SQURLS (That don’t sound right)


I made a wooden sign that read “SQURLS“. I found the wood after a meeting at a local breakfast joint. Later I painted on it and even more later I have been driving around looking for the superb spot. Today I found it. Oh yes I sure did.

The weather is so perfect today with crystal blue skies and a breeze— perfect spring refreshment for my brain. On my way home from a painting project in some folk’s home I saw a grove of pine trees on a knob— up high you might say.

I eyed a proper tree and set up my ladder. I climbed up and wobbled a bit in the wind. I nailed the SQURLS sign to the tree. As I was about done I saw a man walking up.

The fella approached and I laughed a bit to myself. He was an older black man with poofy white hair poking out of his ball hat. He was kinda hobblin’ along and looking at me with one old-man eye. He was trying to ask what I was doing but really didn’t get the words out.

I said, ” I’m making a sign to tell the SQURLS where to go!

The old man repeated it back to me in his old country voice. “Telling the Squirrels where to go!?“, he said.

I said, “Yes!“, and he shot back “Now that don’t sound right!

I said, “No sir, most things I do these days don’t sound too right.

He shook his head back and forth and hobbled away toward the store. He mumbled as he strolled on.

Little interactions like this always make me real glad. It is so good to meet people who walk along the street —even if they don’t understand what you are doing. That man might not understand me but I promise he will look for the SQURLS next time he passes by.

I had a fun ride home.

- kyle

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Custom Painted License Plates (spring rains)

bear-tag- hi -  license plates

Distractions in Mineral Spirits. Animal spirits roam the land. As much as I feel like an animal at times I am not. Animals confuse me— the instincts so strong.

I am distracted by passing ideas. Sometimes I latch onto one and go for a ride.

The paint thinned out and flows. It melts into the sunshine and creates new colors. An accident in beauty that morphs into a new idea. A week passes by under the spring rain clouds.

The winter birds leave. The spring birds arrive.

I painted some BEAR license plates.

I have a headache.

bear-tag-1 bear-tag-2- license plates bear-tag-4 bear-tags-blackcattips custom license plates

- kyle

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Big Happy Sign (better than tiny happy)


Some people know when they are 21. Some people know when they are 24. Some people, like myself, don’t know much until way on down the road. You look back at people changing the world at 21 or 24 and wonder with awe at how they did the things they did. Only through the green glass of time, and in reverse, can you really appreciate with a slight bittersweet taste what you haven’t yet done or learned too late.

So what shall we do about it?

I propose that we work our asses off. I propose that we don’t worry about what others will say. I say we don’t wait for permission to be granted. I propose that we do it now and do it soon. Change your name. Do what you been meaning to. Be a tad rebellious. Do what you say other people do and wish you did. Leave those behind that drag you down and fill you with discouragement. Tell God you want to make a difference in the time you have remaining. Walk out on an appointment because it doesn’t feel right. Sometimes it takes a push to get started.

Now, I don’t have all the answers. I don’t know all the correct things to do. I’m in a turmoil in my head most all of the time. I just want to give it a try.

Time moves fast and people you knew are dead and others are on their way. If things are to happen they must happen soon. Either way, in a number of years, the Earth will take a deep and drastic exhale and our beautiful bout of creation and expression (whatever that might be) will be absorbed into the blue ball spinning through the nothing we call space— all gone but a memory. It is that futile existence that drives us! That and some strange thing called L.O.V.E.

I made the Big Happy sign for a friend that lives on a busy road with lots of traffic. He sees lots of crazyiness on his street. People honk and cuss and yell and some pass out in the neighbor’s front yard. His yard is also on a civil war battlefield too (sometimes it is easy to forget.) After a talk we decided the folks could use some Big Happy. I know I sure could.

Why go small when you can go Big Happy?!

Thanks to Maria for the photos.

big-happy-sign-atlanta-blackcattips big-happy-sign-pink-flamingos passed-out-man-moreland-avenue striped-pole

- kyle

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Baked TrashMan and Liz Taylor

baked-trashman-sign-blackcattips-streetfolk-handpainted liz-taylor-eggs-blackcattips-streetfolk-art-signs

The Baked TrashMan put on his red necktie and combed his hair one last time. He grabbed his keys and went out the side door to the carport. His truck cranked up and he stretched out in the seat. He re-adjusted his necktie slightly to the right and clicked in his cassette of Hotel California. He put it in reverse.

He was on his way to pick up Liz Taylor. She had boiled up some Easter Eggs and they were going to dye them together. Baked TrashMan had been looking forward to Liz’s eggs all week. He loved the striped ones that used light blue and red and a splash-bomb of yellow. The colors bled down from top to bottom and her long fingernails were stained like a tie-dye sack.

The sun bore down on TrashMan and he pushed the gear shift into fourth. The motor hummed and wailed as he drove into Liz Taylor’s gravel drive. She didn’t believe in pavement— in fact she wouldn’t hear of such a thing. It would be too tough on her manicured nails.

They walked through the pasture and wandered the edge of the hickory trees. They placed the eggs around the trees and in a few divots in the field. A red-tailed hawk screamed. TrashMan huffed and puffed and the pollen coated his tan shoes. The hawk landed in the hickory tree. She rustled back her flight feathers and screamed once more. When they returned home they left their shoes on the back steps.

Each pile of clothes on the back porch floor took on their own melting twisting boiling shapes. They realized the sun had given up to darkness and every little thing in the room was artistic in its accidental arrangement— little installations when before they had just been piles of this and stacks of that. Papers and little boxes and junk mail and spoons — a pile of socks and t-shirts waiting on a wash. Close your eyes and the world spins and the mystery man rotates into view— round and round with his long crystalline snout. Round and round some more and you open your eyes as it all impoldes inward on itself.

The Baked TrashMan pull the gear stick back into reverse.

- kyle

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Log Men (Smiles in the woods)


I really felt good when I painted in the woods.

blackcattips-street-folk-log-men-3blackcattips-street-folk-log-men-4 blackcattips-street-folk-log-men-5blackcattips-street-folk-log-men-2

- kyle

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BEAR Tags (Hi)

blackcattips car tag

Is your automobile making you smile? If not you should let it wear a BEAR tag. Say HI.

Pre-Order yours before april 7th at noon.

All tags feature a BlackCatTips BEAR and the word HI!
I will decorate them as the Spirit of Inspiration asks me to.
 Each will be hand-painted with a unique set of happy long lasting colors on an standard size aluminum car tag.

—-Tag shown below is a sample only! All will vary slightly in design and color.—-

Tags will be signed and numbered on the back.

Have a fun time.



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All Done (the seven footahs)


Installed the “Seven Footahs” this week. Took a few visits but it all worked out. Thanks to Maria for helping me high on a ladder. I painted on the wall around the faces— A little here , a little there. Walked to see friends at MailChimp’s new offices in Ponce City Market. Said “HI” to my friends at Dancing Goats Coffee too. Ate some collard greens at Eats. I try to offset my fear of tall shaking ladders with coffee and pals.


giant-faces-install--blackcattips-10 ponce-city-market


- kyle


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Ducks Are Happy

Ducks have fun. Geese get mad. Ducks seem to laugh a lot. Geese cuss and make angry threats.

I like Ducks.



 - kyle

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Big Bear and Big Beard (Hi)

I finished building and painting the two big faces I have been working on. I have really enjoyed the process. Here are some photos of the two creations. Really thankful to the interior designer and her client, Amol for letting me create something like this.

giant faces - art painting atlanta kyle brooks blackcattips 48 giant faces - street folk blackcattips 44 smiles kyle brooks art giant faces - blackcattips 40 giant faces - blackcattips 34 giant faces - blackcattips 32 giant faces - blackcattips 22 giant faces - blackcattips 20 folk art atlanta giant faces - blackcattips 18 giant faces - blackcattips 12 giant faces - blackcattips 14

- kyle

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The Man That Buys All The Houses (orange minotaur)

The weather is warm and the sun has gained strength. A burning on my arms and neck reminds me that the days are getting longer and it is almost Spring.

I dip my brush into the glue bucket.

A man walks up and says stuff to me. I get off the ladder and ask him to repeat himself. He wants to know what I am doing. I said, “I am putting up some smiling faces. See, like my shirt right here.” The man said he liked my shirt with the smiling Rorschach blob man on it.

His name is David and he had a fancy hair-doo and glasses pushed up high over it. I noticed he even had fancy tan boots. Now, a regular guy wears old work boots to work in— but this David man had fancy work boots!

He buys and sells homes. He fixes them up and sells them for a profit. I asked him,”If he buys a bunch of them—did he own that one?” He said real quick,”BUY EVERY DAMB ONE I CAN!” — Kind of made me laugh. I gave him a BlackcatTips business card and said I need more room to work. He told me he would look for my sign tomorrow. I climbed back up my ladder. A bird hollered out.



- kyle

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