Vita-Men-Dee – Midway Pub Mural

February 15, 2013

I am happy to announce that I have wrapped up the mural on the Midway Pub in East Atlanta Village. I finished yesterday. The sun came out. The rain went away. I felt glad.

The folks at the Midway are great and I feel like I have painted myself into their little neighborhood family. I am really pleased with the way this painting turned out. It took me longer than I thought. This was due to the rain and cold and gray winter days in Atlanta. You can’t paint very well under water or in a dense swirling fog.

Vita-Men-Dee (pronounced like Vitamin D) is the title of this painting. If it makes you happy then the goal has been accomplished.

The Midway and I decided to give the hotdog with a hat a proper name. They said they should name a cocktail drink after the him. We came up with “Lucky Frank.” I think that might just work! If you go by the Midway, ask Cara at the bar for a Lucky Frank and see what happens. If it goes terribly wrong, you can blame it on me.

See more photos here.


– kyle