Canine PhD Mural by BlackCatTips

November 10, 2023

I painted a mural in Decatur, GA for a business that trains dogs. It is called Canine PhD. So it is no surprise they asked me to paint some dogs and cats. 

I had a bright sunny week of warm nice weather. It was real fun. I got to see a bunch of neat dogs. Some fluffy. Some tall. Some long. I  had lunch in an old black chair using my truck tailgate as a counter. I spent all day outside. One day a friend brought me a burrito the size of a cat. I even used a chainsaw and spread some mulch. But not on the burrito.

I couldn’t be much more happy or satisfied then when I am painting on a sunny day with bright colors. It makes me feel good in my mind. It is very meditative – The brush and the paint and the wall. I forget most of my worries. I arrive in a place of peace. At least on a good day I do.

All painting days are not this way. So I am thankful when they are. Some days I fight it. Some days are a struggle – A headache, technical issues, rain, bugs.

On those days I have to remember that it is just not going to happen. I must wait. I will wait until the sun comes out again and the nice breeze blows.

It is all a bit of learning. A bit of remembering. I love to paint. I love to laugh at funny dogs.

See you soon,

Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

Photo by Chas Berndt
Photo by Chas Berndt

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