Public Art Project

April 19, 2023

Today I installed a Public Art Project. It was a project I created. I made some art. Then I went out and installed it in a public space.
I had the idea a few days ago. I made a little sketch while cooking dinner. I had seen a nice black old post along the street near the old mall and figured it would work well. A couple weeks ago I picked up some old fence pickets donated to me by some nice new friends. They were building a new fence and gave me some of their old one. The cedar still smelled nice when I cut itI used some of these fence sections for my art installation. Today I took my ladder and my tools and built a Public Art Project.
Happy art and pretty colors in unexpected places — I am thankful to be able to make my sketches come to life. Thank you too for wondering what all this is about.

See you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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