Biggest Bears (you ever did see)

Recently I finished a set of three bears—very large bears they were indeed. I don’t have too much else to say at the minute. Ok see you later.

buzz-bear-blackcattips-rat-terrier blackcattips-bear-painting-process-5 bear-painting-process-4 bear-painting-process-3 bear-painting-process-2 bear-painting-process-1

- kyle

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I Woke Up Very Mad (Cat delivery to an office)

blackcattips i woke up very mad

In the endless rain and fog and misty mist we drove this fancy cat to an office with blank creme walls. Now they have colors and smiles and something bright. The tall guy that peered into the blank office now has something to peer at— Sheetrock dust drifts down like snow on the brown carpet.

My brake light is out. I have new windshield wipers. I need a fix. Thank you. I laughed a couple times. Some place the sun is shining so bright and hot you would die for the cool sandy shade. You want to lay under the rock ledge and close your eyes. You think of everyone you ever met and all the people you now know. They are all staring down at their hands palms-up on their thighs. They are eating lunch and thinking about you. A few of them cuss.

I have never been to L.A.

- kyle

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Palace Flophouse (Live Free Tattoo)

palace-flophouse-sign live free tattoo jason kelly atlanta

Jason Kelly asked me to make him a sign for his new space at Live Free Tattoo in Atlanta’s Grant Park. He was naming his new in-house lounge the Palace FlopHouse— Based on Steinbeck’s novel Cannery Row. I decided it was a good reason to read the book. I liked Steinbeck already and it really made it a great process to read a book to create a painting—A new level built into the background

Jason is a great guy and such an impressive artist and business man. I am glad to know him. “Welcome to the Palace FlopHouse yall.”

palace-flophouse-sign-blackcattips-live free tattoo jason kelly palace-flophouse-sign-blackcattips-steinbeck black eels palace-flophouse-sign-blackcattips-art painting atlanta palace-flophouse-sign-blackcattips hand lettered

- kyle

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Don’t Ruin My Life Ok? (The CoatHangers Record)

Sunday at my open studio a nice guy named Alex brought this by for me to see and sign. I’m real excited because the record looks really great in person— very proud to be part of this project and happy it was so well done. Thanks to Suicide Squeeze Records, The Coathangers and to Ryan Frederiksen for a great design job.

Did I say I was really excited?!

the-coathangers-sexbeat-album-1 the-coathangers-sexbeat-album-2

- kyle

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Smiley Sign (Saying Hi)

One man walked over. One man drove.
Two men asked if I was painting Santa Claus.
One man asked me for a dollar.
I saw some airplanes go over.
I just wanted to paint a big ol smiley face saying,”Hi.
So I did.

blackcattips-smiley-sign-gresham-atlanta-street-folk smiley man-and-smiley-sign reflection-of-smiley-sign smiley-sign-gresham-road

- kyle

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Hand Painted Hats (for a limited time)


I had some extra hats so I decided to decorate them. $25 If interested email me with hat # at

NOTE: 12-17-14 All hats have sold, thank you very much.

- kyle

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A Couple New Paintings (the leaves are now gone)

I finished these paintings last week. I like the direction they are taking me. Thanks to those who donated the wood for me to paint upon. The paintings are titled Mostly Out Of Reach and Bill For Sherrif. The purple eels were inspired by a line in Steinbeck’s Canery Row.

mostly out of reach - blackcattips - 12 new art mostly out of reach - blackcattips - 18 mostly out of reach - blackcattips - 26

bill-for-sheriff-blackcattips-1000 blackcattips-sheriff-painting-950-1 bill for sheriff - blackcattips - stars bill for sheriff - blackcattips - painting

You can always check out new paintings at

- kyle

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This Is Life (a man making noodles)

This is life. This thing we are in right now. This world has all the action you could ever ask for. Impossible scenarios happen everyday. Planes crashing. Bombs exploding. Fire shoots out of the earths core. A whale bigger than a building leaps from the dark sea—never to be seen by human eyes again.

I sit in my tiny box condo. I paint in another tiny box condo. I think of people in far fetched countries making crafts and eating handmade food on street corners. A lone asian man around 77 years old hand-makes noodles everyday in his back room for his neighborhood lunch spots. I envy this man. I envy his ritual— his routine. It is a beautiful thing.

I feel isolated in a town full of people. Once in the mountains of the WEST I went out into the woods to see if I could get GOD to speak directly to me. I laid on my back in a field between green woods and boulders. No elk, no deer, no bear, no direct words from GOD. Maybe I wasn’t ready to receive.

We are animals with some sort of soul— a colorful spirit with feathers like a Siamese fighting fish. We fight and kill. We think we have to be working or doing something at all times. The obsession with busy. A bird sits on a limb. A trout floats in a stream. Maybe I will just sit a while and think and learn to breathe in the air that we ALL have inhaled for millennia.


- kyle

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Mrs. Do Right (re-do)

Signs and art and other things out in the weather can take a beating. I grew tired of my “Be Nice Do Right” sign in Sam & Mrs. Gloria’s yard looking bad. The long pink arms were all warped and twisted. I took them off and made some new stronger arms, gave her a new paint job and a handful of fresh flowers. Then for the grand finale I gave her a fancy yellow top hat. Everyone needs one of those!

I want to give a bit of thanks to the kind lady named Sara who brought me a hot drink on a cold day as I was working. She went through a lot to get that warm mug in my hands and I appreciate it. I really do.

mrs do right - blackcattips - 2014 - street art mrs do right - blackcattips - 2014 - street art atlanta mrs do right - blackcattips - 2014 - street folk art mrs do right - blackcattips - 2014 - roadside art atlanta folk


Below is the before version… I made her about two years ago.

before repairs made -be-nice-do-right

- kyle

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Bears Around The World (2014)

I had some friends go to Japan in the last couple weeks. They had been planning on going since mid-summer. They had asked me if they could take one of my BlackCatTips Bear Heads with them. I let them pick one out for their journey. I saw the photos they took this week and started looking back through others that have been taken around the world in 2014. It is really something to not travel much yourself, but then see something you made go all the way around the world. I am really honored people want to take a bear head with them in their luggage. I started making the new ones out of plastic so that helps them travel better.

This year has included lcations such as Paris, Bengal India, Yucatan Mexico, Japan, Germany, Norway, Bolivia, Venice Italy and Melbourne Australia. Bears have traveled before to Red Square Moscow, Panama City, Panama and New Zealand.

If you keep traveling I will keep making bears. We all can keep smiling. Sound good?

You can always check out Bears Around The World. If you are interested in taking a friendly bear on your journey contact me at and we will make it happen.


Chichen-Itza-yucatan-blackcattips bears-around-the-world-blackcattips-panama-city-florida bears-around-the-world-blackcattips-melbourne-australia bears-around-the-world-blackcattips-indy-500 bears-around-the-world-blackcattips-japan bears-around-the-world-blackcattips-Castle-Hohenschwangau bears-around-the-world-blackcattips-Huayna-Potosi-bolivia bears-around-the-world-blackcattips-bengal-india bears-around-the-world-blackcattips-rome-trevi-fountain bears-around-the-world-blackcattips-venice-italy-gondola bears-around-the-world-blackcattips-shinto-shrine-tokyo bears-around-the-world-blackcattips-munich-beer-garden-2 bears-around-the-world-blackcattips-venice-italy bears-around-the-world-blackcattips-bavaria-beer-garden bears-around-the-world-blackcattips-greece bears-around-the-world---blackcattips-sapelo-island freddie-and-blackcattips-bear-in-paris

- kyle

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