Billy Talker

January 8, 2020

Years ago a fella named Jason called me and told me there was a wooden head board of a bed on the road near his house. He told me maybe I should get it to paint on. So I did. He picked it up for me and I took it home.

Much later I painted on it. It never really resonated with me. Later I decided to cut the board in half. I painted a BlackCatTips BEAR head and the word “NEST” on it. It stayed like that a while. Later I put it high on a telephone pole near my house. A while later I had a run-in with the county and decided to put it in my yard. It has stayed in various places in my yard for 2 years since.

Recently it was outside my back door leaned up against the big water oak tree. We had a lot of rain the other day and I found it turned over and broken in two pieces. The wood lay upside down, plain wood on the back and the two parts had flopped onto one another. Like magic, I saw a puppet face. I saw the face of a ventriloquist doll. Billy was born. I painted the eyes and nose and screwed it together. Now for the first time this piece of wood makes me very glad. I am glad water and wind laid down the boards in a way I would see a funny face.

Now we have a Billy Talker.

Fun times to you,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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