Georgia Pet Foundation License Plate

June 9, 2024

Georgia has unveiled a vibrant new license plate featuring the whimsical art of Kyle Brooks, better known as BlackCatTips. This eye-catching design, characterized by Brooks’ signature playful and colorful style, aims to draw attention not only to the state’s artistic talent but also to a noble cause.
Proceeds from the sale of these plates will benefit the Georgia Pet Foundation, an organization dedicated to funding spay and neuter programs, thereby helping to reduce the homeless pet population across the state. This initiative beautifully marries art and advocacy, showcasing Georgia’s commitment to both cultural enrichment and animal welfare.

Any one with a vehicle registered in the State of Georgia can purchase one. When they do, the funds will be sent in targeted grants to pet shelters and organizations in the areas of the state where the license plates were purchased.

If you just renewed your tag, you can still get a BlackCatTips special one. Simply go to your local DMV license plate office and ask for the Georgia Pet Foundation license plate. You will pay the specialty fee of $25 and they will mail it to you. You can about this and some other FAQ’s here.

I am so honored to have been able to create this artwork that will be seen all over Georgia.

If you see one driving around, kindly share a photo online and tag #blackcattips and #blackcattipsonmycar .

You can also find the license plate here.

See you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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