Spirits Show Poster (tombstone risograph female reproduction trees)

I was asked to create a special set of show posters for my friends Spirits and Melchizedek Children. They are playing a show Saturday November 28 at The Earl in Atlanta. I am glad I have friends who make inspiring music and art and visions and feelings that burrow their way down inside of you and comes out months later in new colorful ideas.

The posters are risograph 2-color prints which I then hand painted. 11″ x 17″. Limited Edition of 24, signed prints.

They were printed with the kind artistic assistance of Paper Ghost Studio. Thanks Mike Lowery.


spirits-and-the-melchezedek-children-poster-blackcattips-concert-poster-art-the earl atlanta spirits-and-the-melchezedek-children-poster-blackcattips-concert-poster-art-3 spirits-and-the-melchezedek-children-poster-blackcattips-concert-poster-art-2

- kyle

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BlackCatTips BEARS to Cuba (1st time for everything)

Bears Around the World coninues with the first ever trip to Cuba. My friends Skip and Fran took their BlackCatTips BEAR to Cuba last week. So exciting to see photos like these.

If you are traveling to a far-flung land and can get great scenic BEAR photos, send me a note.

bears-around-the-world-cuba-blackcattips-3 bears-around-the-world-cuba-blackcattips-2 bears-around-the-world-cuba-blackcattips-1

- kyle

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FireLight (fire in our soul)


FireLight 2015 was last night at Sweetwater Brewing Co. in Atlanta. Around 1000 folks came out to support the Georgia Conservancy Stewardship Trips Program. I am very thankful I could have such a key role in the evening. Thanks to Bryan and Johanna and all the gang at the GA Conservancy for treating me so well.

I wrote a poem for the event. I read it last night to the crowd.


Pieces of the moon
they fell to the land
it shown in our eyes
it warmed our cold hands

Pieces of the moon
they looked so bright
they fell to the earth
they fell in the night

we gathered around
it warmed our soul
we recounted the day
no one felt cold

we toasted bread
we raised our drinks
the moon had broke in the sky
the embers spoke in red and pink

the fire light
we all know today
came from the sky
in a special way

fire light
fire in our soul
we all hold hands
and we don’t grow old

the fire inside
it warms our heart
from the nights cool beginnings
to the dawns perfect start


- kyle

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BEARS BEARS BEARS (firelight 2015)

I have been very involved last couple months with the Georgia Conservancy and their FireLight 2015 fundraiser event. FireLight benefits their Stewardship Trips Program. For the event I have created super stickers and mega-magnets— both featuring BlackCatTips BEARS.  I also have created a large set of hand-painted BEAR heads. We have an ongoing venture together called Bears Around Georgia#bearsaroundga. I wanted to show some of my bear painting progress shots—A BlackCatTips assembly line of fun-times.

Also…. check out this incredible video Jason Travis and Troy Stains made of all the BEARS in a big family photograph…


blackcattips-bears-firelight-2015---40 blackcattips-bears-firelight-2015---36


blackcattips-bears-firelight-2015---42 blackcattips-bears-firelight-2015---44


blackcattips-bears-firelight-2015---52 blackcattips-bears-firelight-2015---48 blackcattips-bears-firelight-2015-smoky-the-bear blackcattips-bears-firelight-2015---58

blackcattips-bears-firelight-2015-folk art streetfolk kyle brooks

blackcattips-bears-firelight-2015-sticker blackcattips-bears-firelight-2015-magnet firelight-2015--blackcattips-bears-photo-by-jason-travis

Photo by Jason Travis

- kyle

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CDC Book Illustration (immunization is a long word)

I recently drew some fun pictures for the Center for Disease Control. They produce a book aimed at moms and dads and kids about Childhood Immunization. I made art for the cover and some on the inside.

When it came time to negotiate the deal, they told me I could skip getting all my shots if I made the book’s cover art for them. That seemed like a pretty good deal at the time. But now looking back, I’m not so sure of my wheelin’ and dealin’.

You see, I aint feelin’ so hot! I don’t wanna get the lock jaw! Dang it.



All photos by Jason Travis

- kyle

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Round and Round (purple spirits)

round and round and round and round. my brain goes round and round and spins off and hits things. my list grows longer and no one helps and i spin and spin and i spin. and i collapse in on myself and i spin again. and i don’t know how and i don’t know why and it all spins again. i need some helpers and i need some help and a break before i break. it spins and spins and spins again. (and you might never know but i do cause i’ve looked through the curtain)


- kyle

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5 Years Ago Today (longtime)

5 years ago today I had my first independent art sale. I made signs that said $20 Art Sale and set up along side Memorial Drive in Atlanta. A lot of things can happen in 5 years. I waited a long time to start showing my art to others but good things started happening when I did. I am glad my brain allows me to keep painting and keep learning how colors and shapes and thoughts work together — a long continual process. I will keep walking in that direction over there. ——>>

2010-first-art-sale-blackcattips 20-dollar-art-sale- kyle

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Atlanta Food Walks Interview (questions over coffee)

The following is an article written by Paige Sullivan for Atlanta Food Walks. I thought it was great and well written so I wanted to share. I really enjoyed my interview with Paige.

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – -


Photo by Maria J. Brooks

“The other day I was eatin’ a burrito at Bell Street Burritos with my friend Peter. I looked down and saw that all the burrito juice had leaked down my leg,” Kyle Brooks said with a laugh. “Funny things like that tend to happen to me. They need to make burrito thigh wrappers or something.” A conversation with Atlanta artist BlackCatTips – The Art of Kyle Brooks might be filled with amusing anecdotes like that. He might work on a new sketch while he chats about what he does. Before the conversation ends, he might even leave with a few new ideas for a painting or street poem.

And there’s a good chance you’ve seen his work around Atlanta, whether it’s one of those street poems nailed to a telephone pole, or the newMailChimp billboard on DeKalb Avenue, or his painting in the “Kiss the Past Hello” exhibit at the World of Coke, or in a local gallery like Paper Ghost Studio, where he collaborates with fellow artists like Mike Lowery and Barry Lee. In addition to creating work for big name clients–MailChimp, Coca-Cola, and YikYak, to name a few–Brooks has also been commissioned by community organizations like the Atlanta BeltLine and The Georgia Conservancy. His colorful, thoughtful, and playful art—born from influences ranging from El Greco to Yayoi Kusama to early 20th century cartoons–has become a visual mainstay of the city.

Brooks’ creative process is typically a blend of planning and improvisation. He might begin a painting that he leaves in the corner of his studio, adding to it here or there. A commissioned project might involve a little more structure, which he confessed he can “have a hard time with.” Regardless, “A little magic just happens from just making what comes outta my head.” His self-coined genre of “StreetFolk” art is a way of describing both what he does now and also his path to art: a blend of a childhood interest with a few college classes and, years later, a side project of painting on “cheap canvases” when he’d come “back to his basement apartment after working his office job.” Though his career has blossomed, he struggles to identify himself (between his two monikers) and his work. “My work is folky, but I don’t think it’s true folk art,” Brooks said. “It’s always hard to know what to say when people ask ‘What kind of art do you make?’ So ‘StreetFolk’ is a place for me to start.”

Though Brooks was born and raised in Atlanta, he spent time in various parts of the country, including Alaska, but ended up returning to Atlanta, where his art career began and has since thrived. He does, however, admit to having a complicated relationship with home: “There’s this struggle—that I am from Atlanta, and I’m a country talkin’ man, and I do have roots in the South, and I embrace that, but I wanna get the heck outta here sometimes.” There is a certain allure, Brooks feels, to a quieter life. “It’s my miniature dream to have a little field with a house near the field, and maybe I can paint in an old barn or something,” he mused. “I like the city and the feel of the city, but I like to be out and to be able to sit and look at a field.”

For now, he’ll continue to create art in his studio and out in the community, for public and private spaces, for fun and for civic engagement. While Brooks privileges following his creative intuition over creating art for a specific reaction or effect, he values the opportunities to build relationships with people in the Atlanta area, whether it’s showing his art at Stone Soup Kitchen or creating the promotional material for the Georgia Conservancy’s upcoming Firelight fundraiser event at SweetWater Brewing Company on November 21. “I’ve been busy! I’m pretty good with building relationships with people. A couple of those have turned into friends. Like the Georgia Conservancy—that happened through Twitter,” he said. “Then I wrote a poem for them and was gonna read it to them at a meeting we had. Next thing I know, about fifteen people and the president of the organization are in the office listening,” he laughed. “It’s nice to make connections. It’s interesting, I think nurturing relationships is real important.”

To explore Kyle’s art and upcoming projects, visit his website BlackCatTips.com and follow him on Instagram and Twitter at @blackcattips.

Here is the article posted to Atlanta Food Walks Facebook page.

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – -

- kyle

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Frog Lips (yellow butter drip)


they say im going in a new direction
they say im a changin my ways
but i dont feel no different
im still blinded by the same haze

so i might be leaving
i might be leaving soon
and youll never catch me
and i wont be back too soon

- kyle

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We All Got Dogs (bitter southerner rise and shine)

Please check out Bitter Southerner’s “Rise and Shine” section today. They asked to me to tell them about dogs. So I wrote them a dog poem I even did a reading for them. You see I am trying to make Pup proud in her old age.

So go here and listen to a poem about dogs. And have a good November 1st Sunday.

We all got dogs, dogs in our lives, Some gots one and some gots fives…

maria_kyle_pup_on_grass_ old delta airlines blanket

guard_pup_dog beltline bears mural atlanta beltline

blackcattips streetfolk sign  painting and pup

- kyle


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