Luffas and Children

March 22, 2023

Yesterday I drew for children. We used luffa gourds and shadows to create shapes. Then I turned the shadow shapes into new imaginary things while telling little stories. I was supposed to inspire them but I inspired my own brain instead.

I often find that I can take cues from nature and let it percolate through my brain to help me create new images. Letting natural shapes cast shadows is a way I have found works well for me. I have even painted my own shadows from time to time in murals. Then I turn them into something else. I told the children watching I had no idea what I was going to make. I did this four times and all the creations were different but all started from shapes and shadows and all done in about 10 minutes each.

I am thankful for the times I can paint like this. I hope the children enjoyed it.

See you soon,

Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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