Wooden Friends Mostly Dogs

February 18, 2020

I began all of these paintings back in the autumn of last year. I was going to create some wooden painted pieces for my open studio event. I did not get to them and the shapes of wood, barely-painted, lay on the floor like hard colored flapjacks until recently. I started working on a few at a time. I spent a lot of effort on each one — adding sparkles and mirrors and little wooden parts. I tried to build a story into each one with words and extra details.

I enjoy laying out the parts and pieces and seeing what they form. I like taking a handful of shapes and randomly adding them to each other to see what my mind can see. This is similar to how I like to lay out words to create street poems. I guess I am asking the universe to do they creative work for me. A pile of clouds on the floor could be an elephant or a suitcase or a 3rd grade teacher.

Most of these new paintings are dogs. Some are other animals similar to dogs and one isn’t a dog at all. Most of them are happy. One might be asleep. One has red glitter cherry pie.

I am happy to paint.

See the new art here.

Fun times to you,
Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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