I Painted You (you spoke to me)

Lately things have been speaking to me in new ways. All my life I have passed certain places. I have always viewed my suroundings and kept on moving. I noted items I would see but gave it no more thought. They were just “things.” Things in a field. Things by the road. Things on a tree.

Now they have new meaning. I lived in places and drove by the same spots hundreds of times in all sort of mindsets — but one day something turns on. I see it with a new light! — new colors, new light, new ideas!

For instance, now I see certain walls or signs as a potential spot to paint. I see a tree with no limbs or a fence with missing slats. I see old signs or a pile of items by a mailbox waiting to be thrown out. I go up and ask questions to people who seem interesting. I find a bottle half covered in dirt in the muggy woods and dig it up. I paint it anew. The sun shines.

Here are a few things I have painted on my breaks during work on my new mural near Atlanta’s Piedmont Park. I never want to go back to how I was. I want to keep sailing around the Earth in the opposite direction. I count all the odd thoughts and imagery in my brain as a blessing from the Spirits in the sky. I may push the edge of mental stablility at times but my sweet wife eases me back. I take a breathe and close my eyes. I am thankful for a mind that sees the world in a way, unique to me.

- kyle



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Joel Doll Head (Constitution Lakes Park)

My folk art friend Joel “Doll Head” was featured today in the AJC (Atlanta Journal Constitution) and I got to go along for the ride. I am real happy his secret art and poetry in the woods has now become known. I am glad I could help his cause with my signs. Good job Joel. Keep it up!

In the process I got to ride with Jill the reporter in a giant green station wagon (1978 Ford LTD station wagon– aka The Incredible Hulk!!) owned by one Mr. Peery. I saw a black snake. I talked to a guy who was on a “trip” for alligator snapping turtles. Made some a sign for an elephant grave. Painted a stack of tires. Made some friends and became a “tick-magnet.” Pretty good for hanging ’round a swamp.

- kyle



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Knee Deep (Starting a mural)


I started my mural for the Atlanta BeltLine.
I painted with a mop.
Wasps have memories and brains.
So do Hummingbirds.
Wasps have a nursery of small medium and large wasp babies in their paper houses.
Thanks to a guy named Wilson for helping me move mulch around.
Thanks to Pilar and Mr. O from Park Tavern for your warm welcome.
You might get used to the heat if you are working.
Seems like everything is about issues and how you deal with them.
Tomorrow is “Be Nice To Wasps Day!”

- kyle



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A New Wall To Paint (a new wall to prepare)

All projects take a bit of prep work — even if it is just mental. This job is taking some hands-on sweaty August glove-wearing work. Trees and weeds cut down and a big power sprayer rolled out on location.

I had to knock down a wasp nest. All the wasps flying around upset. We looked at the nest after it fell down. There were tiny wasp eggs then bigger wasp grubs then bigger and then the sealed in ones readying for aduthood. I ruined it all. Hopefully they will like the finished product.

This will be my fourth Atlanta BeltLine public art project.

You ever stared right square into the eyes of a praying mantis? You should.

- Kyle



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Eyes Without A Face RV (burning man bound)

I got a phone call. A man asked me if I would paint a RV he bought in Alabama. He and his wife are planning on driving it to Burning Man 2014 in the Nevada desert. So… I painted this on it.

I laugh when I think about old truckers who pass it on the interstate and what they might mumble in the CB radio– mumble and cuss and “We got us a Winnebago up here that looks like, that looks like… What the $@#$@.” Maybe some kids will see it too– scream at their mom in Kansas. Good times between gas fill-ups.

The Eyes Without A Face RV will be rolling through a town near you!

- kyle



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The Machine (wave hello/goodbye)

Every day we are a little older. Time keeps moving like a machine. The gear turns – click, click, click. It never stops. Everything on the Earth works in cycles. Seasons come and go with amazing consitency. Bad things happen that have never happened before but they have and they will again. People pass on and new people arrive. Fall and winter and spring and the eternal summer (which ends too just as quickly.) Bouncing babies watch out! Here I am a you are and WE are, stuck on this ride. Wave “Hello” as we go by again.

- kyle



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Riding To The Store (paint in a box)

Always be prepared. I took a photography class in college.  I remember reading about someone that said. “you can’t take that great picture if you leave your camera at home.” This is true. You have to take your supplies with you. But this isn’t enough. You must act! Act now and not later. If you snooze you won’t lose but you won’t get the photo or paint that impromptu picture either.

Lately I have been adding stops to my errand list. As I go to the grocery store or check on some of my paintings for sale around Atlanta, I have been making some art beside the road (streetfolk). It makes me feel better– a little here, a little there. Get out your brushes and paint. Wrap them up and go get dog food and trash bags. Look at those weird shaped clouds!

I haven’t been sleeping very well. I mean, I stay in bed all night, but I have strange dreams and wake up confused. This leads to a confused morning. I get paranoid too and think of noises I hear outside– gunshots, thumps, thuds, owls. Last night I dreamed this woman lept off a red dirt cliff and dissapeared into the black nothing. Then somehow she came back out and everyone knew it was a joke besides me. Dang.

I have been working on a book project, a record album cover, a big mural planned for August and a poster or three for a really big company. These are exciting and busy times. I am thankful and glad.

The Stone Soup Ten show last Friday went well. Great to see folks I knew and a lot of new faces. I handed out all of the new BlackCatTips bear decals. The art is still there so go by and look soon.

Summer is a good time for enjoying the sweetness of ripe fruit. I really like blueberries this year. It is a good time for you to clean out your truck and let your dog sit on the tailgate and watch. It is a good time to get ready so you can be prepared to act.

- kyle



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Drawing By The Road (Goody)

Do you have your big black Sharpie marker ready?

You sure should because after you go to the grocery or stop at the drug store you might see a sign that needs some additions. We were on the way to look at a house that a friend thought about moving into (they didn’t). Too bad that once decent little neighborhoods have to get sketchy and scare people when there are still nice houses in them. The dirt is nice and the trees are nice.  We saw two big asian boys playing in a tiny swimming pool next to a driveway. We turned the corner in the double hot late July heat (I didn’t use my blinker).

This green sign was a few houses down in some vines on a telephone pole. I stopped to draw on it. I pulled the truck over. My new wife stayed in the car. She snapped a few pictures on her phone and then went back to her social media feed. I shook my marker a bunch and drew a man saying “Goody.” Watch out for poison ivy. We all have our obsessions but we still can love each other.

I call this a Sunday afternoon drive with a side of streetfolk art.

- kyle




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Drive Down Past The Airport (look to the right)

Yesterday I drove to my parent’s house to do handy-son work. I saw two black vultures eating a sad dead armadillo. I repaired a door for my folks and cut down a half rotten tree. I smashed by finger with a hammer. I met with Donna who recently wrote an article on my streetfolk art. After the official work I painted in the street and on the mailbox. I like to try to paint everyday.

On the way back to Atlanta I drove into a big thunderstorm. It’s structure was very impressive. The power that one summer storm produces is beyond my comprehension. A giant mountain of clouds that forms in minutes. It pulls down the icy air and wind from the upper atmoshphere– cooling the hot and humid surface. We do live inside of an amazing world.

P.S. – Come out to Stone Soup Kitchen in Atlanta tonight for my art get together talk-a-lot social hour. Check out the details here.

- kyle



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First 40 Get A BlackCatTips Vinyl Decal

This Friday, July 25th come by Stone Soup Kitchen in Atlanta between 7-9pm to hangout, talk and look at some new paintings I made … The Stone Soup Ten.
*** The first 40 people to see me get a new 4″ vinyl decal of a BlackCatTips Bear. ***

Thanks to Neighborhood Vinyl for helping me get these made so quickly. They look really fresh. See you soon.
P.S. I will have a select number of bear heads for sale. $40. Ready to hang. See me on the sly for those.

- kyle



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