The Morning Light (the fall air)

Ohh the fumes. The gloves and the paint and the coffee and the fumes. The air blows cool this late August morning. A fall preview. The light is different. The Earth rotating and on it’s trip round the Sun. Things are changing. So am I— I like a fresh start.

This early morning I have an oddly early studio guest— But what a nice way to start my day. They brought me kind conversation, creative thoughts and encouragement. They give me money for art and tell me to make more.

The morning’s cool breeze makes me feel alive. Blows my troubles away.


- kyle

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Thankful for Colors (tiny spider brain)

streetfolk blackcattips smiles atlanta

I’m thankful for air conditioning. Im thankful for friends. And I’m thankful for colors that are pretty. Also I saw an incredible spider web last night and I looked at that spider and wondered how she had all of that intelligence in her tiny spider brain.

I drew this smile on top of a bolt sticking out of the sidewalk yesterday while at Plywood Presents Conference in Atlanta.

- kyle

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Funtime Sandwiches (happy smiles man)


Hi. This is part of a painting im almost finished with. It really makes me happy. I started it recently when Jason Hales was taking my picture and asking me questions. I find it easier to discuss things if I painting or drawing. I bet if you lived in this painting you wouldn’t have to pay bills or deal with jerks. I bet we could eat funtime sandwiches for lunch and sit in the warm sun and at night we could look at our glow in the dark appendages and let our toes sit on the cool grass. Yes yes we would.

- kyle

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Carmen40 (streetfolk in the country)

I put art wherever I go. A lot of times I do not go too far so the streetfolk art stays near my house. Other times I get a chance to take art way out in the country.

Sometimes my art might not mean much on the surface. The words I say might not resonate with you. You might be confused to the purpose. Other times I have a more direct mission with my signs. This was one of these times.

Carmen40. Well you can figure out the rest but I know Carmen and she lives  way up in the country. If you know Carmen then you would love her too. So Happy Birthday to my sister-n-law  :)

Street folk in the country…. #bearsaroundga

carmen40 streetfolk sign blackcattips - 1 folk art roadside georgia

carmen40 streetfolk sign blackcattips - 5 carmen40 streetfolk sign blackcattips - 4 folk art roadside georgia carmen40 streetfolk sign blackcattips - 3 folk art roadside georgia

- kyle

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Painted Folk Truck (Flip Side)

Hello. Last week I had a day with more hours unbusy than busy so I painted the other side of my family’s old truck. I painted the driver’s side earlier this summer. I think I need to drive this thing around— see what happens. If you see it rolling around  you should HONK and WAVE a few times.

P.S. It is a shifter truck.

painted folk truck phase2 - blackcattips 3

painted folk truck phase2 - 4 streetfolk blackcattips painted folk truck phase2 - 6 blackcattips fayetteville folk painted folk truck phase2 - 8 blackcattips painted folk truck phase2 - 13 painted folk truck phase2 - 18


painted folk truck phase2 - 67

- kyle

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Screen prints and Me (Inky Mixtape Prep)

I have been working on my prints for the upcoming Inky Mixtape screen print collaboration show. This set was printed by three other guys and then handed to me. Some of them I painted over more than others. I struggled a bit and had to let them sit a while. In the last few days my mind opened up and I painted my layers on top of the previous ones.

Who knows what they will look like by the time of the show, but this is how they look currently. It is nice to switch up mediums and paint with new supplies on new surfaces. Sometimes it takes a different type of project to make that happen.

Change can inspire you.

Stay tuned for the show details in the near future.

inky-mixtape-print-collaboration-show-blackcattips-mother-mary-jesus-baby inky-mixtape-print-collaboration-show-blackcattips-eel-leg inky-mixtape-print-collaboration-show-blackcattips-bear-snake inky-mixtape-print-collaboration-show-blackcattips-zipper inky-mixtape-print-collaboration-show-blackcattips-elephant inky-mixtape-print-collaboration-show-blackcattips-1


- kyle

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BlackCatTips in the World of Coca-Cola Museum

kiss the past hello mashupcoke blackcattips kyle brooks art atlanta

It is such an honor to be asked by Coca-Cola to create posters for their 100th anniversary of the Coca-Cola Contour Bottle. I made three posters and this one was chosen to be displayed in the World of Coke Museum in Atlanta from May 2015 through May 2016.

We went yesterday to see the display. The exhibit is called Kiss The Past Hello.

I grew up in Atlanta and my family always had a Coke somewhere near by. My mom always treasured the little glass bottle ones. They would also try to convince me that they were medicinal and would help my ails. Must have been ol’ Pemberton whispering in their southern ears.

I am very excited to be part of this Kiss the Past Hello anniversary exhibit. Thank you Coca-Cola for asking me to create some art for you.

My BlackCatTips BEAR told me to tell you what I said on that poster is true. It Does Makes Your Belly Grin…

blackcattips kyle brooks world of coca cola museum atlanta kiss the past hello exhibit mashupcoke kiss the past hello exhibit world of coke museum blackcattips kyle brooks art atlanta kiss the past hello mashupcoke world of coke museum  blackcattips bear brooks art atlanta kyle brooks blackcattips at coca cola museum atlanta

See the original blog post and Coke posters I designed here.

- kyle

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HomeSpun Atlanta (Making what you do)

Thursday evening I was lucky enough to have a film about my streetfolk art showed at the Plaza Theater in Atlanta. It was one of three shown with HomeSpun. I did some Q&A with the crowd and showed them some of my art.

Quite an experience to see yourself on a movie screen. I was impressed with the crowd size too.  I even took my parents and my wife. Not sure my parents knew what to think.

Thankful to those who made this little documentary and Homespun and the Atlanta Film Festival for showing it in such a big way.

kyle-brooks-blackcattips-plaza-theater-homespun kyle-brooks-blackcattips-plaza-theater homespun-movie-plaza-theater-blackcattips-kyle-brooks-film


See the film here.  “Making what you do” by Whitney Reed and Nathan Bolster, edited by Brock Hanson.

- kyle

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Yik Yak Mural (ham and beans and a yak spirit)


I just wrapped up a mural for the Yik Yak Headquarters in Buckhead, Atlanta, Georgia. I spent a couple weeks driving everyday with the business folks to a big building in the city, riding up the elevators and taking my brushes with me to a fancy new office. I made some friends up there at Yik Yak. I am glad they contacted me and said, “Come on over here Boy and bring your paints!

I am pretty impressed by what I saw and the energy at that place. They ride around on hovercrafts in the office. I have never seen anything like that. I worked in an office for a long time and saw not one hovercraft! I hope my mural will make them happy and bring them good times.

Somehow even after a couple weeks it can be sad to leave a project and the people you get used to seeing everyday. I enjoyed it quite a bit and I hope they enjoyed me being there. They gave me lots of coffee and snacks and made me feel at home.

Thanks to Brooks and Tyler for starting a bustling company and having me paint in your hallway. Also a big thanks to Daniel and all my new Yik Yak pals for taking care of me.

Check out more photos here and a nice blog post Yik Yak posted about the mural project.

blackcattips-yak-man-art yik-yak-mural-blackcattips-yak-mountain-10 yik-yak-mural-blackcattips-brooks-art yik-yak-mural-blackcattips-talking-mluntian-art-buckhead-tech yik-yak-mural-blackcattips-painting-office-art-buckhead

yik-yak-mural-blackcattips-kyle-brooks-artist yik-yak-mural-blackcattips-painting-art-atlanta-19 yik-yak-mural-blackcattips-43-pickle-breathe yik-yak-mural-blackcattips--atlanta-art-11 yik-yak-mural-blackcattips-36 yik-yak-mural-blackcattips-4

yik-yak-mural-blackcattips-bubble-gum-boy-art yik-yak-mural-blackcattips-elephant-art yik-yak-mural-blackcattips-bear-in-the-grass-art-painting coin-in-the-dog-ear-yik-yak-mural-blackcattips

- kyle

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The Peach Stand Lightnin’ Rod (Ultra Happy Corner Project)

I did a little more to my project up on the corner. I built a cyclops lightning rod and painted it up real good. I was asked if I was building a peach stand so I said,” Yes.” Just say Yes. Don’t say No.

While Joel Doll Head helped my install the cyclops, a little kid walked up. He stood there holding his mother’s hand. He started to read. Then he said,” Ultra Happy Corner Project.”

We hollered out in delight. It worked!

Check out this article about the corner project.


blackcattips-corner-project-peach-stand-east-atlanta-cyclops blackcattips-corner-project-peach-stand-east-atlanta-art

- kyle

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