The Weather Channel and BlackCatTips (meet Samsung)

blackcattips weather channel samsung kyle brooks street folk art

photo by Bryan Schroeder

Just wanted to share some news. I have teamed up with The Weather Channel and Samsung to help develop a new weather app available for Samsung’s new smart phones.

They wanted to show some BlackCatTips street folk art in a new and fun way. So we rode around and took a bunch of pictures of weather and art in interesting ways — to show the feel of weather and to hopefully make you smile.

See more here or go to

The sun sets every day, but it still is amazing. And when you drive around the bend and see the man in the moon… well sometimes he can just blow you away. – me :)

weather channel pics


See you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks



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SweetWater 420 Fest Poster (floppin’ fish)

I made the SweetWater 420 Fest 2016 poster. Grand Palace in Nashville printed it. Looks really great up-close. I was proud to see the final product. Big thanks to SweetWater for trusting me with your brand. Floppin’ fish are fun.

sweetwater-420-fest-2016-poster-kyle-brooks-blackcattips brooks-blackcattips-signing-420-fest-posters sweetwater 420 fest poster 2016 blackcattips kyle brooks 3 sweetwater 420 fest poster 2016 blackcattips kyle brooks 2 sweetwater 420 fest poster 2016 blackcattips kyle brooks 1



I was going to write a story today but I didn’t have it in me. The Spirit was elsewhere.

— kyle

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The Sun Is Shiny (a solo show)

Hi. My name is Kyle Brooks. You might know me as BlackCatTips. I just had my opening for my solo show I named The Sun Is Shiny. What a show it was! So many happy people showed up in the evening sun and looked at all the art I have made in the last few months. We had a great April evening.

The Sun Is Shiny was made possible by the kind friends who run Paper Ghost Studio in Candler Park, Atlanta. Thank you to Bryan of Forager Co. for  helping me look extra fancy. Thanks to the Paper Ghost gang for all your support. Thanks to WhiteCatTips for all of your endless help and advice. And… a big thanks to all those who attended. Thanks for saying “Hi” to me and making me laugh. It means a lot to hear your stories.

We had a good night and I hope to do this again sometime soon.

Paper Ghost Studio will be open over the next week so you can stop by and see the art collection before the art goes to its new homes. Stay tuned through the BlackCatTips social media channels for open hours. (twitter / instagram / facebook)

And yes, my mom and I  both wore vests and didn’t even plan it. :)

and if you would like to take a cyber stroll through the show click here.

my-mom-and-our-vests the-sun-is-shiny-blackcattips-art-show-2a-kyle-brooks the-sun-is-shiny-blackcattips-art-show-paper-ghost-4-kyle-brooks-atlanta the-sun-is-shiny-blackcattips-art-show-paper-ghost-3-kyle-brooks-atlanta the-sun-is-shiny-blackcattips-art-show-paper-ghost-2-kyle-brooks-atlanta blackcattips-talking-tea-lights blackcattips-lapel-pin-7 the-sun-is-shiny-blackcattips-art-show-3-kyle-brooks the-sun-is-shiny---blackcattips-art-show-1-paper-ghost
Video and 3 Studio photos by Paper Ghost Studio.

— kyle

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BlackCatTips Art Workshop (makin’ bears)

While up in Clayton Georgia I did a couple all age art workshops. I taught them about street folk art and showed them how we could make a BlackCatTips Bear with a silkscreen. I talked to folks in their 70’s and kids less than 7.

I met a guy in the workshop that I was in high school art class with. I talked to a little kid about a real bear that stole their pizza box. I talked to another little girl about her brown bald eagle puppet. She even made eagle noises.

The silkscreen bears had no eyes so I made them an Eye Chart to pick eyes from — in case they needed ideas. One person in the class said they would like to order “E.”

We had a good time and I am thankful all the folks showed up. Painting can be fun and simple. Colors most always make you feel glad inside. I am thankful for laughs.

blackcattips-and-the-brown-bald-eagle-rabun-county-library blackcattips-bear-tote-bags eye-chart---blackcattips silkscreen-lessons-with-kyle-brooks-blackcattips blackcattips-streetfolk-art-clayton-georgia
talking-about-things-to-people making-blackcattips-bears



— kyle

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Mini-Mural In Clayton Georgia (rabun county good times)

I painted a little mural in Rabun County Georgia on the library in the town of Clayton— a mini-mural you might say. I also did a couple art workshops and gave a talk about my street folk art. I enjoyed my stay there very much. We stayed at the Beechwood Inn, a very nice old home turned into a cozy inn. I met quite a few interesting characters during my stay. Thanks to Stephanie for making all of this happen. I would visit again anytime.

The mural is based on old stories of the Book Mobile and how it used to drive around the mountain roads and deliver books to the mountain folks.

rabun-county-library-mini-mural-blackcattips-kyle-brooks-artclayton-georgia rabun-county-library-mini-mural-blackcattips-1000

blackcattips-mural-in-clayton-georgia-5-kyle-brooks-art blackcattips-painting-mini-mural-in-clayton-georgia-4-kyle-brooks-art blackcattips-painting-mini-mural-in-clayton-georgia-3-kyle-brooks blackcattips-painting-mini-mural-in-clayton-georgia-2 whitecattips-assisting blackcattips-painting-mini-mural-in-clayton-georgia-1blackcattips-mural-supplies— kyle

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WonderRoot Visits BlackCatTips ( and we ate hummus)

Today a group from WonderRoots’ Art CSA program came by my studio for a visit. I updated them on my progress on their project they have bought into. I will be making 30 hand-painted posters for them. We had a good time and discussed my process and my thinking while I work. I spoke a little about poems and the power words play in my art.

Then we painted on my friend Stephanie’s face. And then we ate hummus.

wonderroot-studio-visit-blackcattips wonderroot-studio-visit kongs-face-paint

— kyle

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Drawing In Red (crayon)

I have been working on my posters for WonderRoot‘s CSA Art program. I am building up the layers on a group of 30 hand-painted posters. I started drawing and writing with a red construction crayon yesterday. I am enjoying  this project. I let my mind spill onto the paper. Keep watching.

sedan-love heaven-is-clear lo-siento rainbow

— kyle


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National TV (for a brief second)

This is your TV speaking to you. Sit back and relax. Sit back and take it all in.

We now will show you BlackCatTips for approximately 1 second on the Today Show on NBC.

Now eat a fluffy biscuit.

Thank You HomeGrown of Atlanta.


— kyle

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Weather Or Not (picture taking time)

I have been making a lot of art for a project about weather conditions which surround us at all times. Then we have been taking photos — a lot of photos. Working with a team. (Edgar Allan) Wearing blue jeans.

If the project takes off the ground and makes it over them trees I will spill the beans and tell you more. Why do people always spill the beans? Hey man hold onto your dear beans!

Raindrops and thunderstorms and snowflakes and a mighty strong wind. They all have their ways with us and you and me. Wash us and rough us up and bake us dry. Life under the sun. Life on the blue ball where time is ruler of all.

More to come.

rain drops blackcattips moon and sun blackcattips art blackcattips sunset over atlanta frozen faces blackcattips folk art fog rolls in foggy bottles blackcattips photoshoot smokey pots blackcattips blackcattips snowman blackcattips snow flakes kids can help paper lantern blackcattips

— kyle

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Birthday Cake Screening (meeting me)

Last night I went to the debut screening  for the short film Birthday Cake.  I got to meet Mark Ashworth who played “me”. Really he played a character based on my general looks and the art I make — a bearded folky artist who speaks through his paintings. None the less, it was a an honor to meet him and an honor to be part of the story line of the film. Mr. Ashworth is a steady working actor in television and movies and a real nice fella too.

Late last summer I made a lot of folk art for the film — folk crosses and signs and some painted odds and ends. It was exciting to see the finished version of the film as I had only read the script and met with the Director and Co. Birthday Cake is a very well made short film— a southern thunderstorm and dark emotional ride.

Learn more about Birthday Cake film here.

P.S. I think Mark and I might be ol’ red bearded cousins.

kyle-brooks-blackcattips-and-mark-ashworth-birthday-cake-film mark-ashworth-birthday-cake-film-blackcattips-folk-art mark-ashworth-birthday-cake-film-blackcattips


— kyle

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