Colored Shapes (thirty squares of pink and yellow)

December 7, 2016

I created another set of 30 small paintings.

I want to make large paintings out of a lot of these.

I know it would never be the same.

Each painting and each size has its own magic.

Each painting has its on little feel and spirit to it.

Some are better than others, some have more to say.

I can’t ever make them the same — they change every time.

The colors melt a little different.

Each one is unique.


I met a lady in a parking lot and gave her a box full of art. She put the box in her truck. she drove away and I walked up some stairs. I tried to hang out but I had to go. I had to get on and get out. My mind wouldn’t let me rest. After that the sun went away and to rained and rained and was cold for 2 days.

The sun came out today. Life is better. Things look happier and I feel more alive. I am part of this Earth and made by the One that made the Earth. I can’t understand it and that is OK. I am bound to the land and the rain and the wind yet I fight it and question it. Will you ever LOVE me?

shaw-contract-mini-paintings-40 shaw-contract-mini-paintings-43 shaw-contract-mini-paintings-47 shaw-contract-mini-paintings-48 shaw-contract-mini-paintings-59 shaw-contract-mini-paintings-61 shaw-contract-mini-paintings-62 shaw-contract-mini-paintings-64 shaw-contract-mini-paintings-69

see you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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