LGE Credit Union – Match Game

August 28, 2023

This summer I spent a few days drawing a lot of things — a few days and plenty of things. Things such as neighborhood pets and get-togethers and friends at the park. Then I spent some time drawing flowers and cook-out grills and hot air balloons. I saw some sunny days and breezes and happy bugs flying by. I saw birds and dogs and green trees — a bear and a smile too — laughing airplanes and baseballs and a wallet full of special BlackCatTips dollars. All of these things were to create a happy game for young folks. A game called it’s a MATCH! for LGE Credit Union.

I dug through a lot of old sketch books to get some ideas. I drew some new items and gave some old doodles a fresh new outfit to wear. These days I think i could use a fresh new outfit too.

I am very happy to have partnered with LGE Credit Union. I really like the card game and hope that others will too. If you need an extra person to make your card game work give me a ring!

See you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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