Painting On Black (tattoo friends)

Paint on the black“, he said. Paint on the black I did. He told me he wanted eyeballs. I painted him some eyeballs. I painted the Heavens and the stars and the Moon and Sun and the earth and plants and the souls under the Earth. I spent two days at the Live Free Tattoo shop in Atlanta.

An old building with a spirit of its own— I gave them something new to look at.

While I was painting I heard a car crash. A car and a truck crashed into each other. The truck spun up on its side— Laid in the middle of the road like a maroon-shelled beetle. Everything stopped. There was a strange silence. All I heard was voices of people showing up. I stopped painting. I walked to the crash with many other people who appeared from nowhere. The woman was trapped inside of the blue glass windshield. Men got off of work trucks and pulled her out of the cab. It was such surreal scene. The woman yelled at them to let her go. “Put me down!“, she screamed. Some people get upset when they are man-handled and pulled out of a window. The police were on their way. The long-red firetruck too.

I walked back to the shop and began to paint once more. Dark Side of the Moon played in my headphones. In an hour it was like it had never happened. I always enjoy painting in the outdoors.

live-free-tattoo-2-mushroom-at-night-blackcattips live-free-tattoo-3-mushroom-at-night-blackcattips live-free-tattoo-mushroom-at-night-blackcattips

see you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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Sunday Afternoon (driving around town)

We drove 40 miles to eat brunch. I ate lunch. Funny thing because I am a lover of brunches and brunching. But this time I ate lunch. Perhaps the drive wore me out.

We went for a mother-in-law birthday gathering. After the mother-in-law and company left we sat in the parking lot. I drew things. Then we drove to another parking lot of larger dimensions. In each I left a little something.

Then we drove back towards home and I painted at a fundraiser in Decatur. A fella asked me about the cat I was panting. He asked me why it only had one eye. The fella had on a fancy shirt. I painted a picture while people watched.

I put up a sign while I was there. My wife helped. My dog stayed in the truck. My wife ate a veggie dog. My dog slept on a pillow. We drove back home in the dark.

fork in the road-- street folk art blackcattips blackcattips bear folk art turn back -- street folk art blackcattips eye of the lord - street folk art blackcattips

see you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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Fence Lizards (long stories short)

I made a new friend named Nate. We met after an inquiry as to whether I would like to work with him on a little short documentary about me and my art. He had made a little film about my friend Caleb so I knew he might be calling. We became pals pretty quick.

The little videos are part of a bigger project called Long Stories Short.

It took us two occasions to do the filming. The first time I painted a log outside in the grass. I watched airplanes fly over as he asked me questions. The second time we drank coffee and talked about Fence Lizards while sitting in my new studio at Arabia Mountain U.S.A. 

It is very humbling to think people have an interest in what I am doing these days. Really I just stumble around and loose track of things and drink coffee and look at birds. Then I remember I am supposed to be cutting the grass and then it is time to cook dinner.

Thanks Nate. Thanks Fence Lizards.

Watch the little film here.

see you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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Posters For You (bitter southerner and inky mixtape)


There were a few posters remaining from our February 2016 Inky Mixtape show.

The Bitter Southerner has just relaunched their General Store  and they have been kind enough to feature our collaborative posters.

Please check out the selection here.

If you buy one you will  get a fancy tube in the mail. It isn’t every day you can claim that happened.

bitter southerner inkymixtape posters

see you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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WEiRD and BlackCatTips (Creative Mornings Atlanta)

A year ago Blake Howard asked me to speak at Creative Mornings Atlanta. Of course I waited until the last few weeks to completely wrangle up my thoughts into a presentable package. The topic of the August gathering was WEIRD. This time it was hosted at the Woodruff Arts Center and Symphony Hall in Midtown Atlanta.

It was an incredible experience to talk to a large group of creative folks about what I do and how I have embraced WEiRD. I spoke about how Weird leads to Freedom and Freedom leads to Happiness. I spotted folks out in the crowd I knew but I just kept talking. All of the people watching kind of gelled into one living mass. It was a unique experience to behold.

The crowd really was supportive and laughed at my jokes. I even got to slip in a video of Ric Flair. How often does Ric Flair get to yell at loud and take his shirt off at Symphony Hall? I read a couple poems and talked about the crispy shells of cicadas and Sea Monkey momma legs and bowl-fulls of happiness.

In the last week I have received many comments about what I said. I am very thankful that people felt the way they did and that my words meant something to them. It seemed like a dream to me— a warm weird dream. Thanks Creative Mornings.

I would like to thank to Blake for asking me to speak, Baron Press for working with me to make a great print for the event, the 3 sound guys back stage who saved the day, all the Creative Mornings volunteers and sponsers and everyone who showed up smiling at me early on a Friday morning.

Watch my talk on WEiRD  here.

BlackCatTips - creative mornings august 2016 - kyle brooks - symphony hall 23

BlackCatTips - creative mornings august 2016 - kyle brooks - symphony hall 19 BlackCatTips - creative mornings august 2016 - kyle brooks - symphony hall 24 BlackCatTips - creative mornings august 2016 - kyle brooks - symphony hall 11BlackCatTips - creative mornings august 2016 - kyle brooks - symphony hall 10BlackCatTips - creative mornings august 2016 - kyle brooks - symphony hall 12BlackCatTips - creative mornings august 2016 - kyle brooks - symphony hall 13


BlackCatTips - creative mornings august 2016 - kyle brooks - symphony hall 14
hales photo-kyle brooks-creative mornings-1009

Photos by Jason Hales.

See all the photos here.

see you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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Lumberjack Society (and a little sugar)

My friend Mike Lowery is a well known illustrator. He also dabbles in the sale of coffee mugs. He tricked me into believing it would be cool enough in Georgia in August to have a campfire, wear a robe, sock hat, vest and to drink hot coffee outside. We filmed a commercial on a cool day last week when hot coffee made you feel all warm inside.

The Lumberjack Society camp mug can hold a lot of sugar and coffee too. We had a good time filming all the scenes. Mike even had a pre-written page of copy for me to read for the voice-over. He was mighty prepared. I was bordering on heat stroke so I don’t remember anything besides sleeping with an axe.

Caleb Morris was there to make sure i didn’t get injured with the fire and axe or to amped up on Rich Black Joe. I appreciate good coffee and friends who watch out for you. Then we shot a pistol a few times to round it all out.

On a final note, that is the most sugar I have consumed in a mighty long time. Sweet.

see you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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Just South Of Love (solo show and some other shennanigans)

A week ago we had a big opening reception for my current solo show Just South Of Love. It was a very big evening and I really couldn’t ask for much more support. Thank you.

The show is currently at the Janet Day Gallery at the Atlanta Institute of Art in Dunwoody. I took Nicole Jacobs, the gallery director, over 100 unique painted pieces. To my surprise, her and her team hung them all and made it look so easy. Everyone I have dealt with at the Art Institute of Atlanta has treated me so well. On a side note, I rented a van that had a bullet hole in it to deliver all the paintings. I don’t think anyone shot at me and the bullet hole didn’t cost any extra.

The show continues until September 17th. I have had a great response and feel very humbled by it all. I returned last week to give an art “lecture.” I told them it was not going to be a lecture. I thought that sounded like something I would get if I was in trouble again. I told them it was more like a old school slide show in the living room from their crazy uncle. I sang ’em a song and read a poem and showed a bunch of my art.

In between all of this I was lucky enough to get to do a radio interview at WABE 90.1 with Lois Reitzes on her City Lights program. Check out the interview here. It was quite an honor to speak with that amazing voice. While I was there I also got to talk with H. Johnson. He hosts the late night jazz show I have enjoyed for a long time. Then I tripped over a speed hump in the parking lot. Brought me back down to earth.


kyle brooks blackcattips with lois reitzes WABE-h-johjnson-and-blackcattips-kyle-brooks blackcattips-art-show-sign

see you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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Little Notes (the grandfather of streetpoems)

Hi Yall.

A very nice article came out in Creative Loafing today about my upcoming solo show and some of the inspiration behind it. I recently sat down with Muriel Vega and talked about my grandfather’s weather journals and his little notes and how they have inspired me. His little thoughts and funny scribbles I uncovered are very similar to my thoughts and my street poems I write. I did not know about this interesting connection until we were packing up to move this summer. Really means so much to find correlations like that with loved ones that are now gone.

Thanks Muriel for helping me tell my story and for watching Pup while I went to get a coffee.

Check out the article here.



Photo by Eric Cash

see you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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StreetFolk Poems In The City (Jogger 5K)

I recently made some street poems and streetfolk signs for an event called Jogger. It was a 5k in Atlanta sponsored by Edgar Allan and Monday Night Brewing. They had different types of art along the course. Jon Cole from Edgar Allan followed me as I installed my streetfolk art.

I had to laugh. As I was on my ladder someone in a car yelled at me, “That’s a bad idea!” “Yes, I know,” I thought,”but I have to do it.

Then I drove home and watched a really impressive lightning show in the evening sky. Boom Boom.








Photos by Jon Cole

see you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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Painting In The Summer (heat or treat?)

Here is how my summer studio is looking these days:

In the summer you can go to the lake.
In the summer your mind can bake.

In the summer the Desert Rose will bloom.
In the summer you will feel the monsoon.

The rain and the  heat and the fumes and the bugs.
The garage studio floor is concrete, not covered with rugs.

The Pointy People appear and things painted on wood.
Colors and brushes make you feel so good.

I paint in the summer. I will paint a whole bunch.
I will paint after breakfast. I will paint after lunch.

So cook me some ramen. Let’s have us a meal.
I’ll be in the garage. Painting how I feel.

studio-at-lanier blackcattips studio paint brushes pointy people in progress blackcattips art paintings in progress blackcattips brooks desert rose in bloom

lake lanier in the eveningsee you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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