Atlanta BeltLine Mural (2014 – year of the sea beast)

August 23, 2014

photo by maria v

I finished up the mural yesterday — the metal building in the August heat mural about an undersea world with crabs, fish, mermaids, sea beasts and bear sea anemones. I wanted you to know where the BeltLine Bears came from — their deep water origins.

Thanks to those who helped me and came by to lend support or ask questions. Thanks to those who braved the heat with me. Thanks to Jim, the building owner and Park Tavern for their hospitality. Thanks to Lowes and Davon for my discounted supplies. Thanks to the Atlanta BeltLine for making this happen.

On another note, the wasps who nest I removed to clean and paint the wall hung out with me everyday. They have started a new nest and seem to be well. They would stare at me and shake their thin legs but in the end we all remained friends. Nature continues its never ending march.

I love to paint.

Update: Check out this nice wide shot photo here     (Photo by Rob D.)

photo by maria v


– kyle