Sketches Upon Sketches

January 8, 2011

A few of the sketches I have worked on lately.

I have a lot going on inside of my brain. A million different thoughts in ten thousand directions. A portion of these thoughts work their way out through my right hand and onto a lucky piece of paper. Usually I tend to draw on scraps or little notepads. It seems too official to sit down with a large drawing pad filled with archival acid free sheets and try to come up with something. I like to draw with a Sharpie pen and then add details with a ball point. Fancy, huh? I could spend a lot of money on fine art materials but I have never understood all of that.

The next step for my illustration work is usually to scan it into a digital format. Then I develop it from there. (Maybe I will discuss that process on another day.) So, I am then left with a lot of doodles on scraps of paper.

I keep some of them and throw others out. They usually pile up in corners and around my keyboard until I decide something must be done. Maybe I need a 1984 Orwellian vacuum suction shoot next to my desk which would immediately take my paper scraps away and incinerate them in the basement. Maybe I could frame them and sell them on the street corner. Perhaps I could learn origami and make a series of hats for my dog. Either way, I will keep drawing.

If you have any ideas for the left over doodles you can let me know.