all  20″x 28″ in size.

see you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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Delta Airline’s Big Thank You (it sure is pretty up on the wall)

Part 2 of 2 … (see this first half of this blog here)

I walked into the Delta Airline’s Corporate Headquarters one time in the spring of 1999. I was delivering a catered lunch to a meeting room. At the time, I was working in Peachtree City, Georgia as a waiter. I don’t remember much about that trip. I do recall that I had a hard time opening the big glass doors and I wished they had sent a helper with me. I felt out of place.

18 Years later Delta renovated the lobby and cafeteria in the same building and somehow I ended up back there. This time my wife and a couple friends went met me there. I had no troubles with large glass doors. We went to look at the newly installed mural I had just finished for Delta as part of the Big Thank You event. It was a happy time.

I could not be more thrilled to have been a key part to the Big Thank You event — an event seen worldwide on FaceBook Live. I was featured alongside the reading of all 88,000 Delta employees names and appearances by over 430 celebrities, athlete and business leaders. There were magic tricks, balloons, airplanes from the future, talking dogs, long-legged dancing ladies and a bear who could juggle while he rode a bike. Amazing.

They left me in a tent with cans of paint and a sack of brushes and I did all I could do. A coffee and a few granola bars and some good music got me through. I really enjoyed existing inside of the painting. It wrapped around me on 3 sides and with the tent over the top I felt like I was inside the art. I was inside of the vision. I felt like a whole bunch of hard shiny stained-glass candy collided at high speed with a bright happy dream. The shockwave traveled down my spine and out my arm onto the wet canvas. I was merely the middle man.

Thanks to Carly and Adam from Delta. Thanks to the installers who put all 9’x 27′ feet of mural on the wall. Thanks to Chiara, Caroline, Emma Kate and all my Moxie friends and production crew folks who made this  happen.  Thanks to Angie for helping me paint one afternoon and Maria for keeping me in shape and pointed in the right direction.

See a little video about the mural here.
BlackCatTips-Delta-mural-details-6 BlackCatTips-Delta-mural-details-4 BlackCatTips-Delta-mural-details-1delta-airlines-mural-BlackCatTips-brooks-3 delta-airlines-mural-BlackCatTips-brooks-2 delta-airlines-mural-BlackCatTips-brooks-1




see you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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In The Shadow of The Flight Museum (painting in a tent)

(Part 1 of 2)

Last month, inside a heavy-duty tent positioned in the shadow of the Delta Air Lines Flight Museum, I painted a mural. Over the span 3.5 days, film crews came by and they made a time-lapse. I had a walkie-talkie and people would stop in to check on me. Snacks were delivered. People gave me nick-names. I brought  flowering orchid that I had been growing at home to inspire me. I stayed in a hotel overlooking the north runways at Hartsfield Jackson International Airport. I toured a Delta 747-400 brand newly converted into a very unique event space. I watched the international flights land every evening— 13 hours under their belts. I live to paint and I have always been enamored with aircraft so I was about as happy as I could be. This was all part of the big event in the works which was to become Delta Airline’s Big Thank You.

((A long time can go by from when you drop a seed into the soil until the green leaves grow in the warm sun. You should never count your chicks before they hatch. You should never count your projects until they are finished. Pause. But Wait! And then… they dragged the tent away.))

Here are some photos of the project while in the works. Thanks to my friends at Moxie for connecting all the dots.

delta-airlines-flight-museum---painting-in-tent examining-the-cockpit-of-a-747-400 looking-northto-atlanta-over-delta-headquarters starting-a-mural-for-delta-airlineswhitecattips-helping-me-set-upbackground-layers-of-muralwatching-airplanes-at-hartsfield


see you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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Coca-Cola Bottle (a bubbling’ bottle of good times)

Hi again.

I was lucky enough to be asked to paint a Coca-Cola bottle for the World of Coke Museum’s Pop Culture Gallery. I felt luckier than a $2 bill … or is it a $3 bill? Anyway, I am pretty dang happy about it.

I stared at the plain white 4 foot tall Coca-Cola bottle I had picked up on a late winter morning from the Museum’s offices in downtown Atlanta. I stared at it a long time — many days of staring turned into weeks. I felt like I should make something monumental if it was to be on display for over 1 million visitors a year. I felt like I should do something worthwhile if it was to be on display mere feet away from art by Finster, Penley and Sundblom.

I started painting the bottle a couple times and then primed it over. I looked at it. I let it rest. I rotated it slightly. I stared some more. At some point, I painted the background many colors and had a good plan. Then the plan lost its fizz. So, I painted mostly over it as well. I left a little of the previous attempt looking through — a marker of the history we were accumulating. One doesn’t always have to like their history but it is good to acknowledge it is back there… in the distance… adding bits of color to our current world.

I had a headache one afternoon and decided to lay down. I seldom take naps. I tried to sleep but rest eluded me that day. I kept thinking about my Coke bottle to paint. Finally it hit me. I saw a vision in my brain. I saw black tree spirits and organic silhouettes. I saw swirling and undulating faces and happy friends blooming from the base of the bottle — growing upwards as the sparkly bubbles rise from a bottle of freshly opened Coca-Cola. I went downstairs to my studio and began to paint. I was wearing nothing but decided to go paint before I lost my artistic vision. I started creating the ideas that came to me. I was as naked as a I could possibly be— only a brush in hand. As I laughed and painted I knew I now had my plan. It would all be fun and smiles after this point — and it was. The Spirit of Inspiration had blessed me again.

I’m so thankful to have my art once again on display in the World of Coke Museum in Centennial Park Atlanta. Thank you to Craig Lovin and Phil Walker. Thanks to all the others at Coca-Cola for your support. Thank you too to the other 9 artists I am currently on display with, quite an honor —10 Bottles, 10 Artists, 10 years of the World of Coke Museum at Pemberton Place.

Read the official press release here.

coca-cola bottle - kyle blackcattips brooks- ©2017 The Coca-Cola Company BlackCatTips coca-cola bottle kyle brooks art - _9636 BlackCatTips coca-cola bottle kyle brooks art - _9606 BlackCatTips coca-cola bottle kyle brooks art - _9633 BlackCatTips coca-cola bottle kyle brooks art - _9639 kyle-BlackCatTips-brooks-telling-stores-at-coca-cola-museumworld-of-coca-cola_PopCulture-2017_8298
BlackCatTips coca-cola bottle kyle brooks art - _9604

All images ©2017 The Coca-Cola Company


see you soon,

Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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