Xfinity Rooftop and BlackCatTips (floppy ears and a red snout)

July 17, 2017

I had a big day yesterday at SunTrust Park as the Atlanta Braves defeated the Arizona Diamondbacks. I signed autographs in the Xfinity Rooftop lounge for all the folks who waited patiently for the new BlackCatTips // Atlanta Braves T-Shirt. This event was part of the new Xfinity Atlanta Artists Series.

I have been working several months on the artwork and it was great to see it all come together. Big thanks to Walker Anderson for making this all happen. Thanks also to those who made the event run so smoothly — all 500 shirts were handed out and lots of BlackCatTips baseball cards. Yesterday was my first visit to the new stadium. It was all so fresh and new. I was even interviewed up on the giant 120′ wide jumbotron screen over outfield. Now that was a pretty crazy thing to see!

Now… if I could have only shown them my long slow wind up and my killer fastball.

BlackCatTips-Atlanta-Braves-Xfinity-Rooftop-tshirt-day-9 BlackCatTips-Atlanta-Braves-Xfinity-Rooftop-baseball-card BlackCatTips-jumbotron-Atlanta-Braves-Xfinity-Rooftop-tshirt-day-4a BlackCatTips-Atlanta-Braves-Xfinity-Rooftop-tshirt-day-7 BlackCatTips-Atlanta-Braves-Xfinity-Rooftop-tshirt-day-5 BlackCatTips-jumbotron--Atlanta-Braves-Xfinity-Rooftop-tshirt-day-4 suntrust-field-atlanta-braves BlackCatTips-WhiteCatTips-at-Atlanta-Braves-Xfinity-Rooftop-tshirt-day-3 BlackCatTips-Atlanta-Braves-Xfinity-Rooftop-tshirt-day-2BlackCatTips-Atlanta-Braves-Xfinity-Rooftop-tshirt-day-19 BlackCatTips-Atlanta-Braves-Xfinity-Rooftop-tshirt-day-1

see you soon,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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