The Back Of The Canvas

January 19, 2011

I am currently building a store into my website where I can sell art and interact with interested folks. It is taking lot of work. Most of it is mental work since I am just sitting and typing. This is a tricky situation because I need to use my time to create art as well as to promote myself online. Both of these take effort and time. When I am not sitting at my computer I am working on the following…

The back of a canvas.

I painted a red fox in 2005. Actually, I did not paint a red fox but I created a painting of a red fox. Now that I have that cleared up I will continue. I usually build up my painting’s backgrounds with multiple layers and textures. Sometimes I use newspaper or tape. Sometimes I simply use layers of paint. Then I proceed to the foreground and work on the main subject. The red fox painting had been painted on a similar style treatment; a layered background.

A few weeks ago my girlfriend had looked at the back of this particular painting and saw patterns that were not on the front. We discussed how they were similar to a style of painting we had studied when recently visiting the High Museum in Atlanta. These paintings were made by pouring a wet flowing paint on canvas and letting it flow down and bleed through. She said I should flip the canvas over and paint on the back. Easier said that done but I agreed.  I really never felt happy with the red fox painting so this was fine with me.

A couple nights ago, while I was riding out the current ice age in Atlanta, I used my tools and took apart the canvas. I took all the staples out, flipped it over and reattached it to the frame. Now the former back of the painting is on the front.

I have been painting bears lately. I suppose they are bear-like more than actual bears. They are little round faces of bears. I am not sure why I feel fixated on them but I will continue until the notion passes. I plan on painting a gaggle of bears on the canvas I prepared. So this leaves us where I am now. I am going today to get a drop cloth and then I will paint on this “old but brand new” canvas.

In my next post(s) I will show the steps I take to create my new painting. I can bear-ly wait.