Clumpies Ice Cream Co. (3 murals about ice cream in 5 days in south chattanooga)

May 24, 2018

  1. We drove up to Chattanooga with our new baby boy.
  2.  The van broke down when we rolled into town.
  3. I got some rides from nice folks.
  4. I found several good spots for coffee and breakfast.
  5. I talked to Uber drivers about Alice Cooper and Third Eye Blind and how “they don’t get good concerts.”
  6. I stayed in an old motor inn on the side of Lookout Mountain.
  7. We saw many deer and turkeys across the river.
  8. I painted everyday for the new Clumpies Ice Cream Co. across from the famous Chattanooga Choo-Choo.
  9. People saw me walking down the street and wrote me on social media to let me know.
  10. I met some artist friends like Kate Roebuck, Addie Chapin and Johnny from Stray Dog Studios.
  11. An Uber driver named Fred loaned me a pair of headphones.
  12. Teddy, our baby boy, attended his first block party.
  13. I had long talk with the owner of See Rock City.
  14. I saw a sign in the woods about a skirmish with Cherokee Indians and the white settlers. The Cherokee won. They hid behind the same boulders I was standing by when I read the sign.
  15. We went to a Sculpture Fields at Montague Park and I was amazed by a giant 65 foot tall concrete sculpture.
  16. A lady with green fingernails at the car fix it place called me Honey and Baby.
  17. I painted 3 sections of the new ice cream store — a main wall, a banana wall and a wall of ice cream cones.
  18. Before we left town we toured See Rock City. I must return and spend more time betwixt the ancient stones.
  19. I really felt good about South Chattanooga and would like to go back.
  20. Thanks to Blue Grass Grill, Mean Mug, the nice folks from Humanaut, Conga, Frothy Monkey, See Rock City, Clumpies Ice Cream Co., Sluggos,  Maxi Auto, Mad Priest Coffee, The old Sky Harbor Inn for the bed, the breakfast the pretty flowers and the lovely view of the Tennessee River.

“Many cones upon the wall,

friendly desserts, I’d eat ‘em all.

Scoops and straws and cups of cheer.

Milkshakes, cookies they’re all here!

A banana with a hat, a pile of fluffy cream,

tasty sugar crisps, a cherry and a dream.

A tasty Clumpies store where they know your name!

Ice cream, ice cream on an happy afternoon,

Eat it real quick before it melts on your spoon.”

see you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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