The Pie Sign

April 12, 2013

I have been thinking about a lot of things lately. I think about why I have problems. I think about why planes in the sky leave trails behind them. I think how I always see people around town that I have met before. I also think how in different cities around the world they all breathe the same mass of air. I think about how the water on the Earth is the same water we have always had– Over and over and over. Recently I started thinking about pie. So I made The Pie Sign.

I painted the sign at home and about the time the paint was dry my friend Chimento gave me a call. He said he would help me so I went and picked him up. I gave him the camera and a few pointers and he documented the pie sign install.

While on the side of the road a guy walked up. His name was Mr. Mike. He was sad I only had a pie sign and no real pie to offer. Made me think perhaps I should open a pie store. I think I would call it “Ye Olde Pie Store.” Mr. Mike was nice enough to hang around for a handshake and a photo with yours truly.

A car rolled up as I was about down and rolled down their window. A lady stuck her head out and said, “Will you draw a bear in the pollen on my hood?” Next thing I knew I was drawing a big bear in the pollen dust on the hood of a fancy car! Her name was Erika. I told her I bet my Dad might drive by and think he saw me cleaning windshields at the corner gas station. She said her daughter had a blackcattips bear in her room.

It makes me happy to make signs and paint pictures. Even if the signs are for nonexistent stores, it still makes me happy. Maybe because I have aways liked to do pranks as I was growing up. Maybe because I just like doing odd things no one else does. Maybe I am just trying to survive in the human shell I was given.

I hope your Pie is always Fresh and Hot!

I made a film about the installation of the Pie Sign. Chimento helped me film it all. I think it turned out really nice. Please watch it here.



– kyle