The Man With The Red Red Beard (shadow and light)


Photo by Curtis Compton

This week has been one of the strangest, oddest and saddest weeks of my life. This week I turned 43 and this week my wife and I have dealt with some very sad news. We are still dealing with it all and wondering how to move forward. In the middle of it all I was lucky enough to be featured today on the cover of the Sunday edition of the AJC (Atlanta Journal Constitution)

I have long thought about how the darkest shadow is always closest to the brightest spot in the sun. Sometimes the best of days are smack-up against the darkest saddest ones. We are blessed with sunshine a day after a winter storm. Come to think of it, last week on this day it was 15 degrees and now I can go outside in my t-shirt.

I don’t understand life, I am just rolling with it and trying to make notes to learn by. I want to treat those around me better and be nice to my wife and family. I want to be better to my ancient little dog named Pup. It is all a process. I am trying. In the middle of it all I make colorful art that makes me feel better. I trying to get a better grip on peace and love and how it resides inside of my old soul.

I am very thankful to good ol’ Adam Kincaid who wrote the article about me and my journey. Thank you to Suzanne Van Atten who is the editor of the Personal Journeys AJC series. Thanks so much to my new friend Curtis Compton who shot the photos and video. I appreciate the opportunity to have worked with y’all.

Read the article in its interactive form here.

see you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks


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Mule Ear (a mysterious bloom)

I’ve been waiting a few years to see this creature bloom. Last year was an almost but an accident chopped off the bloom spike mid-growth. It has a beautiful brain somewhere in there — guiding its development. This year it looks like it surely might happen.

This Mule Ear Oncidium was found in amongst many plants on my mother-in-law’s mother’s back porch several years ago. It was growing tossed in between a bunch of other plants. I was told to take it and care for it so I brought it back to Georgia from central Florida. I had no clue what type of orchid  it was at the time. I built a little basket for it to grow in.

Nature is a mysterious wonder. God made me smart enough to know He is all around but my smart enough to understand it all. I am easily amazed, but this is amazing to me.

mule-ear-oncidium-bloom mule-ear-oncidium-basket mule-ear-oncidium-bloom-spike
see you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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Father Father (and an old red barn)

This weekend I painted these words “Father Father Holy Father” and then I put them on the barn.

Today I wrote a poem to go along side them— To go between the screws holding it to the barn— To go between the paint strokes and the brush marks— To lie underneath and support the letters. To make it all just a little bit more…

Father Father Holy Father.
Shall we go any farther?
You know me and where I been.
But I just don’t remember when.
I felt so down and I felt so out.
I looked around I looked all about.
Holy Sunshine Holy Moon.
I let go of your hand, almost too soon.
But I grasped and I held and I pleaded with all my might.
I wanna do good, but I don’t ever do right.
So listen Holy Father.
Hear my ragged plea.
Help me to do right. Help me to be free.
Show me a path. Show me a way.
Tell me what to do and Tell me what to say.
Just use my self, however is okay.
Father Father Holy Father.
Thanks for taking me a little bit farther.

holy-father-sign-_9294_blackcattips holy-father-sign-_9293_blackcattips holy-father-sign-_9292_blackcattips holy-father-sign-_9291_blackcattips

see you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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The Streets (ol’ black river)

Last weekend I wrote a poem and then painted it for an event for The Streets magazine. The poem discusses how we all flow down these everyday roads together, yet seldom talk… but sometimes the “streets” talk back to us. If you listen. If you can see.

I painted the words out of sequence — so the onlookers did not know how it would read and flow until I was finished. I figured it would be to easy and predictable to start at the beginning and finish at the end.

The Streets magazine is a online magazine celebrating street art, culture and fashion. Saturday’s event was held at Spalding Nix Fine Art. It was to celebrate the print edition of the last 3 issues.

Thanks to Meredith and Spalding for having me paint for you.

If anyone is in the market for a swingin’ door with a story you should write me. I know a guy.

20161203ss_streets_magazine_issue_release_025 20161203ss_streets_magazine_issue_release_063 20161203ss_streets_magazine_issue_release_064 20161203ss_streets_magazine_issue_release_076 20161203ss_streets_magazine_issue_release_092

all photos by Shay Starks.


Here is the poem and me reading it for you.

see you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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Colored Shapes (thirty squares of pink and yellow)

I created another set of 30 small paintings.

I want to make large paintings out of a lot of these.

I know it would never be the same.

Each painting and each size has its own magic.

Each painting has its on little feel and spirit to it.

Some are better than others, some have more to say.

I can’t ever make them the same — they change every time.

The colors melt a little different.

Each one is unique.


I met a lady in a parking lot and gave her a box full of art. She put the box in her truck. she drove away and I walked up some stairs. I tried to hang out but I had to go. I had to get on and get out. My mind wouldn’t let me rest. After that the sun went away and to rained and rained and was cold for 2 days.

The sun came out today. Life is better. Things look happier and I feel more alive. I am part of this Earth and made by the One that made the Earth. I can’t understand it and that is OK. I am bound to the land and the rain and the wind yet I fight it and question it. Will you ever LOVE me?

shaw-contract-mini-paintings-40 shaw-contract-mini-paintings-43 shaw-contract-mini-paintings-47 shaw-contract-mini-paintings-48 shaw-contract-mini-paintings-59 shaw-contract-mini-paintings-61 shaw-contract-mini-paintings-62 shaw-contract-mini-paintings-64 shaw-contract-mini-paintings-69

see you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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It’s a Poster Show (limp yellow arm)

He knew a lot of people but he kept thinking of you. He also had a limp yellow arm with a red elbow but he tried not to dwell on this fact.

– – – – – – – – – – –

Friday December 2nd at Octane Coffee Westside, there will be a group poster show from 7-11 pm. I have a hand painted poster in the show (i believe it is still for sale).

I will also have a limited amount of the yellow and red and blue poster shown below. I signed them and they measure 11×17.

Here is the show event page.

he-kept-thinking-of-you-blackcattips-kyle-brooks blackcattips-kyle-brooks

smiles-in-space my-friends-blackcattips-xerox-poster-kyle-brooks-art blackcattips-xerox-poster

see you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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BlackCatTips Xerox Poster (cheers to you)

I had a conference call with folks up in Rochester, New York at the Xerox offices. I started off the call by telling them about all the field mice and rats that run around behind our new place in the tall grass. I always like to start out a professional business call with  discussions of wild rambling vermin.

I made a poster for  Xerox and their XUG2016 Atlanta conference. They took my art and added fancy computer coding electric sparks to it and made personalized posters for  the attendees. I signed those posters and asked all the people in line where they were from — Israel Australia, England and even Texas.

I even took a photo with the prettiest Abe Lincoln you ever did see.

Thanks to Ann and Tim and Xerox for making this happen.

blackcattips-and-whitecattips-at-xerox-event blackcattips-signing-xerox-poster blackcattips-xerox-poster

see you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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40 Wooden Pieces (fire in our souls)

Hi again.

I made a lot of paintings for FireLight 2016. If you are a Golden Ticket holder at the Georgia Conservancy fundraiser you will take one home with you.

PS… there is a promo code on

Here are LOTS of pictures of the LOTS of paintings.

Ok, I got to go now.

firelight-2016-_9193 firelight-2016-_9196 firelight-2016-_9197 firelight-2016-_9220 firelight-2016-_9221 firelight-2016-_9222 firelight-2016-_9224 firelight-2016-_9225 firelight-2016-_9228 firelight-2016-_9229 firelight-2016-_9232 firelight-2016-_9233 firelight-2016-_9234 firelight-2016-_9235 firelight-2016-_9236 firelight-2016-_9237 firelight-2016-_9239

see you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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A Bicycle (with no moving parts)

I painted a bike rack for the City of Atlanta Public Art Program. The bike rack is metal and someone with good skills welded it all together. I painted it with One-Shot lettering enamel. I wore a mask and gloves because my friend Sam Parker and my pretty and oh so patient wife want me to.

Thanks to Hannah and Robert and the Atlanta folks for choosing me to decorate a fancy bike rack, that looks like a real bike, but really is just a bike rack, with no moving parts.

All 18 bike racks will soon be installed around town. There is a ribbon cutting dedication ceremony for the project is December 3 2016 in Findley Plaza Little Five Points.

See more info here.


blackcattips-bike-rack- 9154 - atlanta public art program blackcattips-bike-rack- 9158 - atlanta public art program blackcattips-bike-rack- 9159 - atlanta public art program blackcattips-bike-rack- 9160 - atlanta public art program blackcattips-bike-rack- one shot 9161 blackcattips-bike-rack- - atlanta public art program 9168


see you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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4 WaterColors (a mule a pig a woman and a man)

I posted some small pen and ink watercolors to Go take a look and send me a note. Eat a crispy snack and pet your dog on the back.

You can contact me here.

nothing-watercolor-1000-full after-burn-watercolor-1000b warm-watercolor-1000-full mule-rainbow-watercolor-1000b

The inside of her mind was not unlike the inside of a piano. Strips and slats of hardwood, wires and turn-keys and fuzz in the corners. A dead bug from yesteryear. A little dust and an smell like that of an old museum back room. Step away and close that hinged lid and put three fingers down. Play a resonating C chord. She speaks to me and to you. Her eyes sing like a chorus of wooden angels.


see you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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