The Birthday Muffin – Rooftop 866 Mural

July 8, 2013

I am not an Englishman. I do not have tea from old teacups. However I do sometimes paint pictures on walls. This weekend I did such a thing. This time it was at Rooftop 866 at the Renaissance Hotel in Atlanta. The hotel is located on West Peachtree near 8th street.

I spent Saturday and a bit of Sunday on this project. The hotel is really nice so I did not mind hanging out all day in their covered outdoor bar area. I asked for a coffee and a nice lady showed up with a whole pot of hot drink on a tray. How about that? I also liked the fish tank in the lobby. I hope the fish like each other since they are all in the same tank all of the time (salt fish in a salt tank.)

Wednesday July 10th they are having a Rooftop 866 event to show my new mural. You should come over and have a free drink and look at my art and some others they have on display there.

See here for more event info.

While I was painting on Saturday a guy pushed a cart by. Wreeeck-wreeeck-wreeeeck the wheels crinked and rolled. He had bleach-blonde hair and smiled frequently. In a soft voice he asked me if I was painting a muffin. Yes, I think I am… a birthday muffin.


– kyle