And Then I Was Done

January 8, 2013

I spent the good part of a month under a bridge in Inman Park. I made friends, drank coffee, ate granola and painted the other half of a bridge. The entire thing is complete now. All 4 uprights under Highland Avenue — about a 100 feet on each side and close to 30 feet tall are now painted.

I finished the project yesterday. I want to thank Elan Buchen, Fred Yalouris and Jenny Odom of  Art on the BeltLine for helping this project become reality. I think the BeltLine is a wonderful new addition for the city of Atlanta. I have watched it bring many people together. They see the neighborhood, breathe fresh air and smile. I saw parents and children walking. I saw bicycles and carts. I saw joggers and walkers and even a couple horses. I am very glad to be a part of it.


See more photos here.

– kyle