A Week of Changes

June 7, 2012

Last week at this time, I was in New York. I saw a lot of the city. I rode trains, planes, buses and boats. If only I had ridden a horse. Dang. Maria navigated our travels. I bought the lunch. I really loved the organized chaos of the city. I loved the sunset on the man-made landscape. I loved the lights.

Now I am back in Atlanta. Things are different; at least in my mind. The real estate market has got me down. The lack of working and living space has got me down even more. The dynamics of culture in the south weigh on my mind. The balance of skills versus survival bicker around my brain. I am frustrated. Color and beauty are my only solace.

Today I am working on a painting to further develop during my show this Saturday at HodgePodge Coffee & Gallery. I will paint during the reception. I built the frame itself out of scrap wood I had. Then I primed it. It takes me a while to develop the layering process I use. I wanted to get it started before the show. I can’t explain it but the bright colors and how the paint spreads onto a rough surface does something wonderful to me.

I never felt like non-realistic painting styles influenced me. I was never called to consider them and what they represented. These days that is where I feel at home; in abstractions of the mind. They are a “left-handed” signature directly from my brain. The paintings serves as a voice for a part of me that can’t utter a sound. I find it all magnificent.

Come see me at my reception Saturday night, June 9th from 6-9pm at 720 Moreland Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia 30316.

– kyle