Blackcattips – Fresh & New

October 26, 2011

I just finished updating my website with current work. I now have a more accurate depiction of what I have been painting. I also have some illustration work I have done for folks recently: invitations, concert posters, prints.

I was told by someone I know well that they had never looked through my website. I couldn’t believe it! Look around and under and all about. I add new sketches and photos most everyday. I even make funny little captions for them.

Check it out, tell some friends, click “like” on my Blackcattips FaceBook page.

Also keep up to date with my events section so you can see me next time I am at a festival near you.

And… if you see some of my art along the roads please post a picture or a link online. Friends need to let friends know about cool things like that!

– kyle