Billy Talker

February 7, 2021

Billy Talker. What is a Billy Talker. William Talker?

This is a very FOLKY piece of art. I named it Billy Talker. Don’t ask me why. It just is the name. Don’t overthink it.

This painting is very folky as I said in the previous paragraph. This means that it is rough, it is not refined. The raw edges are desired. Bumpity bump. It has had a complicated and sometimes dirty life. It is not pristine. Don’t pretend bout our past. Accept it and move along. Bags under your arm. Tuck head down sightly. Walk forward.

Long time ago a fella that I knew played drums for a really good band. He called me and told me he had a headboard of a child’s bed that I could paint on.  I picked it up and painted on it later. I don’t know where it came from other than the side of the road in Atlanta.  I did not see the child. A long time later I cut it in half and painted a bear on part of it. The board, not the child. I think the other half was sold as I had painted something else on it. I can’t recall.

This half was on a telephone pole for a while near my house and then I took it down and it lived in my yard. Later I moved it and then under a large Water Oak during a rain storm it fell apart. The two pieces fell onto each other and formed the face. Billy Talker! I saw it laying there. I painted the face I saw on it. Then it lived near my studio and on the side of my barn.  In the last few months I decided to finish it so I brought it in and cleaned it up and put it back together and re-painted it and add a little a lot of special touches.  I even added some sealer on it so it won’t fall apart or rot anymore. Now Billy Boy is in fine shape.

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See you soon,

Kyle BlackCatTips Brooks

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