Re-Decorated Street Art

June 25, 2012

I had found a sign on the ground back in the dark cold of January. The sign had fallen over and was left unattended. I picked it up, flipped it over and re-attached it. I painted a buffalo on it but that night it was so cold that my hands became numb and my heart froze a little. The painting looked awful. My warm message of love and friendship turned to ice.

In between then and now I had put a large 4 foot square double-buffalo head painting on the sign. I injured myself in the process; stabbed my finger. It was removed by a fan in less than 24 hours. The whole thing kind of left me feeling bittersweet since I thought it was so good and colorful. My finger healed. The buffalos never came home.

Six months since the cold January it is pushing 100 degrees and I am over-heated and sweat-soaked. I decided to use the cardboard from my East Atlanta Farmers Market performance painting show. I did not want to just throw it away. I have no room for this in my studio. Today, I attached this cardboard folk painting to the sign and painted the edges. I hope this will hang around a while.

The sign reads… It is good to be busy. There is a value in a task. When the day is done you can rest in peace. 7 pm.

I might not be able to use myself or control my emotions or feelings. I am generally a mess. But, I know before my life is spent the Lord above (and all around) will use me for something and in some way He sees fit.

– kyle