BlackCatTips and Lousiana Tech

June 22, 2023

I drove north from my house to I-20 and turned left in my white rental van. I drove through Atlanta and kept going. I wrote a little song called “I’ll Just be Me” as I was out in western Georgia. I sw no cacti or buttes. I drove into Alabama and stopped for gas. There I did see some small green mountains. While pumping gas, two eastern European men in a Mercedes asked me if I wanted to buy a gold watch or a diamond ring. I declined. Just gas and chips for me. Thanks.

I then saw wood storks over a big lake as I approached Birmingham. I drove through Alabama and down to Mississippi. I kept going until I crossed the Mississippi River at Vicksburg was taken back that after the river it was very very flat and open. Before the bridge it has been hilly and many trees and thick woods. After a long day of driving I arrived at my destination — Ruston, Lousiana, the home of Lousiana Tech University.

I went to Ruston after I was invited to go talk to students and paint a couple things for the University. 

I ate plenty of good food. I made a bunch of friends — Todd, Joey, Brooke, Karl, Ernie, Mark, Frank, Sad Daddy, Jake, Brenda and Monty. I got to speak with come MFA and Graduate student classes. It was a nice time. I met a Theater professor who showed me a TCB sword. I painted a mural in Robinson Hall. I painted on an old map to be hung in the English Department. I saw where a tornado had ripped up the trees a few years prior. I saw a Shrimp Sign.

I am really honored to have been asked to go speak and paint. I feel like I made some great connections. I wouldn’t mind living in Ruston. I even saw male Rose Breasted Grosbeaks and Indigo Buntings. I had some good biscuits and a basket of hushpuppies. I rode in an old truck in a thunderstorm. Every morning I had coffee with my friend Karl.

The last night I was there we had a nice little time at Utility Brewing. Sad Daddy played some great county bluegrass tunes. I even had a pickle pizza.

Im planning going back one day soon. Just go north, turn left and keep going for nine hours.

See you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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