All Done (the seven footahs)


Installed the “Seven Footahs” this week. Took a few visits but it all worked out. Thanks to Maria for helping me high on a ladder. I painted on the wall around the faces— A little here , a little there. Walked to see friends at MailChimp’s new offices in Ponce City Market. Said “HI” to my friends at Dancing Goats Coffee too. Ate some collard greens at Eats. I try to offset my fear of tall shaking ladders with coffee and pals.


giant-faces-install--blackcattips-10 ponce-city-market


- kyle


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Ducks Are Happy

Ducks have fun. Geese get mad. Ducks seem to laugh a lot. Geese cuss and make angry threats.

I like Ducks.



 - kyle

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Big Bear and Big Beard (Hi)

I finished building and painting the two big faces I have been working on. I have really enjoyed the process. Here are some photos of the two creations. Really thankful to the interior designer and her client, Amol for letting me create something like this.

giant faces - art painting atlanta kyle brooks blackcattips 48 giant faces - street folk blackcattips 44 smiles kyle brooks art giant faces - blackcattips 40 giant faces - blackcattips 34 giant faces - blackcattips 32 giant faces - blackcattips 22 giant faces - blackcattips 20 folk art atlanta giant faces - blackcattips 18 giant faces - blackcattips 12 giant faces - blackcattips 14

- kyle

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The Man That Buys All The Houses (orange minotaur)

The weather is warm and the sun has gained strength. A burning on my arms and neck reminds me that the days are getting longer and it is almost Spring.

I dip my brush into the glue bucket.

A man walks up and says stuff to me. I get off the ladder and ask him to repeat himself. He wants to know what I am doing. I said, “I am putting up some smiling faces. See, like my shirt right here.” The man said he liked my shirt with the smiling Rorschach blob man on it.

His name is David and he had a fancy hair-doo and glasses pushed up high over it. I noticed he even had fancy tan boots. Now, a regular guy wears old work boots to work in— but this David man had fancy work boots!

He buys and sells homes. He fixes them up and sells them for a profit. I asked him,”If he buys a bunch of them—did he own that one?” He said real quick,”BUY EVERY DAMB ONE I CAN!” — Kind of made me laugh. I gave him a BlackcatTips business card and said I need more room to work. He told me he would look for my sign tomorrow. I climbed back up my ladder. A bird hollered out.



- kyle

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Meet Jeff (A-Town Down)

Today I was doing some errands. I had to pick up some screen prints for an upcoming project and was enjoying the warm weather. After my important stops I drove around a little and installed a little street folk art.

I stopped at this busy little corner store by the highway and this man rapidly approached me. He started saying a bunch of stuff I couldn’t understand. He was carrying a grocery sack. Ends up he wanted to sell me some nasty tapes with naked folks on the cover— all the way naked. I laughed and said, “Oh no sir!” Now they were interesting looking but if you looked more than  second you might just go blind. My eyes are already failing so I laughed went to open up the back of my truck.

I was going to put up a bear painting next to the street. The whole time I was working this man was talking. I then asked him about 40 questions and got him telling me stories. His name was Jeff and he even showed me his disability papers. Said he had been shot in the foot!  He also asked me where I got my shoes.

He had some tattoos on his cheek— a teardrop and a cross. One of them on his neck read R.I.P. Mom. That is kind of sad. Dang. “So you want to buy these tapes?” he said again.

I asked him if I could take his photo next to my bear. He obliged and showed me what he called his “A-Town Down” sign. He once again tried to interest me in his ol’ nasty naked tapes. I rolled on out of there but promised him I would honk when I drove by next time.

He said he would be there. “I’m always up here!“, Jeff hollered as I turned the corner and rolled away into the early spring evening. Honk Honk!


- kyle


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The Journey (The cougar is hungry)

Here are some more process photos of my project this week. I have spent many hours cutting and attaching and thinking and walking in loops and thinking.

There are spirits all around us. They live in a spiritual world and we live in a physical world but sometimes these two mesh for a little while. We can’t really understand it entirely but we get glimpses of how it all works.

Sometimes I long for company and conversation. Other times I want to be in the wilderness and watch the raven and the grouse. I want to listen to the wind and watch the water flow.

I am an animal with a spirit inside.

painting giant faces - blackcattips -60

painting giant faces - blackcattips -64 painting giant faces - blackcattips -44

painting giant faces - blackcattips -88 painting giant faces - blackcattips -94

- kyle

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Been Over There (building the faces)

1. Been working on a commission this week for an Atlanta home.

2. Been going to Dekalb Farmers Market a lot for coffee.

3. Been walking around a lot and thinking.

4. Been working in a large warehouse with concrete floors.

5. Been enjoying myself building something with my hands.

6. Been exposing myself to toxic fumes.

7. Been pretty happy.

painting giant faces - blackcattips -12 painting giant faces - blackcattips -14 painting giant faces - blackcattips -34 painting giant faces - blackcattips -40 painting giant faces - blackcattips -54


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Taproom Coffee Add On (orange faces)

A while back I made a painting to hang in the hallway at Taproom Coffee in the Kirkwood neighborhood of Atlanta.  The painting was fine but I felt it wasn’t finished.

I been making little paintings on a giant roll of orange paper that came from a garage in southwest Georgia. Lately I have been attaching some painted paper pieces to the painting at Taproom. I like it better now. It feels better to me in my mind. I cant really sleep better but if I could I would use this as one of the reasons.

I have been running around all day— picking up supplies and food and delivering wooden strips and stopping by my wife’s work and petting a fat brown dog with a hobbly leg. That little bit of pasting orange paper on a painting in a coffee shop really was nice. Bright colors and lights and I listened to these women talking next to me about anti-psychotic medicines and one read a poem she wrote to the other one. I was going to tell them how nice it was but I walked on by.

It snowed this morning. This afternoon I took my black jacket off. Sun shines into my soul— warms the heart parts.

1-orange-faces---add-on-taproom-coffee-blackcattips 2-orange-faces-add-on-taproom-coffee-blackcattips-2 orange-faces---add-on-taproom-coffee-blackcattips paste-up-add-on-taproom-coffee-blackcattips-2 orange-faces-add-on-taproom-coffee-blackcattips-2 -photo by taproom coffee- kyle

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Bartaco Billboard (west midtown look-up)

bartaco-atlanta-billboard-blackcattips-2 bartaco-atlanta-billboard-blackcattips-1


If you are in Atlanta on Marietta Street look up! You might see some BlackCatTips art over Bartaco. They are featuring my paintings as part of their @bartacolovesart program. I think this is the first street folk art I have ever had in public that I didnt climb up and install. Thanks Bartaco!

- kyle

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Monday Night Brewing (tie on a tie)

I painted a couple tap handles for Monday Night Brewing. They have a new beer called Garage Series and wanted something a little , uh… different from their normal look and feel. So, they wrote me. Thanks to Jonathan and Kelsey for making this happen. It was a fun little project.

On another note, recently I laid on a table with my eyes closed and tried to meditate—tried to calm down. I saw geometric light shapes and a wolf-type creature in a robe. He reminded me a bit of Alf. I was told this was just energy. Was it a cosmic wolf man or just my mind running a slide show on the back of my eyelids? Perhaps I just need a cold beer.

monday-night-brewing-taps-garage-series-22-blackcattips monday-night-brewing-taps-garage-series-21-blackcattips monday-night-brewing-taps-garage-series-20-blackcattips- kyle

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