These Are The Days You Will Remember – Sign

December 1, 2012

A big black hole opens up and she fell inside. The bright ball shines on my leather neck. I saw seven silver fish underneath my oar. I made it easily to the island. Off the point I look back at what I was. I would write her a letter if I knew where she went. Down the hole. The dark deep hole that ate us all. A giant worm came down from the heavens. Some say it was a fireball in the morning but I knew different. I walked to the corner store and asked myself why we had to argue the last time. Winter was only a month away.

They were called chicken and pig. There was also a man named US. They all had talent but not one of them had a soul. I had figured that out long ago. She took me back after I had attached the cardboard signs. The hum of the AM radio station filled the front seat. My dog currently smelled like halibut and crab.

The last days were more like the earlier ones. The mornings and the afternoon and the comings and goings. The people were busy and they forgot what the day was. They forgot the number of the days. Each day had a label, a secret code that was known to all who looked. The 21st day was colored red.

These Are The Days You Will Remember. Something about these days was all in the air. A floating reminiscent truth lofted about our heads. The change might be only in your heart. This is the part right next to your soul. But you should tell the others and remember the TRUTH you have been told. You have been told this over and over.  I am telling you NOW.


– kyle