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April 14, 2023

Last month I was the speaker for Creative Mornings Atlanta. This time it was in the evening. The theme of the month across the Creative Morning world was CORRUPTION. I chose the part of the definition that sounded a lot like found object art. I like to use found objects to paint on. I talked about this aspect of corruption and why I liked painting on cracked lumpy textures.

The Creative Evenings event was half talking and half hands-on workshop — how I got started using found objects. I gave them some ideas of what they could make with all of the found items we had brought for the event. I also made one bucket full of words I had chosen. They were to pick two each. I also had a bucket of shapes I had drawn. They chose one of those without looking. I found more times than not, creative magic happened when they matched up the words with the shapes. I wanted the attendees to use this accidental pairing as a potential spark for their creative process.

I told them about French Toast and Texas Toast and read them a poem I wrote about corruption. I also sang a song I wrote about the Trains Leaving Town. I hope they all had a nice time. We even had a bunch of biscuits to eat from Bomb Biscuit.

Thanks to all my helpers: especially Katie and Meagan and Amena for making everything run so smoothly. The wonderful photos are by Pavel VK . I had a real nice time.

Scroll on down for my Corruption poem.

Here is my poem I wrote for the event.

I’ve been down a bumpy road
I’ve lost sight of the land of honey
Dust in my eyes
A lot of deep breaths
Oh baby I’ve been corrupted

The power went out
The wells run dry
And all I do is worry
Yes I think I’m gonna sit down and cry
Oh I’ve been corrupted

In times like these
With my head in my hands
And all my broken dreams
In this dirty dried up land
I stop and look around
I try to salvage what I can
There’s possibility in the corruption!
There’s opportunity inside this man!

I see corruption
We can turn it all around
Give something a new life
Turn it all upside down

Oh baby I’ve been corrupted

All rights reserved. Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks 2023. ©

See you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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