People Love Bear Heads

August 1, 2012

I made a few new paintings; One on a shirt and a couple on wood. They are all bears. I took some bears to a music video shoot the other night in Little Five. I painted a bear on a sign. I sold a bear with a patch on one eye to a friendly neighbor. I plan on painting a big bear on a sign along Decatur Ave.(I was asked.) People love happy bear heads. Yes, yes they sure do!


Here are the words to a song I wrote:

Time is a driftin’,
and I’m done liftin’,
heavy heart is burden to bear.
Left on a Sunday,
still gone on Monday,
Somehow I thought you cared.

And I go down,
Ridin’ on a dead end train.
It puts that sound,
puts that thought in my brain.

You left me with this dirt in my hand.
You left with me with no place to stand.
And I go down.


This is my shirt for sale this week. It will be for sale Friday, August 3rd at 11am.
Check out the details here.









– kyle