Almost Half Done

December 30, 2012

My mind has been eased. I woke up and felt a blanket of anxiety– heavy and dank. I walked out the door after I had several hot drinks. The cobwebs of the indoors faded when I breathed in the cold winter air. I was wearing 8 shirts– hats and vests and one glove and 3 layers on my legs. Mare’s Tails filled the blue sky.

I made friends with the green elephant trunk. It took me to work– up and up and over.  The work was good and eased my soul. I felt at ease. The winds blew through and over and past. Today was a blessing. I painted all afternoon in a late December sun. Many people walked past and talked to me. I felt lucky to be me. I felt lucky to alive. I was painting from my soul.

I am almost half way done with phase 2.


– kyle