The Bunker Bears (Westside Atlanta Charter School Mural)

September 7, 2013

I just finished a big painting in the bottom level of a parking deck. It is really like a man-made cave. It is all concrete and it was in need of some color. I am sure there were some half-blind cave creatures walking around somewhere nearby. The area I painted will be a play area for the school.

WestSide Atlanta Charter School is a new school on the west side of Atlanta. They took over a retail space in a multi-use development and are making a new school work in a non-traditional location. The school’s principal asked me to “paint something bright and happy” for them. I went and bought some happy paint.

Maria helped me a lot on this project. It really made things move along quicker to have an assistant. We ate some good food on the tailgate of the truck while we worked. Pup came along for the project too. She tried to eat our snacks.

The Bunker Bears was painted over about 6 days. I hope the kids at the school like to look and laugh at the wall. I wanted it to make their daily routines a little more fun. I had a good time painting it.

Thanks to Pete and the school for asking me. Thanks to Maria for all of your help.


The Bunker Bears. 64′ wide x 15′ tall. Acrylic and aerosol on concrete. BlackCatTips. 2013

See more photos here.

– kyle