A Cow and A Pig (Fox Bros Mural)

September 13, 2014


(A) I painted a little mural at Fox Bros Bar-B-Q. I started early in the morning. I painted without coffee or my music. Maria helped me the first two sessions. I ate no BBQ. I ate no sauce. I had no fries. I had no Texas Toast. I just painted. I painted the pig and I painted the cow. They made me smile. Thanks Justin for asking me. “You a good ol boy.”

(B) I can get up early or I can sleep till noon. I can paint for a day non-stop. I could get up and walk straight to Richmond, Virginia. I could ride a canoe 50 miles at midnight. I could jump in the ocean and I could hide in a hole. But, I can’t control my mind. It wanders and drifts and sometimes angers me to no end. I like the pink sunset.

(I won’t let you leave my love behind)  – H. Nilsson

fox-brothers-mural-yellow-mushrooms-blackcattips-bbq in-progress-mural

fox-brothers-mural-blackcattips-cow fox-brothers-mural-yellow-mushrooms-blackcattips fox-brothers-mural-sad-cloud-man-atlanta-pig-blackcattips fox-brothers-mural-2-atlanta-pig-blackcattips

– kyle