Something I Painted / Something I Did

June 16, 2012

1. I painted a box; a bird house type box with a swinging door. The top is covered in shingles and the sides are wood. I painted it 3 or 4 shades of blue. Eyes look out from the inside.( it will be featured in the Decatur Book Festival )

2. I painted a box; a rectangle box built by unknown hands. The box is covered in thoughts and silent feelings: clouds, feelings, rain.

3. I opened a door in a hallway. She said she wanted to speak in dreams. The doorway led to a long hall full of Christmas lights. We sat in front of the sofa like Indians. I wish I had a peace pipe.

4. I sat down with a cup of cold coffee; bitter and left me unsatisfied. I do not eat cake but I rubbed my fingers together instead. The crumbs fell to the floor.

5. They told me today on the third floor that I would paint under a bridge. They looked down their noses. They told me about the columns and the concrete. They had me sign papers. An unknown man sat beside me. He had odd feet. I walked away.

I met a man named Jackie.
A lone neighbor gave me an used canvas.
I wrote Maggie and told her I was finished.

– kyle