Mrs. Do Right Sign

January 25, 2013

Be Nice. Do Right. That is what she says! That is what you should do.

I recently met some of my neighbors. They are Sam and Mrs. Gloria. Sam told me he had been my neighbor for 27 years. For several years they have had a sign in their front yard with a black bag over it. The company that leased the sign quit paying so Sam covered it up. I asked him if I could paint his sign. I was surprised when he said I could! But first, we should ask his wife. About that time out came Mrs. Gloria from around the house. She also agreed with a smile. She said she had seen me around before. I said,”Good.”

I planned out a new sign creature similar to “WE ALL FAMILY”, which I painted last year. I cut out the arms and made sketches. Over the last week I painted the sign pink and added all the details. I asked Mrs. Gloria if the phrase “Be Nice Do Right” would work. She said, “That is it!” She also had a little song she sang and did a few dance steps. That was a bonus.

Sam and Mrs. Gloria have 4 grandchildren. The kids had watched me painting one day. They gathered around the sign and one of the boys got into the pink paint. Mrs. Gloria had some stern words for him. I think they will like their new friend in the yard.

I named the sign Mrs. Do Right. She is holding a bouquet of purple flowers. When I was standing beside the sidewalk taking a few photos, a man in traffic leaned out his truck window and yelled, “YOU BETTA DO RIGHT!” Yesssss, he gets it.

Mrs. Do Right is located just south of East Atlanta along Fayetteville Road near the intersection Eastland and Bouldercrest. Sam and Mrs. Gloria live there too.


– kyle