A Day At The Office (A Cabbagetown Mural)

March 11, 2013

Last week I made friends with a 14 foot step ladder. I step up. I step down. I step up. While I was on the ladder I painted a 20 foot mural in a loft home in the Cabbagetown Mill Lofts. It was a long ribbon of a mural. Perhaps I should say it was shaped like a whale.

The painting is in the Atlanta home of some of the best and coolest people I have ever met– nice and hip and stylish and a bit odd in a strange way just like I hope I am.  Their personalities and warmness made me feel like I have known them forever. They have quite an art collection so I was honored that they asked me to paint in their living space.

The mural is a conglomeration of rabbits and cats and weasels and bears– Eye balls and legs and tails and carrot. I made an abstract background and tied it all together with some word and numbers– 39, 74, 1, 2, you and me. I think I will call it, “A Day At The Office.”

Perhaps one day you will see it for yourself. I hope my new friends enjoy it as much as I did painting it.



– kyle