A Fun Afternoon

June 27, 2013

Yesterday I visited with the kids at Eureka Atlanta It is a summer camp for kids. The camp is located in Candler Park neighborhood of Atlanta. I went by to talk about art and show the kids how to make some of my Blackcattips Bears.

I took a leftover party horn and blew it a few times. Nothing sets a precedent like walking into a room and blowing your horn. Toot! Toot! We had a Q-n-A session. The kids can really ask some prying and thoughtful inquires– very prying and very thoughtful.

I showed them how to spray paint bears and we also made a fish. One boy was not pleased with the fish’s somewhat irregular proportions. We took them inside and finished the paintings. Then I cut them out and brought the creatures to life!

When we were done they ran around with the bears and fish and we took a nice group photo. I left there feeling really uplifted. Thanks to Cheri and Lee for asking me.


– kyle