The Other Side

July 19, 2023

Last week I painted the three other sides of the, soon to be ,bike shed for Visit Eatonton in Eatonton, Georgia. It was so hot. A new electric fan and a tent saved the day. I had said a couple years ago that I couldn’t ever paint an outdoor project in July again — but there I was. It was an endurance event with a paint brush. A nice brown and gray cat became my friend. I ate bananas and peanut butter and took AC breaks and took as many showers as I wanted next door in the little space they provided me. I hope folks enjoy the new tree and flowers and mushrooms. A lady next door hollered “ is that the tree of life ?” I said yes. I lived through a mural in Georgia in mid-July. I am still alive. “Tree of Life ” sounds like a good name to me!

See you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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