Peach Dish (blue alligator boxes)

April 30, 2018

peach dish atlanta partners with kyle BlackCatTips brooks

Photo by Kate Blohm for PeachDish

About  year ago I was asked to create an art postcard for Atlanta company PeachDish to use as a friendly note to customers. We went through a few options and they decided to go with a blue alligator and a slightly nervous peach.

Later I was asked to help transition the 5 inch postcard art into a giant version which would cover a large delivery truck.  I also hand wrote a bunch of words with my ink and brush for them to use in their designs.

Now the postcard alligator has been transformed into very unique shipping boxes which Peachdish will now use to send out all of their meal shipments every week.

I am very honored they have embraced me and my art to use with their company and new branding initiative.

Last week I visited PeachDish. We did a live webcast on social media and took some questions from folks online. I told them that the blue alligator was not going to eat the little peach. I reminded them that the peach had no legs and so he had worked a deal with the alligator to get him down the street for an important lunch meeting with a few strawberries.

After an interview and some photos with the new boxes, they had me climb up on the delivery truck for a few more pictures. I enjoyed it but I did request a little help getting back down. You should always be a little cautious on top of an alligator truck.

The other evening we received our first PeachDish meal delivery and I found myself looking at the box we had designed sitting by my driveway gate. It was a happy sight — and the food was really nice too. My wife and I cooked the Sweet & Tangy Tempeh Sandwich with Carrot-Apricot Slaw . They put quite a lot of effort into each shipment to make it a nice experience. We enjoyed our dinner.

I admire PeachDish’s entrepreneurial spirit as well as the warmth and happiness I have felt working with them and visiting their headquarters in Atlanta. Thanks again to my new friends at PeachDish for using my art. I think everyone that sees the blue alligator delivery truck in traffic will smile a little bit.

Here is an article from The Post and Courier out of Charleston, South Carolina about the new boxes.

peach dish atlanta partners with kyle BlackCatTips brooks peach dish atlanta partners with kyle BlackCatTips brooks peach dish atlanta partners with kyle BlackCatTips brooks peach dish atlanta partners with kyle BlackCatTips brooks

All photos by Kate Blohm for PeachDish

see you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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