BlackCatTips BeltLine Bridge – Phase 2

December 17, 2012

I am starting to paint the other side of the bridge I painted in October. This is the second phase of the BeltLine mural for 2012. I have cleaned it up– bugs and dust and bums and cobwebs. I painted it white. Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn white washing the world gone by. The big pigeon watched me once more.

I have a new apparatus to assist me in my project. This lift has many elbows– bends and crooks and switches. I think it is a lot like a giant green elephant trunk. The first day I was sea-sick. The second day I kept a swayin’.  The third day I adjusted to the sea and the saw. Friends rode by with fancy helmets. A woman told me she had never seen an artist wear a hard helmet.

I will start painting colors now. I will slap the happy on the wall. I will ride up and down and over with a bucket of joy. I will paint eyes and friends and faces for all to see as they walk and bike and skip down the new Eastside Trail.

I will see you soon.

– kyle