Stuff You Should Know

January 21, 2013

Last fall I was asked if I would share some of my art with the Discovery – Science Channel. I visited the set of a new show. Actually, I just visited a trailer next to the set. They wanted to use several paintings as set decorations for the new show Stuff  You Should Know.  I have had to be quiet about it until now. The show debuted Saturday night and I was pretty excited about it. I spotted several bears on the walls of the “office” in the show. Did you see any?

Click on these 2 screenshots from the show and look for a total of 3 bears. (red, orange and a headband bear)

I know of a few more pieces that might pop up on other shows so keep an eye open next time. There will be 10 episodes. You can check out more about the Stuff You Should Know and watch the first episode here.

On another note, it is kind of funny to see that orange bear head on the show but I turn around from typing this blog post and see it hanging on the wall above my bed.

I would like to thank Mazzy for being so great and helping me and my bears do something big and brand new.

– kyle